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“Much Appreciated,” Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby

Author’s Note:

This is an old story, set during the campaign for mayor back in 2012. I’m going back to some stories that were never posted on this site to get them all sort of centralized for the Guidepost I’ve put together. So be aware I may be posting stories from all over the Squire’s Isle timeline soon. You can read them all and find the proper order here, on the Squire’s Isle Guidepost.

Summary: Patricia decides to combine Teacher’s Day with Mother’s Day. (story includes roleplaying and consensual spanking)

The kitchen table was covered with debris from Patricia’s campaign. Her debate with Tobias Collins was eight days away, and she was poring over last-minute notes to make sure she didn’t stumble. Mayor Dugan had been an impressive amount of help, which made Patricia feel humbled and made Jill suspicious. To help her, he was going against the ringer brought in by his family. Jill was waiting for an ulterior motive to rear its ugly head. At the moment, the budget and various reports on city projects were forgotten. She was checking dinner when Jill got home from work.

Her hair had been down in the morning, but now it was pulled back into a ponytail with a few loose strands. She wore khakis and a purple sweater with the collar of a white Oxford shirt poking over the scooped neck. The first thing she did, as always, was toe off her shoes and kick them out of the way before she spotted Patricia watching her.

“Oh. You’re here.”

Patricia pursed her lips to hide a smile. “Yep.”

“Well. I suppose I could deal with a little company.” She crossed to the kitchen and Patricia met her halfway. Jill’s arms went naturally around Patricia’s waist, and Patricia leaned her back ever so slightly before kissing her. Jill laughed into the kiss, flattening the curls of Patricia’s hair with one hand as she regained her balance. “Whoa. Company like that, I could with a lot of. What’s gotten into you?”

“Teacher Appreciation Day. I thought I would take the night off from the campaign and thank you for… everything. Not just during the campaign. You’re an amazing woman. And an amazing teacher.” She kissed Jill again. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Jill kept her body pressed tight to Patricia’s, but moved her hands to her shoulders. “Where’s Michael?”

“Having dinner with Dave Weisman’s family. Afterward they’re going to see The Avengers. I figure we’ve got couple, three hours to ourselves. Probably more.” She kissed Jill’s upper lip, but Jill pulled back and feigned irritation.

“Wait. You’re letting him see a movie on a school night?” She clucked her tongue. “I may have to rethink your Mothers Day gift.”

“Ooh, what did you get me?”

Jill considered making her wait until Sunday, but a night alone was not to be wasted. She slid her hand down and gently spanked Patricia. “Stay here. If we have a night to ourselves, I’m not going to waste it.” She slipped out of her embrace and left the kitchen.

Patricia chuckled and pushed her hair behind her ears, turning to look at the stove to make sure their dinner didn’t need tending. It was hard to believe she’d gotten to this point after years of deciding to compromise. Getting married to someone she didn’t truly love just because it was the done thing. The affairs had been like moonlighting. She didn’t get everything she needed from her real job, so she got a second one to satisfy herself. She didn’t think she loved women; she just wanted to play with them for a while. After she was caught and after the subsequent divorce, she compromised to be the single mother who slept around.

Then one morning she had been bored and cabin-feverish. The rain was oppressive, and she was so goddamn lonely that the laundromat had seemed like a good way to kill an afternoon. Human contact, however brief, had been the cure to her ills. She smiled. In a way, that was true. Going to the laundromat on that rainy afternoon had saved her from a life of compromise.

Jill came back with both hands behind her back. “I didn’t have time to wrap it. I thought I would have time on Friday, but…” She shrugged. “Close your eyes.”

Patricia closed her eyes and held her hands out. Something lightweight came to rest on her left palm, and a chain trailed after it. Patricia curled her fingers around the gift, brushing Jill’s fingers before she looked down to see what it was. The gold locket was shaped like a whale, and Patricia smiled as she brushed the head with her thumb.

“Jill, it’s lovely…”

“Read the inscription.”

“Oh, inscription,” Patricia whispered. She opened it and found a picture of Jill and Michael pressed cheek-to-cheek. On the inside of the cover, small italic letters spelled out: Wife, Mother, Lover, Friend.

