Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Eating Out In Squire’s Isle


Nadine and Miranda, Kate and Amy, Patricia and Jill… they all have one thing on their mind. And it just happens to be the same thing.

Eating Out In Squire’s Isle

The restaurant was buzzing, only its sixth night since the Grand Opening, and Nadine felt out of place amid all the hustle and bustle. She calmly sipped her wine glass and looked around the crowded dining room, offering a smile to their harried waitress as she brushed by. She aimed a pinkie at the woman’s retreating back. “I like the uniforms. The, um… black slacks and vest with the white shirt.”

“You just like women dressed like men,” Miranda said.

Nadine shrugged and sipped her wine. “As long as they look like women when you take the trousers off.”

Miranda laughed and toasted. “Hear, hear.”

Nadine clinked her glass against Miranda’s and said, “Hopefully next time I won’t have to pretend to be a celebrity just to get a reservation.”

“You didn’t pretend. You’re a big shot!”

“Right,” Nadine said. She glanced toward the kitchen and said, “It’s definitely not getting our food here any faster.”

Miranda lifted an eyebrow and nodded. “Well, it gives us more time to talk.”

Nadine smiled and tilted her chin. “Indeed it does. I–” She put her wine glass down and accidentally knocked her napkin off the table. “Oops.” She bent down to pick it up and, when she straightened, she saw Miranda was stifling a chuckle. “What?”


“No, come on. What?”

Miranda shook her head. “No, it’s just… when you dropped the napkin, I had this flashback to a, um, an old girlfriend. She used to, um…” She waved her hand.

“Oh, come on.” Nadine smiled. “I like hearing about your wild and crazy bachelorette days.” Which was only half-true. If Miranda went into too much detail, Nadine found herself getting jealous and uncomfortable. But she leaned forward and said, “Come on. Tell me.”

Miranda leaned forward as well and lowered her voice, her eyes darting to the left and right to see if anyone was watching. “She used to… climb under the table at restaurants.”

“Why?” Nadine said.

A blush climbed from the collar of Miranda’s dress and she shrugged. “She would…”

Nadine’s eyes widened behind her glasses. “In public?”

Miranda shrugged. “Sometimes.”

Nadine covered her mouth with her hand and laughed. “Wow. Um…”

“I just had a flash to that when you dropped your napkin and ducked down. That’s one of the things she used to do. Fake drop, bend down to pick it up and then just not get back up. For… for a while, at least…” The blush was now to her cheeks and she cupped a hand over her eyes. “Forget I said anything.”

“I could.”

Miranda looked up. “Dean, no…”

Nadine shrugged and said, “What, you think I’m not kinky enough for a little…?”

“It’s not that. I’m not in my twenties anymore.”

“Neither am I. And I’ve never ducked under a table at a fancy restaurant. So…” She bit her lip, raised an eyebrow and knocked her fork off the table. Miranda mouthed, no! as Nadine ducked down and under the tablecloth. She leaned back and looked around the dining room. No one seemed to be looking at them, all engrossed in their own meals and conversations. Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath. She gripped the edge of the table and scooted her chair forward.

A second later, she felt Nadine’s hands on her knees. Nadine gave a little pressure and spread Miranda’s legs apart, so Miranda scooted forward and hooked her feet around the legs of the chair. This is so stupid. Why did I tell her about that? It was one time! And we got caught the second time. We… Nadine kissed the inside of her knee and Miranda exhaled softly, her train of thought long gone. She picked up her water glass and downed it in one swallow.

Thank God I wore a dress.

As Nadine kissed up her thigh, Miranda slid lower in her chair. She was slouching, but she didn’t care. She picked up a piece of garlic bread and placed it on her empty salad plate. She swept it across the remnants of salad dressing, giving her hands something to do so they would stop trying to clutch the arms of the chair.

Nadine’s head bumped the table, lightly enough that only Miranda noticed, and Miranda covered her mouth with her free hand. “You okay?” she whispered between stifled chuckles.

Nadine’s tongue marked a ‘Y’ on Miranda’s upper thigh.

