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Three Years Later


Patricia and Jill celebrate an anniversary.

Three Years Later

Jill came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her wet hair resting on her shoulders. She stopped at the vanity, running a brush through her hair as she thought about the day ahead of them. Michael was going to a movie with his friends, and Patricia had a pile of paperwork she had to get through. She thought about the papers that needed to be graded, and considered spending the afternoon in the dining room with the radio playing.

She was about to start applying her make-up when the door opened. Patricia stepped into the bedroom, leaned against the door, and looked at Jill. Jill turned, smiled at her, and said, “Michael already gone?”

“Yeah, Denise picked him up.” She waited until Jill was facing the mirror before she spoke again. “Three years.”


Patricia pushed away from the door and started walking across the bedroom. “Three years ago today, you decided to take a load of dirty laundry to school with you. And you took it to the laundromat on your free period. And I, for some reason, decided to leave the comfort of my home during a rainstorm and do the same. And we ended up alone together in a laundromat. What if you had decided to wait until Monday? Or if it hadn’t been raining? What if I had just admired you from afar and let you walk away?”

Jill turned and leaned against the sink. “Then we’d have a different story about how we met.” She reached out and touched Patricia’s cheek. “This was always supposed to happen.”

Patricia smiled and stepped closer, resting her hands on Jill’s hips. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” She kissed Jill’s lips, pressing her gently against the edge of the sink. Jill put her arms around Patricia and held her close, parting her lips to Patricia’s kiss.

When they parted, Jill whispered, “Did you say Michael already left?”

“Mm-hmm,” Patricia said and leaned in for another kiss. She tugged on Jill’s towel and it fell away from her. When Patricia brought her hands back up, she ran her palms over the curve of Jill’s hip. Her skin was supple, still a bit moist from the shower, and Jill remembered their first time. She had been wet from the rain then, in a dark room with a stranger. But that hadn’t mattered at the time. It wasn’t just that Patricia was beautiful, though she was. Something about her put Jill at ease, even in that first moment.

Patricia broke the kiss and moved her lips down to Jill’s neck. Jill moved her hands to the collar of Patricia’s shirt, fingering the top button.

“We’ll get to that,” Patricia said, not moving her lips from Jill’s skin. She moved lower, nuzzling the swell of Jill’s breast as she dropped to her knees. Jill braced both hands against the sink, eyes closed as Patricia skimmed her lips over her curves. With Patricia’s hands on her hips, Jill moved her feet apart and looked down. Patricia kissed Jill’s stomach, moving lower to part the thin curls between Jill’s legs with her breath.

Patricia moved her hands down to Jill’s thighs and gently kneaded the flesh, parting her lips and leaning in. Jill’s breath caught as Patricia touched her with her lips, followed by a teasing glance by her tongue. She bit her bottom lip, fingers curled around the edge of the sink, and she forced herself to keep her eyes open. Patricia looked up at her and smiled before she curled her tongue and pressed it against slick flesh.

As her hands roamed Jill’s body, Patricia’s tongue slipped easily inside of her. Jill closed her eyes at last, focused on the sensations rising from the center of her body. “Trish,” she gasped, moving her hips against Patricia. There were three versions of Patricia in her eyes. There was Deputy Mayor Patricia Hood-Colby, a relatively recent promotion that had come as a surprise to both of them. There was Mother Patricia, who held court in their house – her kingdom – and set down the rules and enforced them when necessary. And then there was Trish.

Jill often went out on the town with Deputy Mayor Hood-Colby. She visited City Hall and had lunch in the cafeteria with her. Deputy Mayor was Patricia’s public face, since her job put her in the public eye. Jill liked the Deputy Mayor, and considered her a dear friend.

There were times when Jill bumped heads with Mother Patricia. They sometimes argued over money, but not often, and sometimes had different ideas about Michael’s limitations. But Mother Patricia was the one who stroked Jill’s hair when they watched TV in bed, and covered her with a blanket if she fell asleep on the couch.

But Trish was the one that only Jill got to see. Trish was a sexual beast, dedicated to giving Jill pleasure and taking pleasure in return. Jill worshipped Trish.

She reached down and ran her hands through Patricia’s hair, her breath ragged as she moved her hips faster. “Trish… yes,” she said, her voice cracking on the second word.

