Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

“Good Things Come,” the Hood-Colbys

Summary:  Jill and Patricia have a quiet night at home after the baby goes to sleep.

Michael left just after dinner, and Jill spent the evening nursing Isabel before putting her to bed. When she came back downstairs she found Patricia at the dining room table with a laptop, a notebook, and her phone in front of her, and her head in her hands. Jill smiled at the sight; their house was now large enough that they actually had two rooms Patricia could have used as an office, but she still set up at the dinner table because that was her habit at the old house. She looked up when she realized Jill had joined her and tucked her hair behind her ear as she referred to the laptop screen again.

“Did she go to sleep without a fight?”

“Pretty painless. For her, anyway. Are you sure we can’t keep the crib in our room?”

Patricia smiled. “I’d be willing.”

“No, she probably needs to be in her own room.” She crouched next to Patricia’s chair and looked at the computer. “Problems at work?”

Patricia shook her head. “Nothing huge. Just a lot of politics and trying to get my ducks in a row.” She exhaled and scratched her forehead. “I’m just stressed out. I need a mental health day or something.”

“Aw. Do you want Mama Tiger?”

“God, yes…”

Jill curled her fingers and ran the back of them up Patricia’s spine, under her hair, and then turned her hand to grip the nape of her neck. She squeezed, massaged, and then began to gently pull on the skin like a mother cat trying to pick up her kitten. Patricia closed her eyes and leaned her head forward.

“That feels amazing. Thank you, baby.”

“Sure. Do you want some aspirin?”

“No, just keep doing that.”

Jill continued, and rested her other hand on Patricia’s knee. She leaned in and kissed Patricia’s cheek, holding position when Patricia turned to look at her. Their lips brushed, and Jill turned it into a proper kiss. She moved her hand up into Patricia’s hair and sat up straighter so her legs wouldn’t get cramped. Patricia moaned helplessly and gently nibbled on Jill’s bottom lip before pulling back.

“Well. Hello there.”


“I remember getting kissed like that.” She stroked Jill’s hair. “Used to lead to something else.”

Jill nodded. “It did. Been a long time.”

“A long time,” Patricia whispered. “Since before Isabel.”

“Mm.” Jill kissed her again, and this time Patricia let herself enjoy it fully. “How busy are you exactly?”

Patricia looked at the clock. “Michael is at the airport until ten. I could take a break, get back to it after he gets home. If you wanted to do something else while we have the house to ourselves.” She was keeping her voice steady, but Jill could tell she was getting aroused by the prospect of going upstairs. “Are you positive you’re ready?”

“It’s been over four months,” Jill said. “You’ve been so amazing, but I just… it’s time.” She leaned closer, almost enough to kiss but pulling back at the moment of contact. “If you still want me.”

Patricia answered by cupping the back of Jill’s head and holding her in place as she leaned in. They kissed as Patricia rose out of her seat, urging Jill up without breaking contact. They sagged toward each other, hips pressing together as Jill slipped her leg between Patricia’s. Patricia took a moment to press against Jill’s thigh and then pulled back to look into her eyes.

“Upstairs, you said?”

“Yeah.” Jill stepped back with a quiet whimper of regret and linked her fingers with Patricia’s. She led her out of the kitchen and to the stairs, taking her up to their bedroom. They moved silently past Isabel’s nursery, left the bedroom door open a crack, and paused just long enough to turn on the baby monitor before they came together again. Jill cupped Patricia’s face as she was lowered onto the bed, keeping one foot on the floor as she hooked the other leg on Patricia’s hip. Patricia was still dressed for work, but Jill quickly removed her blouse and undershirt to leave her in a bra. She slid her hands down Patricia’s neck, down to her breasts, and gently squeezed them. Patricia broke the kiss to moan Jill’s name, sucking Jill’s bottom lip before she flicked her tongue against the top.

Jill slid her hands under Patricia’s arms to release the clasp. Patricia put her hands flat on the mattress and sat up as her bra fell away. Jill returned her hands to Patricia’s chest and stroked the nipples, watching as they became erect before looking up into Patricia’s eyes.

“I’ve missed you,” Jill whispered.

“Missed you, too.” Patricia brushed the hair out of Jill’s face and then ran her thumb over her lips. “Are you sure? I want…”

Jill shushed her, then gently took Patricia’s hand to guide it lower. She brushed her breast and stomach with her wife’s hand, then shifted and pressed Patricia’s hand between her legs. Patricia closed her eyes and began to move her hand in slow circles. Jill brought her hand back up and pulled Patricia down for another kiss, moving her hips in a matching rhythm.

“I think you’re ready,” Patricia said. “Just have to get these clothes off…”

“Sounds like a job for the mayor.”

Patricia grinned and pushed back. She unbuttoned her pants and stepped off the bed to peel them down with her underwear. Jill had already changed into her pajamas, a V-neck shirt and a pair of sweatpants, so she was able to quickly get out of it without sitting up. Patricia stood at the edge of the bed and looked down at her, exhaling as she looked down.

“Look at you.”

Jill’s hands gravitated toward her midsection. “It’s not…”

“Shh.” Patricia climbed on top of her, settling her weight between Jill’s legs. “You’re absolutely gorgeous.” She kissed Jill to silence any protest she might have been preparing to make. One reason Jill had been so hesitant to revive their physical relationship was a fear that her body had changed too much during and after the pregnancy. She’d taken up bike riding, she had become a regular fixture at the school gym after classes let out, but she still felt about ten pounds too heavy. She was self-conscious about her stretch marks. She was afraid that she would see disappointment on Patricia’s face.