Miranda closed her eyes and shifted on the seat. Nadine had pushed her dress up, her lower body covered by the tablecloth. Still, she was sure people knew exactly what was going on. She swallowed and gave a quick look to the rest of the room. A brunette woman a few tables away met her eyes, smiled and turned back to her companion. She’s just being polite. That’s all. She couldn’t know…

Her mind stopped as Nadine kissed the smooth cotton of her panties. “Cripes,” she hissed. Her fingers tore into the garlic bread, breaking it into two pieces. She brought one up to her mouth, tore at it with her teeth and slowly chewed. Mainly to occupy her lips and tongue from further outbursts. Her eyes widened as their waitress weaved through the crowd, obviously coming to check on them.

“Is everything all right here?”

Nadine’s fingertips brushed sensitive flesh as she moved Miranda’s panties aside.

“Mm-hmm…” Miranda nodded. Around her full mouth, she managed to say, “Could… we get some more water, though? Please?”

“Certainly.” The waitress moved off and Miranda closed her eyes. Just breathe normally. Forget Nadine’s tongue is… is… oh, fuck, she’s inside of me. She lifted her hips and chewed on the inside of her cheeks. Just get it done with as soon as possible. Just finish and we can finish this more completely when we get… Nadine flicked Miranda’s clit.

It took all of Miranda’s willpower not to growl. She brought her fist down on the table, rattling her silverware against the empty salad plate. A few people glanced over at her, but they quickly lost interest. All except the brunette from earlier, who was staring again.

She knows. I don’t even fucking care that she knows. She locked eyes with the woman, raised an eyebrow and shrugged. The woman faked a cough to cover her smile and looked back at her food.

Miranda gripped the edge of the table and used it as leverage to thrust against Nadine’s tongue and lips. Her climax was so close, right there, all she had to do was grab it and… She exhaled sharply, pushed her hair out of her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Her face was hot, and she knew she was blushing. Her nipples were hard and her thighs were wet. She took a handful of napkins off the table and shoved them under the tablecloth.

Nadine took them and took her time cleaning up the mess she had made. Miranda’s dress was pulled back down and, a few moments later, Nadine squirmed back up into her chair. She picked up her water glass, took a leisurely sip and looked innocently across the table. “Well?”

Miranda cleared her throat and glanced at the brunette who had been watching earlier. The woman looked at Nadine, looked at Miranda and then ducked her chin. Miranda’s blush deepened and she said, “Fan-damn-tastic. I can’t wait to get my revenge.”

“Ooh,” Nadine said. “Where? Gail’s? They don’t have long tablecloths, though…”

“Not in a restaurant,” Miranda said. She picked up the remnants of her garlic bread and popped a piece into her mouth. “My turn is going to be in your booth. While you’re on the air.”

Nadine’s eyes widened in an expression of horror… and anticipation.

Amy called it a day at seven. She handed the cash register over to Stephanie, her second-in-command and went through the bakery one last time to make sure everything was running smoothly. She hung her apron on a hook next to the door to her apartment and stepped from her professional life to her personal life. She hadn’t been thrilled with the idea of sharing a living space with her work space, but when she started Coffee Table Books, she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Now that she was successful, she couldn’t imagine having a commute or a home separate from the bakery.

The apartment’s overhead lights were off, but the two lamps on either side of the couch were turned on. Kate was stationed on the center cushion, her bare feet crossed and resting on the coffee table as she typed on her laptop. She wore gray slacks, a white blouse and a red tie. Her blazer and vest were discarded over the back of the armchair. “Hi,” Amy said.

Kate looked up. She put her hand on top of the computer and pushed it down until the screen was illuminating the keyboard. She wasn’t hiding it, just putting it aside to focus on Amy for the moment. “Hi. How was work?”

“Good. Busy.” Amy walked into the kitchen and checked the fridge. “Did you have dinner yet?”

“No.” Kate opened the computer and began typing again. “I wanted to get this down.”

“And you were waiting for me, right?”

“Mm-hmm,” Kate said.

Amy chuckled and went back into the living room. She sat on the coffee table and pulled Kate’s feet onto her lap. She began to massage them gently and said, “How hungry are you? We could just make sandwiches.”

“Hungrier than sandwiches,” Kate said, eyes on the screen.

“Take-out? Chinese or pizza?”

Kate closed her eyes and said, “That feels really good, Ames.”

“Does it?” Amy said. She lifted Kate’s right foot and kissed her big toe. She parted Kate’s feet, placing one on either side of her hips, and slid off the table. She dropped to her knees and lifted the computer off Kate’s lap. “You know, we could always just… eat out.”

