Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Out With the Bathwater

Nadine lifted one foot out of the water, the bubbles sliding over the top of her foot as she pressed her toes against the faucet. She let the water run, adding a bit of hot water to the mix so she wouldn’t start trembling. She had a towel rolled up between her neck and the side of the tub, her hair done up so she wouldn’t get it wet accidentally. She still wasn’t used to wearing it so long. It had started as laziness, a lack of drive to get to the hairdresser, and then Miranda pointed out that she really liked how it looked long. So she was giving it a shot just to see. So far, she wasn’t much of a fan but Miranda still liked it. She could deal with it for her spouse.

The real danger was falling asleep. She had almost drifted off a few times already, and she knew that she should probably dry off and go to bed soon. But she wanted to stay awake until Miranda got home. It was only eight o’clock. Miranda was probably still at the station. She wanted to have a late snack while Miranda ate dinner. She covered her mouth as she yawned again. Maybe she would take a little nap while waiting.

Or she could take her mind off how tired she was. She let her hands drift under the water, skimming over her body. At first she kept to her stomach, but then she started to explore. She kept her eyes closed and tried to feel her body the way Miranda did. God knew that woman could barely keep her hands to herself. She smiled as she cupped one breast, hissing as she brushed a nipple. Her other hand moved down, and she let her legs float apart as she cupped herself.

She thought about that morning, waking up to find Miranda half on top of her. Kissing lazily as they both woke up, ignoring the fact they hadn’t brushed their teeth yet as pajamas were pushed aside. And then the whisper in her ear, Miranda’s soft: “Use your fingers on me, Dean.”

Nadine shivered now remembering it. She’d used her fingers and Miranda had pressed her thigh between Nadine’s legs to return the favor. In all it took about five minutes from start to finish, but she didn’t mind. Sometimes the quickies were the most memorable for her. Of course there was something to be said for the hour-long sessions. The way Miranda would start at her toes and kiss her way higher… taking her time…

She was definitely masturbating now, one hand still on her breast as she steadied her breathing. She rubbed herself with all four fingers, biting her lip whenever she brushed her clit.

Elsewhere in the house, she heard the door open. Her lips curled into a smile and she opened her mouth to shout where she was just as Miranda called her name. “I’m in the tub, baby.”

A few seconds later, the door opened. Miranda stuck her head in and said, “Hi… hey. What the heck are you doing?”

“Masturbating. Wanna watch?”

Miranda laughed and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse, the glasses she had started to wear more frequently hanging from the top button of her shirt. She pushed her fingers through her hair as she looked down at Nadine in the tub. “Couldn’t wait until I got home? I have to walk in on the middle of the show?”

“You’ll catch up quick. Leave your skirt on.”

Miranda stepped out of her high heels and lifted her skirt so that she could take off her pantyhose and underwear. Nadine bit her lip at the sight of Miranda’s legs as Miranda sat near the faucet and straddled the side of the tub. She dipped one foot into the bubbles and flicked them toward Nadine’s head with her toes. “You’re beautiful when you touch yourself.”


Miranda leaned against the wall, lifting her skirt enough to touch herself without showing Nadine anything. “Your face is all flush, and your eyelids are all heavy.”

Nadine chuckled. “I bet I look better when you’re touching me.”

“Well, that’s a given.”

Nadine spread her legs farther apart and Miranda rested her foot on top of Nadine’s thigh. Miranda watched Nadine, her eyes closing only occasionally as she moaned and shifted her hips. Nadine was glad that she had told Miranda to keep her work clothes on; this way she could get an actual visual of a long-time fantasy. Sometimes she thought of Miranda, behind the closed door of her office, secretly touching herself while listening to Nadine’s show.

“Do you?” She realized that Miranda couldn’t have heard her thoughts. “Do you ever think about touching yourself when I’m on the air?”

“All the time, baby. I love having your voice all around me when I’m working.” She smiled. “Sometimes I leave my office just to watch you when you don’t know.”

“I know.”

Miranda shook her head. “Not every time.”

Nadine grinned and then moaned. “I’m close, honey.”

“Go ahead.”

Nadine focused on her orgasm, making gentle waves in the tub as she rocked against her hand. Miranda moved her foot up, stroking Nadine’s hip with her toes. Nadine pushed herself up, letting the water drip down over her sensitive breasts as her bottom lip trembled. Miranda whispered, “You’re so beautiful,” and Nadine sagged back against her makeshift pillow with a sigh of exhaustion.

Miranda smiled, still rubbing between her legs. “Good show tonight, baby.”

“Better than the show you pay me for?”

“Much. And that’s saying something.” She bent down and kissed Nadine’s lips, keeping her hand under her skirt. “What do you say we move this into the bedroom and I’ll give you a real show?”

“Will you strip for me?”

“If that’s what you want.”

Nadine nodded. “Hand me that towel.”

Miranda patiently waited while Nadine got out of the tub and wrapped the towel around herself. She held out her hand to help Nadine step out of the water, and Nadine brought the hand to her lips. She inhaled deeply, then kissed the wet fingers. “Mm. Tasty.”

Miranda laughed and bent down to drain the tub. She wrapped an arm around Nadine’s waist, kissed her ear, and led her into the bedroom. Nadine pressed against Miranda’s side and her smile faded as she thought about what they were about to do. “Honey… the point of you doing a dance for me… I’m going to masturbate again, right?”

“Well, I hope so.”

Nadine looked at her wife as they stood in front of the bed. “Why don’t we just have sex?”

“Oh, we’ll have sex. After the show.” She winked and grabbed the corner of the towel as she pushed Nadine down onto the bed.

Nadine hit the blankets with a laugh, pushing herself up on her elbows as she watched Miranda walk over to the stereo to find the perfect striptease music.

She couldn’t argue with logic like that.


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