Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Joy to You, Baby

Summary: Nadine has to dress up for work, and Miranda has an unexpected reaction followed by an unexpected conversation.

Every year, two days before Christmas, KELF had a special Christmas broadcast live from somewhere in town. Weather-permitting, it happened outside in the town common where people could admire the decorations. This year it fell on Sunday, and the forecast called for the event to be cold and overcast so the show was moved to a pavilion where the Salvation Army had been collecting Toys for Tots.

It wasn’t tradition for Nadine to dress up. Occasionally she would wear a Santa Claus hat, or she would have a pair of reindeer antlers and a festive sweater, but that was the extent of her costuming. This year was different because of the charity aspect. She wanted to draw people in with their donations, so she decided to risk humiliating herself a little. She got the costume from a shop on the mainland and decided to try it on just to make sure it all fit right.

The dress was bright blue fringed with faux white fur along the hem and at the shoulders. It hugged her curves in a way that was just the right side of indecent, and if she kept the straps up instead of down then her cleavage wasn’t too prominent. Her stockings were striped with red and white, her shoes were green with pointed curls at the toe, and her fingernails had been painted with a tiny, dainty snowflake on each one.

But the best part, in her opinion, was the latex elf ears. She applied them carefully with the spirit gum, turning on the vanity light to make sure the skin tone matched, and feathered her hair so that it hung down in front of the ears so the points were more prominent. She stepped back from the mirror to get the whole picture. She smoothed down the front of her dress and turned sideways to see how it looked from a different angle.

Miranda came into the bedroom, still in her comfy jeans and sweatshirt, and paused just over the threshold. She was holding a small container of yogurt, but the spoon was frozen partway between it and her mouth. She ran her eyes up and down Nadine’s body before she finally took her bite.


“You like?”

“I like very much. Come here, though.”

Nadine turned to face her. Miranda put down the yogurt and reached up to toy with Nadine’s hair. She undid the part and raked the fingers of both hands through it until most of the short black locks were falling forward over Nadine’s hair. She held up a finger and moved to the sink, wetting her fingers before she went back to manipulating Nadine’s hair. Nadine closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Miranda repeatedly stroking her hair, smiling when she realized she was being petted and groomed.

“What am I, a kitten?”

“You’re my kitten,” Miranda said. “What do you think?”

Nadine looked in the mirror. Two locks of hair still hung in front of her ears like feathered banners, but the center part was done into a fauxhawk. She laughed and turned her head from side to side to see how it looked.

“Very nice. Very elfin.”

“Very pixie, you mean,” Miranda said. She stepped behind Nadine and put both hands on her hips.

Nadine leaned back against Miranda and smiled at her in the mirror. “So you like the Pixie?”

“I love the Pixie,” Miranda whispered. She kissed the shell of Nadine’s ear, just below the cap that gave her ear its point. “I’m surprised by how sexy these look.”

“Oh yeah?” She reached back and stroked Miranda’s hips. “You have a Pixie fetish?”

“From the moment we met.”

Nadine turned around in Miranda’s arms and cupped her face. Even in her bare feet Miranda was a few inches taller than her, so Nadine stood up on the pointy toes of her shoes and brushed her nose against Miranda’s.

“Well, this is your lucky day. Because whomsoever captures a pixie gets granted one extra special Christmas wish. What shall it be, milady, and make it good.”

Miranda’s fingers stroked the soft velvet in the small of Nadine’s back, her expression suddenly serious. “Marry me.”

Nadine’s smile froze, and then widened. “I did. We’re coming up on year three, remember?”

“We’re domestic partners. I don’t think we should get married just because it’s possible, but now that it’s possible I really want to.”

“You’re serious?”


Nadine shook her head and cupped Miranda’s face with both hands. “I cannot believe you’d just throw your wish away like that. Gold, riches, nah, you had to ask for something I would have done anyway. Silly lady.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes.” She moved her hands into Miranda’s thick blonde hair and leaned in. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Miranda.”

She brushed her bottom lip against Miranda’s top lip, wet it with a quick flash of her tongue, and then kissed her properly. Miranda moved her hands down to Nadine’s ass, caressing the curves through the soft material of her costume, and then she lifted it to slip her right hand underneath. Nadine mewled into Miranda’s mouth, surprised but willing, their tongues twisting as Miranda traced the line of Nadine’s panties under her stockings.

Nadine hooked one leg over Miranda’s hip, and Miranda lightly patted the other one to prompt her to lift it as well. Nadine hesitated but complied, hopping up and trusting Miranda to catch her. Miranda cupped her rear end and carried her the three steps to the bed, grunting as she deposited Nadine on the mattress as gently as possible. Nadine lifted her arms over her head, and Miranda slid down her body, kissing as she went. Nadine closed her eyes as Miranda’s lips teased her breasts, tensing as her sensitive nipples rose at the sensation. Miranda ran her hands over Nadine’s thighs, squeezed, and knelt on the floor next to the bed.

Nadine propped herself up on her elbows. Her toes curled inside her shoes as Miranda carefully lifted the hem of the skirt and kissed the crotch of her stockings.


“That’s not a very elf-like thing to say.” Miranda’s voice had a throaty, seductive timbre that she only got during sex. It made Nadine shudder every time she heard it.

“I’m a fucking pixie,” Nadine growled back. She laced her fingers behind her head and lifted her hips. “Now come on, wifey… get these stockings off of me.”

