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Under the Hood



Rachel has to deal with losing the final piece of her pre-Alex life.

by Natasha Alterici

by Natasha Alterici, creator of the comic “Heathen”!

The bright side of living in a small town was that walking to the grocery store wasn’t a big deal when the car wouldn’t start. Rachel did what she could to revive the old Kia, but eventually she had to declare defeat. She retrieved her coat and purse from the passenger seat, ducked back inside to get a bag to carry everything in and to inform Alex that the car wouldn’t start. It would be good exercise. She headed out with her iPod to keep her company. It was less than half a mile to the store, long enough for her to listen to a few songs and get over the fact that her beloved car had probably made its last trip.

While shopping she ran into a nurse she liked named Judy. When Rachel mentioned that she was on foot, Judy instantly offered her a ride. “Just find me when you’re ready to check out and I’ll drop you at home.” Rachel made the standard polite refusals before she finally gave in and accepted.

She and Judy finished shopping around the same time. On the ride, Rachel finally got Judy to accept her offer of buying lunch the next time they had a shift together as a thank-you. Judy let her out at the driveway and, after Rachel refused her attempt to help carry the bags inside, said their goodbyes. Rachel was smiling when she went through the house to unload everything into the garage freezer.

Alex was bent under the open hood of Rachel’s car, examining the engine. “Oh, you didn’t have to do that. I was going to see if Jodie could come take a look at it tomorrow.”

“It’s no trouble,” Alex said. “Of course, this isn’t exactly my area of expertise.”

“Maybe it’ll catch fire so you can use your skills.”

Alex said, “We can hope.”

She looked over and admired Alex’s pose; bent over the car, hip cocked, wearing her jeans and a ratty old T-shirt. She often appreciated just how well-built her wife was, but even so there were moments when she was genuinely surprised by one aspect or another. Her biceps, the way her hair fell when it was long enough to be pinned up, the line of her back… she was turned on by Alex’s posture! A definite sign that she was still head over heels.

Once the food was put away, she went to take the bag back inside. She stopped next to the car and watched as Alex poked and prodded, then smiled.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

“Some idea. This, for instance…” She touched a wire. “This is part of the engine. It’s probably important. So I won’t yank it out.”

Rachel nodded sagely. “Sounds like good advice.” She rested her arms on the side of the car. “You know, Miss Mechanic, I’m not sure how I’m going to pay for this. I’m sure it’s going to be awfully expensive.”

Alex smirked. “Well, ma’am, I’ll cut you as much of a break as I can, but the boss won’t be happy.”

“I’d hate to get you in trouble with your boss.”

Alex straightened up. “I’m the boss here. I’d hate to send a pretty lady like you off without a safe vehicle. Maybe we can work something out.”

Rachel pursed her lips and moved around to stand behind Alex. “Well… when you put it like that, sexy mechanic lady…” She put her arms around her wife’s hips and kissed her neck. “Maybe I could check under your hood… take care of any issues you’re having. Unlike you, I know my way around that engine very well.”

“Damn straight, you do,” Alex said. She turned in Rachel’s arms and kissed her. She leaned back against the car and looked down into the engine. “You know, we’ll probably just have to replace the old girl. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve had this car for ten years.”

“I remember. You had it when… oh.”

Rachel smiled and looked at the car. “When we met. It’s the last piece of my life from before you that I still have. I know that shouldn’t make me sad…”

“No, I get it. I can find someone to get the engine back in working order.”

“Don’t. You’re right, it’s way past time to give it up. We need a car we can rely on.” She looked at Alex. “Besides, it’s a nice rite of passage. When we get rid of this, everything we have will be part of our life. We’ve been together for almost eight years now. I have a new job, a new house, a new name. I want to put Rachel Tom away. From now on, everything I have will be from my life as Rachel Crawford. That makes me really, really happy.”

Alex said, “Me too. But come on, Rachel Tom? I’m pretty fond of that lady. It’s the end of a pretty special era.” She kissed Rachel’s nose. “We should find some way to commemorate it.”

“You know, we never… christened the backseat.” She bit her lip and raised an eyebrow. “What do you say?”

