Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

A Brief History of Squire’s Isle

Squire’s Isle was first settled in 1850 by salmon fishermen and loggers.

This first group of settlers was led by an enigmatic man named Gabriel Sawyer. Sawyer, the self-proclaimed leader – or squire – of the land, gained a reputation among his workers for an extremely arduous work schedule.

One year to the day after Sawyer’s team arrived on the island, a second group of settlers arrived to find the settlement abandoned. A thorough search of the surrounding land revealed a graveyard, but nowhere near a burial site large enough to account for all the villagers.

Like the famous lost colony of Roanoke Island, the only clue to their whereabouts was a single word carved on a tree near the northern harbor: Sholeh. While the word was never defined, it was used to name the resort village that grew around that first settlement site, Sholeh Village.

In the years since that first settlement, Squire’s Isle has grown to become a tourism haven. In addition to tourism, Squire’s Isle’s economy is boosted by harvesting of apples, strawberries, cherries, pears and grain.

For the past fifty years, the town mayor has been a member of the wealthy Dugan family (current mayor: James Dugan). The Dugans arrived on the island in 1930 and made their fortune running lime kilns and exporting the product throughout the world.