She should have known better. Patricia had never looked at her with anything other than want and desire, even when she was eight months pregnant and waddling through the downstairs because she couldn’t handle the stairs. And now, easing her legs up to hook her feet behind her wife’s back, she broke the kiss to examine Patricia’s features from close up. Her eyes were only slightly open, her lips parted as if waiting for the kiss to resume. Patricia was thrusting against her and Jill was lifting up off the mattress to meet her, their bodies remembering what to do even after the hiatus.

“Baby, kiss me,” Patricia said, only half-pleading, and Jill did as she was told. Patricia moaned into her mouth and began moving faster. Jill recognized the signs of impending orgasm and moved her hands to Patricia’s ass. She dragged her hands up over her naked back, eyes closed as Patricia briefly thrust more frantically and then went still with a gasp. Patricia bent down and Jill found her mouth, and they kissed as Patricia suffered the post-climax shivers before rolling to the side. She pulled Jill with her, on top of her, and Jill settled straddling Patricia’s hip.

Patricia kept one arm around Jill’s hip, fingers splayed in the small of her back, and moved her other hand between Jill’s legs. Jill tensed in anticipation of the touch, arching her back when two fingers finally found her. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyelashes fluttered, and she rested her hand between Patricia’s breasts as she opened her eyes.

“Four months… what was I thinking?”

Patricia laughed and kissed her as she stroked with both fingers, preparing Jill before pushing one finger inside. Jill gasped against Patricia’s mouth and got a tongue against her teeth in response. She sucked it into her mouth and tightened around Patricia’s fingers. Patricia’s thumb found her clit and Jill curled her hand into a fist. Patricia reached up with her free hand and moved it so that Jill’s wrist was resting against her heart. Jill moaned her approval and flattened her palm, feeling the drum of its beating.

“Come for me, sweetheart,” Patricia whispered.

Jill closed her eyes and, when she felt Patricia’s thumb against her clit, bit off a moan as she succumbed. She heard Patricia say, “Look at me,” and lifted her head to receive another kiss. She came with a whimper, lifting her leg and rubbing her foot against Patricia’s calf until she was stable enough to roll onto her back. Patricia pressed against her and kissed her neck, her shoulder, and nibbled on her ear.

“Worth the wait.”

Jill smiled. “So we should wait another four or five months before…”

“I was thinking four or five minutes…”

“Mm, ambitious. But I think we can pull it off.” She stroked Patricia’s stomach, moving her hand ever lower until Patricia closed her eyes. “Thank you. For giving me the time I needed.”

“For you, I’d wait as long as I had to. I love you, Jill.”

She tightened her hand on Patricia’s thigh, preparing to move it higher, when a quiet rustling noise issued from the monitor on the nightstand. It could have been static, but neither woman was willing to take that risk. Jill had just gotten back into her T-shirt when the disturbance turned into a full-fledged cry. She headed down the hall with Patricia behind her still pulling on her clothes. She left the overhead light, choosing instead to turn on the dimmer lamp next to the crib, gathered their daughter into her arms, and carried her over to the rocking chair near the window. Patricia leaned against the wall near the door and smiled as she watched them.

“So,” Jill said once Isabel had been quieted, “we can do this. The jobs and the baby and us.”

“We can.”

Jill smiled. “Good.”

“Yeah.” Patricia came into the room and sat on the floor next to the rocking chair. She rested her head on Jill’s thigh and reached up to touch the baby’s foot. “Jill… if you need another four or five months…”

“God, no. No. That was a joke, sweetheart, I swear. I was leaning more toward your five minute idea before this one got all grumpy. We took the step I needed to take, and now I’m going to be like an alcoholic who fell off the wagon.”

Patricia smiled. “In that case, I will happily enable your addiction. After I finish my work. And after Michael goes to bed tonight. And in between feedings.” She sighed. “We’ll figure it out.”

“We will,” Jill promised. “Isabel made our road a little more crowded, but we’ll learn how to navigate it.”

“Yeah. We’re good at that.” Patricia kissed the baby’s toes, then kissed Jill’s lips. “I’m going to go finish my work. Suddenly I’m feeling like a very early bedtime tonight.”


“Not particularly.” She stroked Isabel’s cheek and was rewarded by a scrunched-face wriggle. “See you in a bit.”

“Yeah.” When Patricia reached the door, backlit by the hall light, Jill said her name. Patricia looked back and Jill said, “I don’t have anything to say. I just wanted to keep you here an extra second.”

Patricia chuckled, blew her a kiss, and went downstairs. Jill looked down at Isabel, who was staring up at her with wide and curious eyes.

“Things are getting back to normal around here, beautiful girl. Your mommies found each other again.” She touched Isabel’s chin. “I know. Took a while, huh? Better late than never, though.” She held the baby tighter and rocked her, looking out the window and thinking about her reunion with Patricia. After spending so, so long without physical intimacy, she had almost expected it to feel awkward. Apparently seven years trumped a paltry handful of weeks, and it had felt like no time at all had passed. If she ever needed confirmation that she and Patricia were meant to be, that was it.

She stroked Isabel’s arm and watched her tiny face, hoping she would fall asleep soon. She also hoped this would be a rare night when Isabel would have to be woken up for her feedings rather than crying out. She smiled and continued rocking her daughter to sleep. Suddenly she was anticipating an early bedtime as well.

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