Jill said, “No matter what happens with the election, you’re already so much to me.”

“Oh, so you think of me as your mother?” Patricia tried to smile, but making light didn’t make it harder to stop her tears. “Jill…” She embraced Jill and kissed her neck, then her cheek. “I love it. I love you. But not in that order.”

Jill laughed and Patricia leaned back. Jill wiped Patricia’s cheeks.

“Your present isn’t quite as, uh, awesome. But it’s in there… come with me.”

“What about dinner?”

Patricia had forgotten. She stepped back and turned off the heat, then moved the pan to a different burner. “It’ll keep.”

She took Jill’s hand and guided her through the house. The first Mother’s Day of their marriage, Jill had been surprised to find a wrapped gift waiting on her pillow. Patricia had sensed her doubt and said, “You may not have given birth to him, but your just as much his mother as I am. You deserve a gift today, too.”

Michael had agreed; his gift that year had been a small clock for Patricia and an apple-shaped lapel pin for Jill. She still wore it to work as often as she could. Since then, Mother’s Day had been Mothers Day in the Hood-Colby household.

Patricia left the bedroom door open and the lights off. She motioned for Jill to wait at the door and went to the closet. She pushed aside her clothes, took a dry-cleaning bag off the rack, and unzipped it to reach inside. Jill laughed at the hiding place.

“You’re getting sneakier.”

Patricia winked over her shoulder. “Years of Christmases with a curious little boy in the house. Okay. Close your eyes.” Jill did, and Patricia removed the item she’d had hidden. She looked down at it and had a moment of regret. In the face of Jill’s amazing gift, how could this possibly compare? “If you want to pretend it’s a joke, I’ll get you something more appropriate before Sunday.”

“Just gimme.”

Patricia stepped forward and took Jill’s right hand in her own. She gently squeezed the fingers together and slipped the bracelet over them.

Jill gasped, eyes still closed. “Is it a motorcycle?”

Patricia chuckled. “Look and see.”

Jill looked down and twisted her hand so she could see the bracelet. “Oh, Trish…” She slipped her left forefinger between it and her wrist so she could see the design better. “It’s gorgeous. Why would I think this was a joke?”

“It’s just so…” She scratched the back of her neck and then looked down at the charm, the chain of which was still wrapped around her fingers. “Yours is so personal, and lovely, and yours is just…” She shrugged. “I wish I’d gotten it engraved or something.”

“Oh, it’s engraved.” Jill put her hands on Patricia’s neck and stepped forward. “It shows that you were thinking of me, and that you love me, and that you love me enough to want to celebrate me twice in one week. I don’t need letters carved on metal for it to be engraved, Trish.” She kissed Patricia softly and spoke so that their lips brushed against each other. “It’s got words written all over it.”

Patricia put her arms around Jill again and walked her backwards until her shoulders touched the wall. Their kiss deepened, and Jill moved her hands up into Patricia’s hair. She bent one knee and hooked it on Patricia’s hip, and Patricia stroked Jill’s thigh through her khakis. Jill broke the kiss and whispered, “Give me your present.”

Patricia handed it over, and Jill put the chain around Patricia’s neck. She leaned in and kissed Patricia’s jaw as she fastened it, letting the orca drop and disappear into the open collar of Patricia’s blouse. She smoothed down the material over it and looked into Patricia’s eyes before moving her hand over Patricia’s heart. “There we go. Right where it belongs.”

“Thank you.” She kissed Jill again and slid her hand higher, resting it on the curve of Jill’s rear. “Hungry? Tired from work?”

“Em.” Jill’s tone was noncommittal. “Did you have something else in mind?”

“Well, before this got all mothery and emotional, I was kind of thinking we would have us some sex.”

Jill laughed and pressed her lower body against Patricia’s. “We can still have sex when we’re emotional. It’s better then, in fact.”

“Not the way I was planning it.”

“Ohh.” She toyed with the strands of Patricia’s hair, shifting so that the crotch of her pants pressed against the front of Patricia’s skirt. “Praytell, what exactly did you have in mind?”