Miranda brushed her bottom lip over Nadine’s crotch, making her breath catch in her throat and her eyes roll back. She bared her teeth as Miranda lifted up and peeled down her stockings and underwear. She eased off both of Nadine’s shoes, rolled her thumb in the arch, and then kissed both ankles before draping Nadine’s legs on her shoulders. She rested her elbows on the edge of the bed, positioned like someone leaning on the bow of a ship to look down into the water, and kissed her way down the inside of Nadine’s left thigh.

Nadine kept her fingers linked behind her head and folded her elbows up on either side of her face, pressing her forearms against her cheeks. Her pointed ears pressed against the soft skin of her arms and she squeezed her eyes shut as Miranda’s tongue pressed against her. She loved how Miranda went down on her, loved the way she seemed to be exploring new terrain every time. First the tip of her tongue, then the flat of it. Then holding her open with two bent fingers as her tongue dipped inside and–

“Mira–” Nadine gasped, the last half of her wife’s name lost in a strangled combination of gasp and groan. Her face was warm, so she knew it was bright red, and she moved her hand to cover her mouth as the waves of her climax retreated. She trembled a few times, most notably when Miranda’s cheek brushed a sensitive spot as she kissed designs onto Nadine’s inner thighs. Finally she shrugged off Nadine’s legs and slid back up her body, kissing her lips until Nadine was coherent enough to respond.

Nadine opened her eyes and saw Miranda poised over her, sweat beading her forehead and upper lip. She pushed Miranda up, grabbed handfuls of her shirt, and tried to shove it up and off. Miranda helped her, twisting and squirming until she was free. She tossed the shirt aside, then reached back to undo her bra. It slid gracefully down her arms and was discarded with a careless flick of her wrist.

Nadine sat up and kissed Miranda’s breasts, circling the nipple with her tongue before sucking it hungrily. Miranda gasped and cajoled, spurring Nadine on before pushing her back down. Flat on her back, with Miranda stretching out above her, Nadine’s hands found the button of Miranda’s jeans and popped it open. The fly came down with a loud hiss, and Nadine pushed her hand inside as her tongue circled Miranda’s. She stroked the front of Miranda’s underwear and exhaled sharply through her nose, groaning and turning her head to the side so Miranda could kiss along her cheek.

Miranda nibbled on Nadine’s ear, the actual lobe below the latex point so that Nadine could feel it. Nadine squirmed and arched her back as she pushed her middle finger against Miranda’s sex.

“I want your name…”

“Hm?” Miranda exhaled the word, lifting up so she could see Nadine’s face.

“Powell. If we… get married, then I want to be Nadine Powell.”

Miranda kissed Nadine’s eyes and whispered, “Yes,” moving slowly against Nadine’s finger. She lifted her head, pointing her chin toward the headboard as Nadine leaned up to lick and suck on Miranda’s neck until she came. Miranda whispered Nadine’s name, sighing when saying things became too difficult, then rolled off of Nadine and stretched out next to her. Nadine rolled onto her side and after a moment Miranda rolled to face her. She took Nadine’s fingers, still wet, and kissed the tips of them.

“Were you serious?”

Nadine nodded. “Nadine Powell. Kind of has a nice ring to it. I’d still be Nadine Butler professionally. On the air, stage names and recognition and all that. But in my personal life, I want to be your wife in every sense of the word.”

They were both whispering, curled together in the middle of the bed as if they were worried someone might overhear.

“Your parents might be upset.” She rotated Nadine’s hand to kiss the inside of her wrist. “But I really love the idea. I really, really love the idea, Dean.”

“Oh. Dean Powell. I kind of like that.”

Miranda let go of Nadine’s hand to stroke her pointed ear. It was slightly askew now, and she used gentle probing with her index finger to get it flush with the real skin again. “No, Dean is just mine.”

“Okay.” She kissed Miranda between the eyes, then kissed down the slope of her nose. “When do you want to do it?”

“It takes three days to get the license, so if we register tomorrow… we can get married on Friday after your show.”

Nadine’s eyes widened slightly. “Or we could get married Friday on my show. It would be perfect. We fell in love in that booth. And the whole island got to hear me come out of the closet, might as well let them hear me get married.”

Miranda laughed. “I think we could work that out. So who would our witnesses be?”

“Kate and Amy. Mama. Daddy, if he’ll agree to come.”

Miranda nodded. “Sounds perfect.” She reached up and brushed the hair away from Nadine’s face. “You’re cute.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“So…” Miranda scooted closer to her. “I got my fantasy of having sex with an elf–”


“Pardon me. Pixie. You have a fantasy I could fulfill?”

Nadine smiled. “I want to have sex with my wife. Not my domestic partner, my wife.”

Miranda chuckled. “Give me a couple of days.”

“I guess I can wait a couple of days.” She kissed Miranda’s cheek, lingering before she pulled back. “Oh! I also have a cop fantasy.”

“I could probably get a pair of padded handcuffs for the honeymoon.”

“Whee,” Nadine whispered as she pulled Miranda to her again.

After a few more minutes, they decided Nadine should take off the costume if she ever planned to wear it in public without blushing. Miranda helped her out of it, carefully removed the ears, and turned the disrobing into an impromptu massage. After that Miranda lay on top of Nadine, her breasts against Nadine’s back, and wrapped both arms around her. She moved her hands between Nadine’s legs and began a new massage, and Nadine reached back to repay the favor. Soon Miranda was biting Nadine’s shoulder and Nadine had her face buried in the pillow.

“Will you get me a ring?” Nadine asked sleepily after they had both come for a second time.

“I bought you a ring two years ago. I was just waiting for the day.” She kissed Nadine’s neck. “Want me to get up and show it to you?”

“Not yet,” Nadine said dreamily. “In a minute.”


Thirty seconds later, they were both asleep, having mutually decided that seeing the ring could wait until the morning.