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Latest news from Geonn

Hey, everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I posted any news. Busy writing, which is a writer’s way of saying procrastination/laziness. Since last we spoke, Tilting at Windmills was a finalist at the 2011 GCLS Awards, which means three of my four books with PD Publishing reached at least the finalist stage of the process. And, of course, Gemini was my little award winner! Tilting also won the 2010 Rainbow Award for Mystery/Thriller novel!

There are some new items in the store, including ebooks and a print version of Riley Parra! The Riley Parra Season 1 paperback features all stories from the first season, including the Open and Shut cases, along with two bonus stories called “Maintenance” and “Ride-Along.” Season 2 is forthcoming, and look for Season 3 to make it’s online debut VERY soon. Watch this space for more information on that.

Riley was released through a new partnership with the publishers Supposed Crimes. In addition to Riley, I have a few other novels waiting in the wings with them, just to keep up with my crazy writing schedule.

The Following Sea should be my next novel from PD, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement coming soon.

And of course, thank you all so much for reading!


2 Responses to “Latest news from Geonn”

  • Hi Geonn! Wow I loved Tilting At Windmills, and I just found out that there will be another Lance book.
    I am very excited. When will it be out to purchase it? I really like this character. I have tried to find a lion’s belt buckle like hers, but I can’t find one. Thank You So Much For Good Stories!!!!

    Jenny Spence

  • Thank you so much! Yep, in all there will be five Lance books! I hope they’ll be out soon!

    And aww, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere! Maybe one day I’ll have book merchandise like the belt buckle (although the KELF and Gail’s Seafood Shack T-shirts will be first ;-D)