One of the dining room chairs had been moved to the foot of the bed, and Jill was sitting on it, one leg draped over the other, reading a book she’d taken from the shelf at random. Her hair was down, and she had changed into a white blouse with flared cuffs and a black pencil skirt. She’d changed her stockings and underwear as well, and she wore black high heels that normally only came out on special occasions.

She supposed this counted, but she tried to suppress a smile as the bedroom door opened. Patricia had changed clothes in the front bathroom, and it took a show of willpower to keep from looking up. She lowered the book to her lap and used a finger to mark the spot where she was pretending to stop reading.

“You’re late, Ms. Hood.”

“Sorry, Ms. Colby.”

Jill finally looked up and flicked her chin to unhook her loose hair from the frames of her eyeglasses. “Did you have another detention to attend?”

Patricia wore blue jeans old enough that the denim was almost soft as cotton. Her faded gray T-shirt was tight enough to give away the fact she was braless, and her nipples were just slightly present underneath the Coffee Table Books logo. She was barefoot, and she put her right on top of her left as she clasped her hands behind her back.

“No, Ms. Colby. I was–”

Jill silenced her with an upraised hand. “I don’t want to hear your excuses, Patty.” She closed her book and dropped it on the floor. “You’ve disrupted my class over and over again, and giving you detention doesn’t seem to deter you. I’m at my wit’s end, you know.”

Patricia lowered her head. “I’m sorry, Ms. Colby. I try to be good, but I guess I’m just a… bad girl.”

Jill struggled to suppress her laughter. She inhaled sharply and rolled her shoulders back.

“Yes. I suppose you are. And since standard punishment doesn’t seem to work with you, we’ll have to resort to more classic methods. Do you know what I’m talking about, Patty?”

Patricia lifted her eyes and bit her bottom lip. “I-I think so.”

Jill uncrossed her legs and hooked a finger. “Come here, please.” Patricia crossed the room and stood in front of Jill’s seat. Jill looked up at her and poked the button of her jeans with one finger. “Push your pants down, Patty.”

“Ms. Colby?” Jill arched an eyebrow and Patricia hunched her shoulders in apology. “Right, Ms. Colby.” She unbuttoned her jeans and turned sideways before sliding them down. Her panties were pale pink, with layers of frilly lace obscuring her curves. Jill ran her finger up the back of Patricia’s thigh and tilted her head to the side.

“Such lovely panties you have on, Patty.”

“Thank you, Ms. Colby.”

“Turn around for me. Let me see them.”

Patricia turned in a slow circle, her jeans around her knees. When she was facing away, she bent down and shook her hips from side to side. She looked back and smiled. “Want a closer look, Ms. Colby?”

Jill squeezed Patricia’s rear end and narrowed her gaze. “Who is in charge here, Patty?”

Patricia looked away, but Jill saw her smile. “Sorry, Ms. Colby.”

“Mm-hmm. Okay. Across my lap, Patty.”

Patricia turned and lay across Jill’s lap. She braced one hand against the leg of the chair, her other on the floor. Jill put a hand in the small of Patricia’s back to hold her steady, pointing her toes in the carpet to give Patricia a more level place to lie. She ran the flat of her palm up the back of one thigh, over the curve of Patricia’s ass, and then slowly circled over the underwear. The fingers of her steadying hand curled in the material of Patricia’s T-shirt.

“Do you know why you’re in trouble, Patty?”


“You don’t,” Jill whispered.

“No, Ms. Colby, I have no idea.”

“Well, you’ve been very disruptive in my class. Do you know how?”

“No, ma’am.”

Jill inhaled through her teeth and slipped her finger under the material of Patricia’s underwear. “You’ve been distracting me.”

“I don’t mean to, I swear.”

“I know, darling. But I look up and I see you watching me, and it makes me flustered. And that just won’t do.” She swatted Patricia’s ass once, a sudden and shark smack that made Patricia inhale sharply and tense across Jill’s lap.


