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Best Laid Plans

Happy 2017!

My last update said I needed to post more than twice a year. That was on January 26, 2016. So that’s a wonderful track record!

There hasn’t really been a lot of huge news this year. No big awards… Publisher’s Weekly did write a review of the second Trafalgar & Boone book where they said it was “aggressively feminist.” They seemed to think it was a con, but I took it was a compliment. I got a story accepted by Best Lesbian Erotica, which is HUGE. When I first started out, I dreamt of being in one of these anthologies. So exciting to finally achieve that goal.

The biggest news, of course, is that Riley Parra is fully cast and ready to go! Liz Vassey! Connor Trinneer! Maeve Quinlan! Marem Hassler, who I believe we were blessed with from on high, because who else could be so perfectly Riley? We did crowdfunding and got 200% of our goal, which was such a joyous feeling I can’t even begin to tell you. With filming set to begin this month, I’ve dubbed 2017 “the year of Riley Parra.” I can’t wait until everyone can see the finished product!

As for the rest of the year, I have no idea what it has in store. But hopefully more Squire’s Isle stories, more Underdogs, more everything!

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