Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

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Short Stories of Squire’s Isle

Stories are listed in chronological order, according to the fictional timeline of Squire’s Isle, not in order of publication.

Prison Grove
Elizabeth Hudson hasn’t had much to look forward to having spent the last fifteen years serving a life sentence for murder. Her new cellmate – young, confused and scared out of her wits – brings out the maternal instinct in Elizabeth and she takes the frightened girl under her wing. Prequel to On The Air. (Amy Wellis/Elizabeth Hudson)

Alive Day
Deputy Andrea Tyler can keep her emotions in check. Like her feelings for a certain widowed rancher. But when faced with her own mortality, she’s forced to focus on what’s really important. (Kelsey Quinn/Andrea Tyler)

A Little Gossip
Kelsey and Tyler aren’t quite ready to come out of the closet with their relationship. However life in a small town doesn’t allow for many secrets. (Kelsey Quinn/Andrea Tyler)

Workwoman’s Wages
A prequel to On the Air that reveals how Miranda Powell came to work at KELF AM 1220 in Squire’s Isle. (Miranda Powell/Other)

Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day
Elementary school teacher Jill Colby learns that sometimes even spending a rain-soaked holiday doing chores can end unexpectedly well. (Jill Colby/Patricia Hood)

Rob from the Rich
A girl from the mainland visits the Squire’s Days festival mentioned in On the Air and meets an intriguing archer. Written for the Author Challenge in Radclyffe’s Yahoo group. (Chelsea/”Robin Hood”)

Rounding Home
The Squire’s Knights celebrate a game, and two players take the celebration – and their relationship – to a new level. (Amy Wellis/Kate Price, Jill Colby/Patricia Hood)

Patricia’s Portrait
Patricia Hood poses for a portrait as a birthday present for her lover. A sequel to Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day.

The Christmas Boat
Post-On the Air. Nadine Butler celebrates the Christmas season with friends and lovers (past and present) and receives a completely unexpected Christmas gift. (Nadine Butler/Miranda Powell, Amy Wellis/Kate Price)

Ferry Tale
Caitlin, a workaholic who spends her commute time on the ferry catching up with work, meets someone who forces her to take a look around her to see what she’s been missing. (Caitlin Elliot/Rebecca Wray)

Baked Goods
Amy and Kate have been together for a year when Amy’s old flame comes back to town. (Amy Wellis/Kate Price, Amy Wellis/Kate Price/Nicole “Nick” Bronwyn)

Everything For Time
A timid watchshop owner who only takes risks in her dreams becomes enamoured with a beautiful customer with a broken pocket watch. (Kira McManus/Hannah Talbot)

Better Sorry Than Safe
The sequel to Everything for Time: Kira, owner and operator of Squire’s Isle’s watchshop, finds herself suddenly in a relationship and must overcome her anxiety to move the relationship to the next level. (Kira McManus/Hannah Talbot)

Peace In Rest
The third part of a series began in Everything For Time and continued in Better Sorry Than Safe: Kira McManus always knew what time it was. Until she met Hannah Talbot, and suddenly everything was different.

Too Many “Once Upon A Time”s
A change in the law prompts Patricia to make a monumental decision about her relationship with Jill. (Jill Colby/Patricia Hood)

Separation Anxiety
Jill Colby and Patricia Hood take a huge step in their relationship. Unfortunately, it means they’ll have to stay apart for a week; a feat easier said than done. (Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby)

Ghost Town
Jill awakens to find herself unusually isolated. (Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby)

Eating Out In Squire’s Isle
Nadine and Miranda, Kate and Amy, Patricia and Jill… they all have one thing on their mind. And it just happens to be the same thing. (Nadine Butler/Miranda Powell, Amy Wellis/Kate Price, Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby)

Fairytales of Squire’s Isle
The Christmas season is upon us again, and the women of Squire’s Isle are celebrating the season in style. (Nadine Butler/Miranda Powell, Amy Wellis/Kate Price, Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby)

The Good Parts Version
Patricia thinks back over her life post-divorce, and her romance with Jill. (Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby)

Hallmark Holiday
A Valentine’s Carol. Marin is single on Valentine’s Day, and it’s making her feel a bit Scrooge-ish. Originally written for the Academy of Bards Valentine’s Invitational. (Marin Ross/Lynette Avery)

The Endless Visit
At the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, two women meet and re-evaluate their relationship. (Maggie/Clara)