“Really? No, wait. What about that night we went to the movies, and… no, you’re right, we got into the house first.”


“Well, I have to get my payment somehow. This garage does accept alternate methods of payment.” She took Rachel’s hand to guide her to the backseat. “But I have to warn you, I think we’ll be going out of business soon.”

“Of course you are. Accepting sex as payment makes no sort of financial sense.”

Alex laughed and ushered Rachel into the car. Rachel crawled across the seat and then rolled onto her back. Alex straddled her, one knee sinking into the cushion. They kissed as they explored each other’s bodies, slowly removing clothes as the kiss became more passionate. Alex, in her T-shirt and jeans, was the first to end up in her underwear. Rachel’s blouse was dropped into the front seat. Alex hunched her back and reached between their bodies to unbutton Rachel’s slacks, and then they both pushed them down and out of the way.

“I’ve never actually done the backseat thing,” Alex said.


“Well, making out. Fingering. Typical teenager stuff.”

She braced her hand against the roof to get her leg between Rachel’s. Rachel took off Alex’s bra and tossed it. They both looked to see the strap get caught on the rearview mirror.

“Ten points,” Rachel laughed.

“Are we keeping score now?”

“We’ll see how well you do.”

Alex put her hand between Rachel and the seat, spreading her fingers over the scars in the small of Rachel’s back. Rachel arched up and laced her fingers behind Alex’s neck, settling against Alex’s muscular thigh. Alex rolled her hips forward and Rachel closed her eyes, moaning softly as she moved one hand up into Alex’s hair. The car swayed with her movement and the springs of the seat protested beneath them. The smile faded from Rachel’s face as the pleasure took over the fun of the game. Alex was breathing heavily, and the windows began fogging up against the cold of the garage.

“Touch yourself,” Alex whispered.

Rachel had to let go of Alex’s neck to comply, so she dropped back onto the seat. She put her hand over Alex’s mouth, letting her take two fingers and suck them gently before moving down. She cupped herself and moaned as she teased her clit with the tip of her middle finger. Alex continued to move against her, rubbing herself against Rachel’s thigh. She slowed when she got too close to coming, arms flexed as she froze in place, hovering over Rachel.

“Let yourself,” Rachel whispered.

“You first.”

Rachel said, “Please…”

Alex just smiled and began to move at a slow, measured pace. “I can do this all night…”


“Come for me, Rachel.”


Alex groaned and Rachel laughed. She knew Alex only tolerated that from one person, and usually only under one circumstance. She wasn’t above using it as a weapon when it served her.

“Alexandra, baby, please…”

“You’re paying full price for this repair job.”

Rachel laughed, then cried out as Alex’s thigh pushed against her hand. She slipped her index finger inside herself as she came, bottom lip trembling just before Alex covered it with her mouth. Alex’s body twitched and trembled on top of her as she came a few seconds later, her body going rigid and then melting to smother Rachel.

“That was phenomenal,” Rachel said. “It almost makes me sad that I have to give it up. I’ll regret that I won’t be reminded of this moment every time I have to load groceries.”

Alex said, “We’ll just have to make a new memory in the new car.”

“I hear Volvos have a lot of space.”

“Might have to check that out. We live on an island, so who cares about mileage?” She kissed Rachel’s face, making a sloppy heart shape on one cheek before kissing her eyelids.

Rachel put one hand in Alex’s hair and guided her down to her shoulder. Alex accepted the change in position, nuzzling the sweaty skin and sighing happily. Rachel brought her foot up and stroked the back of Alex’s leg. She looked up at her car, the same one she’d had since her first years as a doctor. So many crappy dates ended in this car, so many bags of fast food were tossed into the backseat because she didn’t have the time to have a proper meal. The tough little Kia had gotten her through some hard years, a lot of lonely nights, and it had eventually gotten her to Alex Crawford and Squire’s Isle. It had served its purpose well, but it was time to move on.

She was finally ready to say goodbye to the last remnant of Rachel Tom and live the rest of her life as Rachel Crawford. She smiled and kissed her wife’s hair.

It promised to be a hell of a journey.

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