Jill moved her hand in a wide circle and swatted the other cheek. Jill tilted her head to the side and considered Patricia’s current position. Hardly mayoral. She could see the image plastered across the front page of the Register. KINKY MAYORAL CANDIDATE HAS ODD VIEWS ON CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. She smirked at the thought and spanked Patricia again. She looked at the back of Patricia’s head. “Too hard?”

“You can be a little harder.” She moved the hand on the chair to Jill’s calf, stroking it through her stocking.

Jill spanked her again. “How’s that?”


Jill’s hand came down in a sharp, glancing blow and Patricia’s entire body tensed. “Ha! Oh… yeah…” She nodded rapidly and squeezed Jill’s calf. “That…”

“Yeah?” Jill swatted the other cheek just as hard, and Patricia made a noise halfway between surprise and pleasure. She squirmed and ducked her head. “How many do you think you deserve, Patty?”

“N-no more than… three, ma’am?” She used a fingernail to draw a figure eight on Jill’s calf.

“Three? I think you underestimate just how disruptive you’ve been, young lady.” She swatted her again. “The short skirts and low-cut blouses. You drive me absolutely crazy, Patty, and you deserve no fewer than eight swats.”

Patricia faked a gasp and then nodded. “O-okay, Ms. Colby.”

Jill hooked her finger under the waistband of Patricia’s panties and dragged them down. Patricia shifted on Jill’s lap so they could be removed more easily, and Jill traced a wide sweeping path over both cheeks with her palm.

“I want you to count, Ms. Hood-Colby.”


“Right.” Jill couldn’t resist a smile. “Sorry. Habit.”

Patricia chuckled and squirmed, lifting her ass ever so slightly. Jill pushed up the shirt just a little and traced the curve where Patricia’s back became her ass, resting her hand between her wife’s legs before moving back up. She rested her palm on Patricia’s right cheek.



The crack was so loud it even surprised Jill, but she recovered quickly. She raised an eyebrow and, after a few seconds, said, “Ms. Hood?”

A whimper.

“I told you to count. Now we have to start over.” She brought her hand down again.

“One.” The other cheek. “Two.” Back to the first. “Three.” Both in rapid succession. “Four, fi-ive…”

Jill rubbed between Patricia’s legs and felt how wet she was. Then two swats in rapid succession. “Six, seven, ei–”

Jill clucked her tongue. “You tensed. You miscounted. Do I have to start over, Patty?”

Patricia squirmed. “Please, Ms. Colby, I can’t-I can’t take anymore. Please.”

“Poor baby. Okay. I won’t start over… but you still owe me one more. Do you think you can do that for me, sweetheart?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay.” Jill lightly brushed her fingers over Patricia’s ass, more stroke than spank.


Jill rested her hand on Patricia’s ass. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, Ms. Colby.”

“And you’re going to make sure you never have to do it again, right?”

“I’ll be good.”

Jill leaned back. “Sit up, please.”

Patricia sat up and pushed her pants past her knees. She left them around her ankles as she sagged forward and perched on Jill’s lap. Jill put her hands on Patricia’s hips and looked up at her with a smile.

“You would have been my favorite teacher,” Patricia said.

Jill laughed. “I don’t really spank my students.”

“Really? Not even if you taught seniors, and one of them insisted on going bra-less all the time?” She arched her back and Jill’s attention was drawn to the small peaks under the logo. “I’ve been watching you all year, Ms. Colby, and I really think I need to do this before I graduate, or I’ll regret it for a really long time…”

Jill grunted in submission and leaned forward. She sucked Patricia’s nipple through the shirt, sweeping her tongue over the material and leaving a wet spot when she finally pulled back and looked up.

“You’re such a bad influence.”

“Good thing I’m into spanking.”

Jill gripped Patricia’s thighs and stood up. She wasn’t strong enough to carry Patricia any real distance, but all she had to do was lift her, twist, and dump her on the mattress that was right behind her. Patricia flopped, and Jill covered her body. They kissed, and Jill kicked until she caught Patricia’s jeans and pushed them off. Freed, Patricia spread her legs and wrapped them around Jill’s lower body. She hooked her ankles together and pulled Jill closer.

“I want to fuck you on your desk.”

