Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Welcome to Squire’s Isle 2.0

Excuse us while the dust settles…

Welcome to the newly rennovated website of Geonn Cannon. All the old goodies – Geonn’s short stories, the Riley Parra series and his novels are still here. We’ve just moved things around a little and hopefully made the site a litte (or even a lot) better.

What’s changed? Well, first and best you can now leave comments directly on the story and novel pages, so you can let Geonn know which stories you love most. Don’t be shy: knowing what you like will encourage Geonn to write more of the same!

Next, you can now follow the site using RSS. Just add


to Google Reader or your favourite RSS tool and you’ll be the first to know every time there’s something new on the site. Cool, huh? Well, we think so, anyway 😉

Come in, explore, enjoy, and if you have any suggestions you can let us know by commenting on any post. (One quick note about comments: because of all the evil spammers out there comments won’t be visible until they’ve been checked. Please be patient.)


Geonn Cannon and Morgan (Webmistress)

5 Responses to “Welcome to Squire’s Isle 2.0”

  • i love all your stories and try to read everything you post. i am a little dissapointed in the layout of the site however. it was very difficult to find the riley stories only in order. the fastest way was to look chronologically at all stories the click on next entry going thru all not just riley. anyway no comments on the writing fab as always but i wish there was a more organized and intuitive way to find what u need. thanks for listening

  • Hi, Julie.

    The site is designed to show the most recent updates first, since usually that’s what people are looking for. If you look under ‘categories’ or use the pairing tags, that’s what you’ll see: reverse chronological order.

    However, if you look under ‘pages’ on the navigation bar (under the header image) you’ll find the stories laid out in the order in which they should be read. There’s a separate page for the Riley stories including the e-books and the ‘open and shut’ short stories.

    I hope that helps!

    Morgan (Webmistress)

Morgan (Webmistress) on October 13th, 2009 at 12:03 pm
  • Hey!

    I was referred to Geon Cannon from a LiveJournal user when I was looking for good stories to read. However, I don’t know yet if this was the best option since I don’t care much (or nothing at all) for Stargate. I was under the impression that GeonCannon also wrote stories not related to the Stargate Fandom. Is this true? Where could I get that?

    Thanks so much.

  • Is there a way to sign up to be notified when the next Riley Parra/Gillian Hunt story is posted?

  • BTW I love Riley Parra/Gillian Hunt — Riley’s courage is unparalled and Gillian’s love for her — and terror for her are overwhelming.