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Worth Waking Up For


Miranda quietly stepped through the bedroom door, wincing as the door hinges squeaked at her touch. She wondered why she only thought of buying WD-40 to oil the damn things when it was inconvenient and not, say, when she was at the store. It was the crack of dawn, and the sky outside the bedroom window was only hinting at sunrise. The soles of her feet were still wet with dew from her quick jaunt across the lawn.

Stealth wasn’t necessary, she discovered, as Nadine’s eyes were already open. She was curled on her side of the bed, blanket strewn across her hip, and her head was just barely on the bottom edge of her pillow. Her arm disappeared under the pillow, but the hand was visible against the headboard, fingers curled toward her palm.

“Sorry. I thought I was being quiet.”

“You were. Where’d you go?”

“I forgot to put the trash out on the curb last night.” She tucked her hair behind her ears. “Lame reason for us both to be up, huh?”

“Mm.” Nadine rolled over so she was facing the edge of the bed. “C’mere.”

Miranda had started back to her side of the bed, but she changed direction and stood by Nadine’s nightstand. Nadine sat up, pushing the blanket down so that her bare thighs were visible between it and the hem of her shirt. Her hair was in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed Miranda’s stomach. Miranda chuckled and pulled up her shirt, and Nadine circled her belly button before sliding her tongue in a figure eight across the skin. She put her arms around Miranda and kissed down to the knot in Miranda’s pajama pants. She plucked at it with her teeth and then looked up for permission.

Miranda nodded, still smiling as she pushed Nadine’s bangs off her forehead. Nadine squeezed Miranda’s ass through her sleepwear and then tugged it down, letting it fall as she pulled her underwear down as well. Miranda stepped out of the clothes, curling her toes in the soft material as Nadine kissed lower. She used her tongue to tease, and Miranda sucked in a breath as her eyes rolled back, eyelids fluttering as she tightened her grip in Nadine’s hair.



“It’s okay.”

Miranda moved her hand to the back of Nadine’s head to prevent any further hair-pulling. Nadine, meanwhile, pressed her lips to Miranda’s mound, extending her tongue with the tip curled upward to drag it across Miranda’s sex. Miranda gasped and her hips hitched. She bent her knees to move her thighs apart as Nadine kissed her.

Nadine brought up her left hand and wet two fingers with quick swipes of her tongue before she used them to stroke Miranda’s folds. She pressed the flat of her tongue against Miranda’s hooded clit, closing her lips around it and suckling until it was erect enough to suck. Her tongue circled it, danced with it, and she pushed two crossed fingers inside. Miranda began rocking her hips, her free hand under her shirt to cup her breast as Nadine worked her magic with tongue and fingers.

In less time than either of them would have preferred Nadine’s ministrations paid off. Miranda rolled her head back an arched her back when she came, her body twisting awkwardly as she pressed herself against Nadine’s tongue and palm. Finally she inhaled deeply through her nose, exhaled through her mouth, and leaned back to look down at her wife. Nadine smiled, and Miranda moved her hand from the back of Nadine’s head to her cheek.

“Now that is worth waking up for.” She bent down for a kiss, and then reached for her pants.

“Uh-uh. Naked spooning until the alarm goes off.” She peeled off her T-shirt, and Miranda shrugged. She took off her night shirt and crawled over Nadine’s legs to get back on the right side of the bed. Nadine chuckled as Miranda joined her under the blankets, rearranging themselves until Nadine was wrapped in Miranda’s arms.

“Comfy?” Miranda asked.


Miranda cupped Nadine’s breast, and Nadine immediately arched her back. She moaned weakly as Miranda licked the fingers of one hand, the other busy manipulating Nadine’s sensitive nipple. Nadine parted her legs just long enough for Miranda’s hand to get in place, then gently closed them around it. Nadine lifted her arm and cupped the back of Miranda’s head, tangling her fingers in Miranda’s hair as she writhed under her lover’s adept touch. Nadine turned her head and they kissed as Miranda began moving the fingers of both hands in opposite directions.

Nadine had once compared this to “patting your head and rubbing your belly,” and she writhed in appreciation of the feat. She tickled Miranda’s lips with her tongue, and Miranda responded by gently sucking the tip into her mouth. When Nadine’s nostrils began to flare and her chest was heaving with deep breaths, Miranda pulled back. Nadine whimpered wordlessly.

“Say it…”

“I love you, Miranda.”

Miranda sucked on Nadine’s neck until Nadine stopped thrusting against her, sighing with relief and a bit of giddy release. She rolled over in Miranda’s embrace and they pressed tightly against each other, Nadine’s larger breasts smothering Miranda’s as they lazily kissed each other good morning. Miranda turned her head to kiss Nadine’s cheek.

“I love you, too, Nadine.”

Nadine kissed both of Miranda’s cheeks. “Can I tell you something?”


Nadine brushed her lips along the curve of Miranda’s face and kissed her earlobe. “Trash day isn’t until tomorrow.”

Miranda said, “Mm-mm. They pick it up on Wednesday.”

“Which is tomorrow.”

“But today–”

“Is Tuesday, dear.”

Miranda was silent for a long moment, then laughed. “I guess that would explain why no one else had their cans on the curb, either. Crap. Now I’m really sorry I woke you up.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She kissed Miranda’s temple and let her breath ruffle her hair. “It worked out for the best, I think.”

Miranda laughed and flattened her hand just above the curve of Nadine’s rear end, and they tangled together under the blankets until their day truly had to begin.

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