Kate said, “Wait, wait, wait…” She reached for the retreating laptop, typed the save command and then let Amy place it on the couch. She leaned back, and draped her hands over the back of the couch. She smiled and said, “Eating out? That’s not very filling.”

“But it’s oh, so satisfying,” Amy said. She bent down and kissed Kate’s stomach through her blouse and undershirt. She plucked one button with her teeth and said, “Undo your shirt.”

Kate took a pillow off the couch and handed it to Amy. Amy shifted from one knee to the other until she was resting on the pillow. She ran her hands up Kate’s sides, back down to the waist of her pants. Kate finished unbuttoning her blouse and spread the two halves. She untucked it, pulled her T-shirt out as well, and lifted it up over her breasts. Amy looked up and smiled. “Mm, I love that bra. Leave it on for now.”


“Yeah. You look hot like this.” She brushed her cheek over the crotch of Kate’s pants. “Half-business, half-naked… mm, yeah.” She undid the button, tugged the zipper and hooked her hands in the pockets. Kate lifted her lower body and twisted as Amy pulled down, skimming the pants and underwear down her legs. With Amy in the way, Kate had to pull her legs in close to the couch before they could get the pants all the way off.

Amy unraveled the material and tossed it aside. Kate, who had leaned forward to help undress, put a hand on Amy’s cheek and gently kissed her lips. “I love you.”

They kissed for a long moment and, when they pulled apart, Kate brushed her thumb over Amy’s bottom lip. Amy ran her hands through Kate’s hair and whispered, “Lay back.”

Kate reclined again, scooted down closer to Amy and laced her fingers behind her head. She brought her feet up and hooked her toes on the edge of the coffee table.

Amy licked her lips and bent down. She turned her head and laid a trail of kisses along Kate’s thigh. Then she turned and repeated the process on the other thigh. Kate took a deep breath and flexed her arms until her elbows framed her face. Amy lifted her head a bit and placed her hands on Kate’s mound. She laced her fingers together, her thumbs pointing down, and bowed her head.

She parted her lips and closed her eyes, pressed the flat of her tongue against Kate’s folds. She dragged her tongue up slowly, taking time to tease, until the tip of her tongue found Kate’s hooded clit. She brought her thumbs down and eased the hood back, tickled with her tongue until the hard nub presented itself. She closed her lips around it and sucked softly. Kate grunted quietly and took another deep breath. “Bay-be,” she whispered.

“Mmm,” Amy moaned. She brought one hand down and brushed her knuckles over Kate’s folds. She slowly uncurled one finger and pressed it forward. First one finger, in up to the first knuckle, then slowly withdrawn. She extended her middle finger and slid them both inside. She heard Kate whimper and twisted her hand to the side. She curled both fingers and slowly, slowly, pulled them out.

Amy released Kate’s clit and sucked her fingers. She moaned at the familiar taste of Kate, of her lover, the woman she adored, and she trembled. She pressed her cheek against Kate’s thigh and wondered if the heat was from her or Kate. Probably about fifty-fifty, she decided. She pursed her lips and blew gently on Kate’s clit, smiling when Kate jerked at the caress. She lowered her head and moved one hand up to Kate’s stomach as she kissed Kate’s labia.

Kate slid one hand down her own chest, down to her stomach, where she laced her fingers together with Amy’s. Amy squeezed, and pressed her tongue inside Kate. She closed her eyes, focusing on Kate’s tight muscles working against her tongue, Kate’s hand rhythmically squeezing hers, Kate’s thighs on either side of her head. She opened her mouth wide, thrust her tongue deep.

“Amy,” Kate gasped. “Amy…”

Amy moaned in response, her tongue sending the vibrations deep into Kate. She pulled back with a gasp, her lips wet with Kate’s juices, and brushed her thumb over her engorged clit. Kate’s body jerked at the touch and she made a series of inarticulate sounds low in her throat. Amy sucked two fingers, tasting Kate on them and making sure they were nice and wet. She sat up and kissed her way up Kate’s stomach. She paused at her breasts and worked with her lips, teeth and tongue to raise the nipples.

Kate moaned and moved her free hand to the back of Amy’s head. “Kiss me,” she breathed as Amy kissed a trail across her throat.

