Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon



Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby celebrate seven years of wedded bliss.

When Patricia went to sleep, she was sitting in her armchair with one foot propped on the corner of the couch. Councilman Jeffords’ proposal was open in her lap, and she was reading Sheriff Rucker’s statement in support of changing the closing time of local bars to two o’clock. She was in support of the idea, and having the Sheriff’s approval meant that she would most likely sign off on it. She just wanted to be sure she heard both sides of the issue before making a decision. Councilwoman Davenport had the opposing statement, and Patricia was planning to take it out of her bag just as soon as she rested her eyes for just a minute. She remembered thinking her eyes were tired, that she needed glasses, that she should probably make an appointment to have her eyes checked the next time they were in Seattle.

The next thing she knew, she was in a completely different position. The papers were gone from her lap, and she had been straightened out so that both her feet were on the couch. A pillow had been placed between her head and the corner of the wingback chair so she wouldn’t have a crick in her neck when she woke up, and the throw from the back of the couch was draped across her lap. The lamp had been turned out, casting her corner of the living room into shadow, but the hall light was on so she wouldn’t wake up in total darkness.

Patricia stretched, put away the proposals, and returned the pillow and blanket to the couch. She turned off the hallway light and quietly climbed the stairs. Isabel was peacefully sleeping, so she moved quietly past her door to the master bedroom. Jill was sitting up in bed with her iPad propped up against her bent legs. She looked up from the screen as Patricia entered the room.

“It lives!”

“I didn’t even hear you come in. How was the Music Fest?”

Every summer, the island had a celebration of its residents, and one of Jill’s former students had invited her to see her band. “It was better than I expected. I was expecting some kind of pop banality, but it was actually a really accomplished… sort of jazzy… thing. It was actually really good. I don’t know when Jamie got to be so big, though.”

Patricia grinned and undressed. “They can’t stay fifth graders forever. I wish I could’ve been there. But these proposals…”

“I know. And it’s probably better for the kids if you pass out here instead of at their concert.”

“Mayor Snoozes While Shattering Kids’ Dreams. Ouch. You’re probably right. I can’t believe I just passed out like that.”

Jill said, “Yeah, you were out of it. I thought you would wake up for sure once I started moving you around. I told you to start going to bed earlier…”

“You did,” Patricia admitted. She detoured next to the bed so she could kiss Jill on her way to the bathroom. “I’m sorry you had to put Isabel to bed all by yourself.”

“You can get up early and get her dressed and fed.”


Patricia went into the bathroom. When she returned, freshly showered with her teeth brushed, Jill’s iPad was dark and had been replaced by a Kindle. Patricia put her clothes in the hamper and put on an old T-shirt before crawling into bed next to her wife. Jill lifted one arm without looking away from the screen. Patricia curled against her side, head on Jill’s breast, and closed her eyes.

“Much better pillow.”

Jill stroked Patricia’s hair as she continued reading. “Big day is coming up.”

Patricia’s eyes opened. She stared for a long minute and then said, “Anniversary.”

“Good guess.”

“Not a guess.” She lifted her head and kissed Jill’s neck. “It’s been so crazy I can barely acknowledge it’s August. I’m sorry, baby, but I haven’t planned anything.”

Jill moved her hand to the back of Patricia’s neck. “That’s okay. I was thinking we could have your mother watch Isabel, then take a drive out to the coast. Near the spot where we were married, but somewhere nicer. That field with all the flowers we saw on the way back to town?”

Patricia smiled. “I remember.”

“We could have a picnic. Forget about planning the syllabus and reading proposals and council meetings for an hour.” Jill looked down at her and smiled. “I mean, that’s just off the top of my head.”

“I’m so lucky to have you.”

Jill bent down and kissed the bridge of Patricia’s nose. “No, I get to have you.”

“No.” Patricia took the Kindle away from Jill and put it aside. She rolled until she was on top of Jill, whose hands slipped under the hem of Patricia’s shirt to rest on her thighs. “I get you.”


