Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Holiday news from Geonn

There is a new story about the ladies of Squire’s Isle for everyone to enjoy.

In RSVP the couples of Squire’s Isle attend a party at the mayor’s house, and one of them receives shocking news.

For Riley Parra fans, there is still time to buy season three. New subscriptions will be available until 31st December (downloads for subscribers will be up for longer, but you won’t be able to buy access after that date).

Sometime next year there will be a paperback and Amazon e-book version of the season, but there is a special bonus Christmas story which will only be available to subscribers through this site. So hurry up before they are gone!

Happy holidays to all!

2 Responses to “Holiday news from Geonn”

  • On New Year’s day I met a man who lives in Mercer Island, near Seattle, WA. Although it is more ouoouklous than I was told (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercer_Island,_Washington) As the gentleman spoke about his island, I could only think of Squiqre’s Island. Did you ever live anywhere near this area, or know someone who did? They have one highschool, about 1500 students of whom 270 belong to a wonderful maraching band that was in the Paasadena Rose Parade this year. oo bad the coverage did not show more of the band. They deserved it.

    I enjoy your writing and look forward to seeing more stories. Thnak you for sharing.

  • Sorry for the huge delay in replying! THANK YOU so much for this comment! It means a lot to me that people have to ask if I ever lived up there. I haven’t been blessed, sadly. But I did visit San Juan Island for one amazing day, and that was the day Squire’s Isle was born. I do everything I can to keep connected to that great place (hooray for webcams! :D) and keep one foot off-shore as it were. ;-D

    I’m glad you enjoy the stories! I’m hoping to make 2012 the Year of Squire’s Isle when it comes to stories. The characters have been clamoring to come out and play. 😀