Amy settled between Kate’s thighs and aimed her wet fingers forward. She rested her palm against her belt buckle and used her hips to push her fingers into Kate. Kate moaned as Amy’s lips finally met hers. They kissed as Amy began to rock against Kate, and Kate brought her legs in, hooking her ankles in the small of Amy’s back. “Harder,” Kate mumbled against Amy’s lips, and Amy picked up her pace.

Amy extended her thumb and brushed it across Kate’s clit. “Are you close?” Amy asked, breathless and sweating.

“Yes… just a little…”

Amy moved her thumb in a slow circle, the wet pad sliding easily over Kate’s sensitive clit. She broke their kiss and moved her lips along Kate’s jaw to her ear. She licked the lobe, sucked it into her mouth and nibbled gently on it. Kate’s skin was hot to the touch, red and dappled with sweat, and Amy hissed, “You’re going to come for me, aren’t you, baby? I want you to… I want you to come…”

“Aim…,” Kate moaned.


“Amy,” Kate managed. “Kiss…”

Amy lifted her head. Kate’s eyes were screwed shut tight, her teeth digging into her lower lip. Amy kissed her hard as Kate ground her hips against Amy’s hand. Amy stopped her thrusts and held herself very still during her climax, squeezing Kate’s hand as her body trembled. When the waves finally passed, Amy pulled her hand back and held it up. “Want to taste?”

“Go ahead,” Kate said. She watched with a lazy smile as Amy carefully sucked her fingers into her mouth, running her tongue over and between them. When she finished, she turned her head and kissed Kate’s lips. “Mm,” Kate said when they separated. “Tastes good on you.”

“Doesn’t taste bad straight from the source, either.” She kissed the corners of Kate’s mouth and said, “You can take your shirt and bra off now.”

Kate slid her hands down Amy’s back. “How about I take your shirt and bra off now?”

“Either or,” Amy said as she bent down for another kiss.

Jill reached out, laced her fingers with Patricia’s and pulled her close. Jill’s free hand dangled her high heels, her stocking feet padding silently on the pavement. When Patricia had chided that she was going to ruin the stockings, Jill showed no interest. “Better them than my feet,” Jill had said. Now the true problem presented itself; Patricia still wore her heels, and towered over her a bit. Patricia smiled and bumped her shoulder against Jill’s. “What?”

“Nothing,” Jill said. She swung their joined hands briefly and said, “Walking down the street after a dinner date… it feels nice.”

“Hey, we’re married now. No more of this lovey-dovey stuff. We’re supposed to resent each other and stop having sex.”

Jill’s jaw dropped and she said, “Then I want a divorce. Right now. This second.”

“No divorce. You just have affairs.”

Jill scoffed. “Right.”

“You have affairs,” Patricia said again, then added a deep Russian accent, “Vit’ ze sexy new Rooshun teacher at your school.”


Jawohl,” Patricia said.

Jill laughed. “That’s German.”

“Maybe she’s a spy.”

“Maybe so.” Jill stopped and turned to face Patricia. “Hey. Stop. Come here.”

Patricia turned to face Jill. They were on the street, but protected from sight by a series of columns. Jill slipped her hands into Patricia’s overcoat, laced her fingers together over her ass and tilted her head up. “Kees me, Natascia.”

Patricia smiled and complied. She slid her hands down to Jill’s ass and let her hands skim over the rough material. She moved her head to kiss Jill’s throat, bending her knees so they were on slightly more-even ground. Jill leaned back, her shoulders against the wall, and sighed quietly. She was about to make a request when a spotlight suddenly snapped on and illuminated them. They pulled apart as quickly as they could, but there was no doubt what they were doing.

“Whoops,” Amy Wellis said. Fortunately, Amy, Jill and Patricia all knew each other on a first name basis, so it wasn’t quite as humiliating as it could have been. Amy held up a small white garbage bag and smiled. She was dressed in a robe and, from the glimpses Jill got when she moved, not much else. She cupped a hand over her eyes, hurried to the curb, put the bag on the curb and went back to the apartment door. “Sorry, sorry. I wasn’t here.”

“No, we’re the ones who weren’t here,” Patricia said. “Sorry, Amy.”

“It’s okay. Have a good night, you two.”