Patricia moved her hand between Jill’s legs, pulling back just long enough to wet two fingers before she pressed them against Jill’s sex. When Jill’s body jerked at the touch, Patricia lightly dragged her tongue across Jill’s clit, circling it as her fingers easily entered her. “Come for me,” Patricia whispered, flicking her tongue against Jill’s clit after she spoke. “Jill, I want you to come for me.”

Jill hunched her shoulders and sank down on Patricia’s fingers, tightening around them as she came. Patricia kissed Jill’s clit, then moved her lips up to Jill’s stomach. When she finally slipped her hand free, brushing the backs of her fingers down Jill’s thigh, she slowly stood, rubbing her body against Jill. They kissed, and Jill pushed away from the counter to lean all her weight against Patricia.

“Tell me to undress you,” Jill said between kisses.

“Take my clothes off,” Patricia said. She kissed Jill’s neck. “Please, Jill.”

Jill went for the buttons of Patricia’s blouse and quickly undid them as they moved across the floor, pushing the material away so she could cup Patricia’s breasts.

“The first time I saw you naked,” Jill whispered, “I didn’t know why you were with me. What you could possibly want with me.” She kissed Patricia hard. “I couldn’t believe you wanted me.”

“I wanted you,” Patricia said. “Then… and now… so much more now.”

Jill kissed Patricia again, sucking her tongue and tasting herself on it. She slid her arms around Patricia inside her shirt, pulling her close as they both fell onto the bed. Patricia sat up and pulled her blouse off, and Jill ran her hands over her exposed chest and stomach. The bra was cream with black lace, and Jill teased the nipple with her thumb and forefinger as Patricia tossed her shirt to the foot of the bed.

When Patricia looked down at her, Jill whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

Patricia stroked Jill’s face, settling on top of her. She straddled Jill’s waist, pulling her legs in tight. Jill wrapped an arm around Patricia’s waist and pulled herself up, kissing Patricia’s chest as she pushed her other hand into Patricia’s pants. She looked up, brushing her lips over Patricia’s chin before finding her lips for another kiss. Patricia gasped and sagged briefly into Jill’s embrace as two fingers moved between her legs.

Jill broke the kiss and opened her eyes, looking at Patricia. “How’s your hip?”

Patricia nodded, her eyes still closed. “Good. It’s fine… that feels so good, Jill.”

Jill nuzzled Patricia’s neck. It was their first Valentine’s Day since the accident. Patricia had been fine, in and out of the hospital and hobbled by crutches for a few weeks, but otherwise fine. But when Jill thought of how close she came to losing her…

“You’re all I want,” Jill whispered. “Every Valentine’s Day. You. This.”

“Until we’re too old and frail to do the really fun positions,” Patricia said, her voice ragged as Jill continued to touch her.

Jill chuckled. “I’ll wheel myself over to your… bed in the nursing home… and I’ll… take out my dentures, and go down on you.”

Patricia laughed. “All you need is a tongue…”

“And fingers,” Jill said. She twisted her fingers and Patricia’s laugh turned into a moan. She clung to Jill’s shoulders, riding her through the tremors of her orgasm.

“Jill,” she whispered, turning her head so that her lips moved in the hair on Jill’s temples as she spoke. “Oh, Jill, I love you.”

Jill eased her hand from Patricia’s pants, pausing to cup her breast as they fell back to the mattress. Patricia rolled off of Jill, curling against her side and dragging her fingers down Jill’s body, to the patch of thin hair between her legs.

“Round two?” Jill asked, eyes closed as Patricia’s fingers explored.

“Thinking about it,” Patricia said. Her voice was sleepy, as it sometimes was after she came.

“Well,” Jill said, her breath growing more ragged. “Take your time.”

“Did you have anything better to do today?”

Jill sighed as Patricia’s fingers explored deeper. “I was… going… to do some laundry…”

Patricia smiled. “You know what happens when we do laundry on Valentine’s Day.”

Jill reached down, closing her fingers loosely around Patricia’s hand, guiding it. “How about you finish what you’re doing here… we’ll get some clothes together, and then… we’ll… mmm… we’ll find a way to keep ourselves occupied during the spin cycle…”

Patricia grinned and moved her hand faster, drawing a cry of pleasure from Jill.

When Michael got home from the movies, he discovered every hamper in the house was empty, and a stack of cleaned clothes sitting on the foot of his bed waiting to be put away. He stared at it for a second, wondering why his mother had done laundry when it wasn’t laundry day, but it was probably better not to question it. He tossed his shoes across the room and started putting away the clothes.


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