They kissed. Patricia unbuttoned Jill’s pajama top and slid her hands inside. Patricia’s shirt came off first. She sat up to get Jill’s shirt off, and they embraced as the kiss resumed. Patricia ran her hand down the middle of Jill’s back and slipped them under her arms. Jill put her hands in the small of Patricia’s back as Patricia flattened her hands on Jill’s shoulders. They moved against each other. Jill lifted up as Patricia rocked forward.

Patricia leaned back so she could see Jill’s face. Patricia became quietly vocal, her lips parted to let out tiny gasps of pleasure. Jill dragged her fingers along Patricia’s hip and put a hand between them.

“Baby’s sleeping,” Jill whispered. “Michael’s gone. I want to hear you.” She kissed Patricia’s chin and then moved down to her neck. Patricia grunted as Jill cupped her mound, two fingers slipping inside her. Years of living with a teenager in the house had trained Patricia to be a quiet lover, but they were currently in a small window where they could be as loud as they wanted to be. She tilted her head back and said Jill’s name, then moaned as loudly as she dared.

“Louder, Trish…”

“Your fingers feel so good in me.”

Jill’s lips moved against Patricia’s neck. “I love having you on top of me.”

“Fuck me, Jill,” Patricia said at full voice, forcing herself not to quiet down as she moved her hips against Jill’s hand. “Make me come, Jillybean.”

They thrust against each other, Jill’s thumb against Patricia’s clit, rubbing in slow circles as she let Patricia do most of the work of being fucked. When she came, Patricia said Jill’s name in a growl. She started to fall backward, but Jill’s free hand caught her and kept her upright. Patricia settled herself on Jill’s lap, catching her breath and staring into her wife’s face.

“Why was everything so hard?” she whispered. Jill furrowed her brow, and Patricia moved her hands so she could brush the hair out of Jill’s face. “Being married to Nicholas, finding a job I loved, being happy. It was the hardest thing in the world. I felt like I was struggling the whole time. And then I met you and it just made everything easy.”

Jill smiled. “I didn’t want a family. I never even dreamed about getting married. It’s easy because it’s you. And it’s me. And this is right.”

Patricia kissed Jill. “I guess so.”


Patricia slid back. “And you did have a point. I should start getting to bed earlier.”


She lifted off Jill. “Hope you have a good night, sweetie.”

Jill grabbed Patricia around the waist and planted her back on her lap. “Madam Mayor, I believe you have left one thing on your to-do list.”

Patricia laughed. “Oh, do I?”

“Yes, I believe you do.”

“Well, I hate to leave a task incomplete…”

They kissed as Patricia reached back to rearrange the pillows. Jill sank back against them and Patricia sank down to kiss a path down Jill’s body. Jill slid her feet across the mattress and dug in her heels. Patricia pushed the blankets out of her way and wrapped her arms around Jill’s thighs. With one hand on Jill’s stomach, she used the other to part her hair and expose the wet folds underneath. Jill reached down and brushed Patricia’s hair back over the top of her head so they could see each other. Patricia dragged her bottom lip over Jill’s sex before she used her tongue. Jill’s arm twitched and she bit down on her lip, squirming on the mattress.

“Uh-uh,” Patricia scolded. “If I have to be loud, then so do you.”

Jill made a noise similar to “Ungh” and put her hand on the back of Patricia’s head. “I can’t promise language.”

Patricia smiled and went back to what she’d been doing. Within seconds, Jill was grunting and rhythmically lifting her hips in response to the touch of Patricia’s tongue.

“You’re much too good at that…” Jill sighed.


“No,” Jill said with a chuckle. “Someone might hear. Ta-ah-ake you away from me…”

Patricia lifted her head just enough to say, “Never,” before going back to work. When Jill got to close to the edge, Patricia pulled back to brush her lips and cheeks against Jill’s inner thigh to give her a chance to cool off. Finally Jill grunted, laughed, and made a fist in Patricia’s hair.

“Driving me nuts…”

“I’m going to make you scream, Jillybean.”

Jill whined. “You’re so mean.”