As the door closed, Jill heard a sleepy, “Who’s out there?” coming from the living room. Patricia kissed Jill’s cheek and said, “Come on. Let’s get home.”

They linked hands and walked to their car. It had been so crowded at the restaurant that they’d been forced to park almost a block away. Patricia unlocked the car with her remote and opened the door for Jill. Jill smiled. “My, what a lady.”

“You’re my lady,” Patricia said. She leaned over the door and kissed Jill. “I had a great time tonight.”

“So did I.”

Jill got into the car and waited for Patricia to walk around to the other side. When she got in and twisted to fasten her seatbelt, Jill said, “Did you see that couple in the restaurant?”

The corners of Patricia’s mouth twitched. “A few tables away? One half of whom disappeared during the meal?”

Jill grinned and nodded.

“Oh, yeah, I saw them.”

“It was kind of hot.”

Patricia laughed. “I would be too worried about getting caught.”

Jill shrugged. “Well, that’s part of the thrill, right? Knowing someone might catch you at any moment?”

“We’re the parents of a teenager,” Patricia said as she checked traffic. “The ‘getting-caught’ thing is… hey, you are the one caught with your pants down – literally! – in the pantry. I would have thought that incident would break you of that particular kink.”

“I don’t want to get caught,” Jill said. “It’s the thrill of knowing you could be.”

Patricia was quiet for a moment and then said, “When we were kissing back there… my hands were on your ass?” Jill nodded. “When the light came up, I got a little jolt. So maybe, maybe, I know what you’re talking about.”

Jill chuckled. “Don’t worry. I would never do it to you.”

Patricia reached over and took Jill’s hand. “Well. Never say never.”

Jill arched an eyebrow in the dark, but didn’t press.

When they got home, Jill headed inside and checked to make sure Michael was in his bedroom. His desk lamp was on, and some nameless band was playing just a little too loud on his stereo. “Hey, Mike. How was your night?”

“Good,” he said, not looking up from his homework.

“Did you leave us any pizza?”


Jill tried to hide her smile and nodded her chin at the stereo. “You want to turn that down a touch? Maybe just to a dull roar?”

He picked up his remote control and the volume decreased incrementally. Patricia joined Jill at the door and craned her neck around the door. “Hey.”


“Good dinner?”


“Want to turn–”

“I already told him,” Jill interrupted with a whisper.

“Okay,” Patricia said. “Lights off by ten.”

He nodded.

Patricia closed the door and hooked her arm around Jill’s. “That was what it sounded like turned down?”

Jill chuckled. “Like you never turned Jim Morrison up to eleven.”

“Touché, but it was Dusty Springfield.”

“Of course it was.” They went into the master bedroom and Patricia put a hand on Jill’s shoulder. Jill supported her as Patricia reached down and undid the straps on her high heels, then dumped them next to the closet door. She kept her hand on Jill’s shoulder and looked into her eyes. “Hi,” Jill said.

“Hi,” Patricia said as she leaned in. They kissed softly and Jill ran her hands down Patricia’s back.

“We’ll have to be quiet.”

“Mm-hmm,” Patricia said as she nibbled Jill’s earlobe.

Jill gently pushed Patricia away and nodded across the room. “Go sit on the bed. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay. Will you unzip me?”

“No,” Jill said. “Leave it on for now.”

Patricia raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She went to the bed as Jill went to the bathroom. Before Patricia sat down, she got an idea and moved to the stereo on top of her dresser. She searched the CD rack, picked one and loaded it. She hit play as the bathroom door opened and Jill came back out into the main room.

Dusty Springfield began to sing “The Look of Love,” and Patricia turned to look at her lover. Jill had taken off her dress, leaving her in stockings and a cream-colored slip. Goosebumps broke out on Patricia’s arms and she shivered slightly. “You look…”

Jill ducked her head and plucked at the hem of her slip. She nodded at the bed and said, “Sit.” Patricia did as instructed and Jill walked across the room. She knelt in front of Patricia and put her hands on Patricia’s shoulders. Slowly, she dragged her hands down, over the swell of her breasts, down her flat stomach, into her lap. She plucked at the hem and Patricia shifted so Jill could lift it up. Jill bent down and kissed the sliver of skin above Patricia’s lacy stocking.

“This is why I don’t want you under the table,” Patricia said. She smoothed her hand over Jill’s hair, finger-combing her hair. “I want to be able to see you. The whole time.”

