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April 8, 2018 – I seriously only post news once a year. That is just pathetic. ANYWAY.

I have bad news! Well, it’s not BAD-bad news, more “news of a saddish variety which is actually good in the long run.” But it’s better to make it official so no one is caught off-guard.

This weekend, I’ve been proofing the latest Underdogs book (“Kennel Club”). That’s the seventh book in the series, making it my longest series (in terms of book-count. Riley Parra is probably a lot longer in number of words). One thing I hate in publishing is endless series. If I see a new release and it says something like “eighth in a series” or (heaven help us) “thirteenth,” I immediately put it down. I decided to counteract that (at least a little) by setting up arcs. Underdogs 1-3 has a beginning, middle, and an end. Underdogs 4 is a standalone. Then you could theoretically start at Underdogs 5 without missing much or needing to go all the way back to the beginning (of course with any ongoing series, you’re better served to read from the start, but the point is you could start late if you had to).

So 1-3 is the Hunter Arc. 5-7 is the Silent Partners Arc. 8-10’s arc will be TBA, but it WILL be the end of the ongoing series. I say “ongoing” because I don’t mind spoiling the fact Ari and Dale will still be alive and in love at the end of Underdogs 10. Whatever else happens, that relationship will still be solid.

I don’t necessarily WANT to end the series. I still love the characters and writing in their world. I know the readers probably don’t want to see it end. But I don’t want to wait until I/the audience get bored with it. I don’t want Ari and Dale to fade away into disinterest. I’m lucky to have been able to write seven books in this series, and I look forward to writing the last three. After that, who knows? Maybe at some point in the future I’ll be inspired for a standalone novel, or I could go back to writing shorter-length stories for posting online. Or maybe this decade of their lives has been enough and they deserve to slip quietly into retirement (notice I didn’t promise they would still be private investigators or that Bitches would still be open… just that they’re together and happy).

So despite how I began this post, I’m not considering this bad news. Just sad news. Sometimes you have to put the characters back on the shelf. When I decided to stop Riley Parra after season 5, the ball got rolling on adapting the stories for Tello Films. So this may just be the beginning of the Underdogs story. We’ll see!

Underdogs: Kennel Club comes out July 1!

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January 2, 2017 – Happy 2017!

My last update said I needed to post more than twice a year. That was on January 26, 2016. So that’s a wonderful track record!

There hasn’t really been a lot of huge news this year. No big awards… Publisher’s Weekly did write a review of the second Trafalgar & Boone book where they said it was “aggressively feminist.” They seemed to think it was a con, but I took it was a compliment. I got a story accepted by Best Lesbian Erotica, which is HUGE. When I first started out, I dreamt of being in one of these anthologies. So exciting to finally achieve that goal.

The biggest news, of course, is that Riley Parra is fully cast and ready to go! Liz Vassey! Connor Trinneer! Maeve Quinlan! Marem Hassler, who I believe we were blessed with from on high, because who else could be so perfectly Riley? We did crowdfunding and got 200% of our goal, which was such a joyous feeling I can’t even begin to tell you. With filming set to begin this month, I’ve dubbed 2017 “the year of Riley Parra.” I can’t wait until everyone can see the finished product!

As for the rest of the year, I have no idea what it has in store. But hopefully more Squire’s Isle stories, more Underdogs, more everything!

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January 26, 2016 – I really need to do updates more than twice per year. The last time I posted, I had just won the GCLS Award again! I thought that would have to be the high point of the year, but just a few weeks later, Kirkus Reviews entered my life. First they gave “Trafalgar & Boone” a review so amazingly positive that I didn’t even notice it was a starred review! It was also included in their print edition (another honor), it was named a Best Indie Book of the Month for October, and then the pièce de résistance – it was named to their Best Books of 2015! Such a spectacularly huge honor. The sequel, Trafalgar & Boone in the Drowned Necropolis, will be out later this year, along with a sequel to Radiation Canary and the latest installment in the Underdogs series. On top of that, the wheels are still in motion to bring Riley Parra to your computer screens sometime this year! Christin Baker at Tello Films is fostering that little baby like it was her own, so I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I also have a Patreon! Every month I’ll be posting exclusive stories, sneak peeks, and excerpts you won’t find anywhere else! Sign up now and get access to everything I’ve posted so far!