Patricia smiled and continued the assault with her tongue. Finally Jill tightened her leg around Patricia’s head, lifted her hips up off the mattress, and said Patricia’s name as loudly as she would if Patricia had been downstairs wearing earbuds. She laughed, the vibrations of her tongue sending Jill into another fit of shakes. Patricia finally relented and lifted her head to rest her cheek on Jill’s stomach. She listened to and felt the rise and fall as Jill caught her breath. They both listened for signs they’d awoken Isabel, but the rest of the house remained utterly silent. Patricia turned her head and kissed Jill’s stomach.

“Need another round? I want to go to sleep.”

Jill said, “Says the woman who was out like a light when I got home.”

“That doesn’t count as sleep.”

“Oh, no? By what rigorous standards would it have been true sleep?”

Patricia slid up Jill’s body. “It’s only sleep if I’m with you. Otherwise it’s a catnap. A light doze. Resting my eyes.” She pecked Jill’s lips between each new definition. “Here, in bed with you, that… is sleep.”

“I like that definition.”

“Mm.” She settled on top of Jill. “Picnic… sounds divine.”

Jill chuckled softly and stroked Patricia’s hair, her fingers growing more lethargic as she drifted off to sleep. Patricia smiled and followed her in slumber soon after.




On August 8, they woke up early, made love, and set out on their anniversary picnic. Callie ended up watching Isabel, since Patricia’s mother had other plans that day, and they left her embedded in the playroom with a platoon of toys, puzzles, and building blocks. The Serenity Café had a picnic basket ready and waiting when they stopped to pick it up, and Jill drove them past the town limits. There were a few houses on the south side of town, stretches of almost-neighborhoods that gave way to empty lots and private homes.

Patricia rolled down the window and let the wind catch her hair as they drove past the airport. She still thought of it as “Michael’s airport,” even though he had only worked there as a ticket clerk. Now he was in Seattle, living with his father for the summer. It was torture being away from him, but she knew it was the best thing for him.

They soon arrived at the spot where they were married seven years earlier. Patricia laid out the blanket and Jill found some stones to hold down its four corners. A few miles down the coast, a woman was standing at an easel looking out over the Sound. Patricia shaded her eyes from the sun and watched as the woman moved.

“Is she naked?”

Jill cupped a hand over her eyes as well. “No. Surely not.”

She smiled and leaned back, propping herself up on one elbow. Patricia lay down next to her. Jill was wearing a sleeveless blouse, and her ponytail hung down over one shoulder. Patricia reached up to tease the end of it.

“Are you going to get this cut before the school year starts?”

“I was thinking about it. Isabel likes to grab onto it, so I’d hate to take away her toy.”

Patricia said, “Lie down with me.”

Jill did as she was asked, her head on Patricia’s shoulder. They listened to the waves, to the distant hum of boats, and watched the clouds skim by overhead. After a few minutes she turned her head to press her lips against the skin exposed by the open collar of Patricia’s blouse.

“Don’t let me fall asleep.”

“You can take a little nap.”

“The food…”

“Nothing that will spoil.”

Jill’s voice was already slower and full of sleep. “I don’t want to sleep outside…”

“It’s okay. I’ll watch over you.”

“Mm…” Jill cuddled closer, and Patricia put an arm around her.

Jill’s breathing grew shallower, and Patricia closed her eyes as she listened to the way it blended with the sound of the waves. Soon Jill’s breathing, the wind, and the waves lapping against the rocks were indistinguishable from each other.

Seven years ago they stood on this spot and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Patricia remembered the woman she had been on that day. Scared that she was repeating the biggest mistake of her life, but soothed by the knowledge she would be doing it with the right partner this time. She couldn’t imagine going back to being that person, just as that version of herself could never have imagined such a perfect, contented future.

In a few minutes she would wake Jill, they would have their anniversary picnic, and then they would go home to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing. For the time being, Patricia was content to watch the sky roll past overhead as she tried to tell where the island’s heartbeat ended and her wife’s began.

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