Jill gathered the front of Patricia’s dress along with her slip and lifted them both. Patricia wasn’t wearing any panties, a fact which made Jill raise an eyebrow.

“Always be prepared,” Patricia said. She spread her legs and leaned back on her elbows, breathing heavily as Jill bent down again.

Jill brushed her tongue from the top of Patricia’s stocking to where her hip met her leg. She tasted just a bit of sweat, and smelled a whiff of the body wash Patricia had used in the shower before their date night. She turned her head and felt Patricia’s pubic hair tickle her nose. She closed her eyes and pressed her folded tongue against Patricia’s labia. She let her tongue relax, parting Patricia’s lips, and pushed it in deeper.

Patricia groaned and rolled her head back on her shoulders. Jill slowly moved her tongue in and out, using slight, teasing movements. She rolled her tongue and pulled it out, flicked the tip against Patricia’s clit before moving back in to the main event. She kept one hand on Patricia’s stomach and moved the other between her own legs. She mimicked her tongue’s movements with her fingers, working herself up as she pushed Patricia to the edge.

Patricia knew from experience that Jill could go down for a half hour at a time. She knew the tricks Jill used, knew the way she would instinctively ease her assault when she felt an orgasm building. So she reached down and played with Jill’s hair, and said just loud enough for her lover to hear, “No teasing…”

Jill nodded and went back to her work. The left shoulder strap of her slip had fallen down and her hair was tousled from Patricia’s hand running through it. She was, at that moment, the very epitome of sexuality. Patricia said, “Jill, get… up here… please.”

Jill lifted her eyes and reluctantly pulled her mouth away from Patricia. She climbed onto the bed, straddling Patricia’s hips for a moment before she slid to the side. Patricia grabbed Jill’s hips and helped her reposition herself. Jill bowed her head again as Patricia craned her neck and pushed the hem of Jill’s slip out of the way.

Patricia put her hand in the small of Jill’s back and pushed her down a little farther, making it a bit more convenient for her so she wouldn’t wake up with a stiff neck. She kept her lips slack, her tongue against her bottom lip, and sucked the folds of Jill’s labia into her mouth. She sucked gently and Jill purred between her legs. Patricia ran her tongue along the captive flesh, tasted Jill’s wetness and moved her hips slowly in time with Jill’s renewed assault.

Together, they teased and slowly escalated, Patricia backing off only when she sensed Jill was close to the edge. She had warned Jill not to tease, but she wanted to at least try for mutual… something. Not orgasms; she was grown-up enough to know that sort of thing rarely if ever happened in real life. But she wanted it to be close. They knew each other well enough to pull off close orgasms.

When they mutually decided the game was over, Patricia pulled her tongue back and went to work with her fingers. The heel of her hand brushed Jill’s clit as Jill continued to thrust with her tongue, bound and determined to tasted Patricia when she came. Jill came first, and Patricia took the opportunity to focus completely on her own orgasm. She dug her fingers into Jill’s ass and thrust against her tongue, opening her lips and closing them around Jill’s thigh to keep from shouting out.

She could see the alarm clock on the nightstand; it was 9:58, so Michael still had ten minutes before he had to go to sleep. He could walk in at any moment. Patricia whimpered against Jill’s thigh, squeezed her eyes shut and came with Jill’s tongue inside of her. When she had been reduced to a bag of soupy bones, Jill kissed her way up Patricia’s body, pausing at her belly, breasts and lips before stretching out next to her.

“I get it,” Patricia said softly, fingering the feathers of Jill’s bangs. “The,” she cleared her throat, “getting caught thing. You don’t actually want to get caught. But the thought that you could…”

“I’m glad you understand.” She kissed Patricia’s chin and said, “Was this sexy?”

Patricia smiled. Dusty singing, Jill in her slip, herself still fully dressed… “Oh, hell yes,” Patricia said. She kissed Jill’s lips and brushed her knuckles down Jill’s cheek. “Extremely… very sexy.”

Jill snuggled closer to Patricia, who said, “Baby, I need to take off my clothes.”

“In, like, five minutes,” Jill suggested sleepily.

Patricia chuckled. “Okay.” She rested her head against the top of Jill’s and said, “In, like, five minutes…”

Five minutes later, both women were fast asleep.

The End

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