August 14, 2015 – Lots going on!

First and foremost, I won my second Goldie Award! The Golden Crown Literary Society gave me another trophy, proving the first one wasn’t a fluke. This time it was for Underdogs: Dogs of War, the third novel in the series. Since that was the conclusion of the first arc, I consider the award for the series as a whole. I am hugely appreciative to the judges and coordinators of the awards and I thank them for the honor of making me the first man to win with them. And now I’m a two-time winner! Once for my second novel, and again for my 25th. Nice to know I still have it.

Secondly, my forthcoming novel was given a sterling review from Kirkus Reviews! Not only was it entirely good, they added a star for good measure! A star is something so rare you can’t even hope for it. When you submit your novel to Kirkus, you hope and pray for a slugline that’s good enough to use as promotion. If you’re lucky, you’ll get something as beautiful as “An imaginatively wrought, steampunk-influenced feminist adventure.” But you never let yourself hope for a star. But wait, that’s not all. Because a very small number of their reviews (less than 10% of their indie publisher reviews) are chosen to be featured in the print edition that gets sent out to libraries and industry professionals, and Trafalgar & Boone is one of them! They only include 35 reviews of independent works in the print edition, so this is a huge honor. Honor doesn’t even feel like a big enough word.

Third, progress progresses on the Riley Parra webseries! I can’t say when, I can’t say what we’ve been talking about (so much speculation it’s not even worth putting it out there, but talks have been talked), but there is exciting movement. And I know how much faith Tello CEO Christin Baker has in the project, which is exciting in and of itself. To have someone so passionate and talented at the helm makes me confident that however long it takes, she’s the right one to have in charge.

Fourth, I’m a Stargate SG-1 author again! In addition to the novel and my Sam Carter story “Pleasure Cruise” in Far Horizons, I was invited back to write for their next anthology. Joy of joys, they allowed me to write Janet Fraiser. She is my all-time favorite Stargate character, so the chance to write anything near canon for her character is a… well, “honor” crops up again. I really need to come up with that bigger word for it. Stargate: Points of Origin will be out this fall in ebook and paperback!

I think that covers things. There are other things going on – stories in anthologies called Desire Behind Bars and How We Began – and more novels – Into the Furnace, more Underdogs, more Trafalgar & Boone, one more Radiation Canary – but this covers the biggest stuff.

Until next time!


More news…

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Boy, it’s been a while since I updated the front-page news. Let’s see what minor things have happened in the past year.

  • I was contracted to write an official tie-in novel to Stargate SG-1! I wrote it, it came out, and it’s gotten some very nice reviews. I was rather worried about it, to be honest, but it looks like I dodged a bullet. It’s called “Two Roads”, and you can buy it in electronic or paperback editions. Check it out! My grandmother said it has some words she didn’t understand but that I was still a very good writer. Are you going to call my grandmother a liar, you monster?
  • The publishers also asked me to submit a story to their first-ever anthology of short stories, so I have a story called “Pleasure Cruise” coming out later this year in a collection called Far Horizons, so be on the lookout for that.
  • I have been adopted by the Tello Films family, and they will be producing a webseries based on my Riley Parra series. I am extraordinarily pleased by this, and I can’t wait to see my characters brought to life by a company that has proven itself time and again as a great home for quality lesbian entertainment (come for Nikki and Nora, stay for the plethora of other great series they have available!)
  • The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary will be coming out in hardcover later this year! You can also buy merchandise with the band’s logo on RedBubble (search for Radiation Canary or click here! Stickers, tote bags, T-shirts, all sorts of things! More merchandise will hopefully be added soon!

And now, you can find a chronological list of every Squire’s Isle story on the Squire’s Isle Guidepost!

More writing is going on, and more novels are being shuffled around in anticipation of release without actually having a solid release date set. There will definitely be a fourth Underdogs novel, along with a novel featuring Trafalgar & Boone, and a novel featuring a firefighter named Kelly Lake who has… issues.

Lots of stuff happening, a lot of stuff in the works, and it looks like there might be even more coming down the pike!