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World On Fire

World on Fire

Firefighter Alexandra Crawford’s world is about to ignite in more ways than one.

After a particularly bad fire leaves Alex and another member of her team in the hospital, she finds herself entranced by Dr. Rachel Tom. She doesn’t plan to fall in love and doesn’t need the hassles of a new relationship, but Rachel felt the pull as well. And she’s not the kind to let something so good slip through her fingers.

Both women quickly succumb to their desires, but the relationship may be over before it begins. Alex soon realizes that the horrible blazes they’ve been fighting recently are too uniform to be anything but arson. And if she’s right, someone is setting them for the express purpose of killing firefighters.

World On Fire is now available to purchase!

Read the first chapter online from PD Publishing. (Adobe Reader required)

Geonn recommends buying from Star-Crossed Productions, an independent, lesbian-run business.

World On Fire is also available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

2 Responses to “World On Fire”

  • Hi Geonn,

    ‘World on Fire’ is a great story of two women falling in love and coming to know each other. You have given them very different careers and yet have the two lives come together very neatly.

    Your description of the fire station with its different rooms and their importance was very well done. Did you actually visit a fire station to get an idea of its layout and how it runs?

    I am a bit disappointed with the ending as it means the two main characters are leaving the other excellent bunch of characters you have created!

    However the move to Squires Island indicates a new chapter in the lives of Alex and Rachel. There are many questions unanswered. Will Alex pass the lieutenants exam? Will she be accepted by the Islands volunteer fire brigade? How will Alex handle being ‘in charge’ instead of ‘ following orders’? Will the presumably all-male volunteers accept taking orders from a woman? Will Rachel be able to accept the chance of seeing Alex injured again fighting fires?
    All the above questions really come down to one – Is there any chance of a sequel?

    One other question – is it correct that all your Squires Island stories are set in the 1960’s?

  • The first book of yours that I read was “On the Air,” which I liked a lot. Then came “Gemini,” which was a bit different. Now “World on Fire.” What a great read! I liked the people, the story, and I was really interested at the end that it looked like at least one sequel was possible. Thanks so much for your writings. Am I the only gal to ask how a man can write us so well????