Jill moaned and kissed Patricia’s neck. “Not gonna happen. The desk in your office when you’re mayor, though…”

“Hm…” Patricia chuckled and worked the buttons of Jill’s blouse free. “Is that your fantasy? To fuck a mayor?”

“Why do you think I’m campaigning so hard for you?” Jill shrugged out of her blouse and reached back to unhook her bra. As far as Patricia was concerned, the flimsy lace evaporated and Jill was left topless. She sat up, held Jill’s breasts with both hands, and focused on her wife’s nipples for a good two minutes before tilting her head back and getting lost in another kiss. Jill lowered Patricia back to the bed and moved between her spread legs. She put one hand on the mattress next to Patricia’s head.

Patricia stroked Jill’s arm, turning her head to kiss her wrist just above the bracelet she was still wearing. She was breathless, but still managed to form a sentence. “Is that really you’re fantasy?”

Jill braced her knees on the bed and settled her weight against Patricia’s. She moved her hand, and Patricia found it. Their fingers laced together as Jill began to thrust.

“I don’t know… why…?”

“You did… my teacher thing.” Patricia managed to keep her eyes open, barely. “I want to… repay the favor…”

“Ooh.” Jill closed her eyes and moved faster. Patricia lifted her hips in response. “Do I… have to… answer right this second?”

“Mm-mm.” Patricia’s denial was more sigh than words, and she lifted her chin as she pressed down against Jill. “Ah…”


Patricia half-laughed, half-sobbed and shook her head. “My ass is so fucking sore.”

Jill laughed. “Wanna switch?”

“No… I’m close… don’t stop.”

Jill moved faster, and Patricia writhed under her. “Are you going to… continue… disturbing my class, Ms. Hood?”


“I think you are,” Jill whispered. “And I’m just going to have to keep… punishing you… until you’ve learned… your lesson.”

Patricia lifted off the mattress and then crashed back down, trembling as she pressed herself against Jill and then went limp. Jill held her, kissing her neck, cheek and jaw until she rolled to one side and pulled Patricia on top of her. Patricia licked Jill’s lips and stroked two fingers down her side from breast to thigh and back again. Jill shivered and they kissed until Patricia had caught her breath.

“Thought it was supposed to be the teacher’s day,” Patricia said.

“I got to have sex with you. Pretty good gift.”

Patricia laughed. “Did you come?”

Jill shook her head. “You can take care of me later.”

“You sure?”

“Mm-hmm. You’re out of breath right now… if I made you breathe through your nose, you might pass out.”

Patricia grinned. “Waiting is fine, then. In the meantime, you can think about what you want me to do for you.”

Jill nodded. “Sounds good.”

Patricia brushed Jill’s hair out of her face. “Happy Teacher Day. And Happy Mothers Day, Mrs. Hood-Colby.”

“And to you…”

They kissed, and Patricia rearranged herself to rest her head on Jill’s chest. They stroked each other lazily, tracing lines over the heated skin. Jill looked at the clock and confirmed they had ample time before Michael was due home. If, of course, he didn’t just call and let them know he was spending the night at Dave’s house. It had happened before and, God willing, it would happen again tonight.

Jill looked down. Patricia’s eyes were closed. “You awake?”


“The young science officer onboard an intergalactic vessel makes first contact with an alien queen…”

Patricia laughed. “Which one would I be?”

“The queen, of course.”

“Mm. Sounds fun.”

“Well, you’ll have to wear blue body paint.”

Patricia laughed.

“Edible, of course.”

“Oh, of course.” She sat up and stroked Jill’s cheek. “Will you come in peace?”

Jill’s eyes sparkled. “I make no promises, my liege.”

Patricia sat up and scooted down on her knees. She reached under Jill’s skirt and pulled down her stockings. “Well, I don’t have any blue body paint, edible or otherwise, so what do you say I take care of you the old-fashioned way.”

Jill grinned and unzipped her dress. “Nothing wrong with the classics.”

Patricia smiled and bowed her head. Jill closed her eyes, her lips parted in a sigh as Patricia went to work.

She didn’t know if there was a danger of feeling overappreciated, but she was willing to take the risk.

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