Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

That One Neko Case Song


Nadine falls asleep while watching a TV show that inspires a very interesting dream.

Miranda brought the laptop into the bedroom and set it up between their legs. Nadine had propped up the pillows against the headboard and rested her head on her wife’s shoulder as Miranda navigated the Netflix website. She poised the mouse over “play” and twisted to look down at Nadine. “Are you sure you want to watch? These episodes can be kind of long, and you look pretty out of it.”

“I’m fine,” Nadine said. “We need to catch up before the new season starts.”

“How many podcasts did you record today?”

“Three. I’m fine! Play, push play.”

Miranda clicked. “If you fall asleep, I’m pausing.”

“No, don’t. Just don’t spoil me for what I slept through.”

Miranda sat back and put her arm around Nadine’s shoulders and pulled her closer. Nadine fought to keep her eyes open but soon realized she was fighting a losing battle. She really wanted to enjoy the show, but she’d been up since seven working on her podcast, writing scripts and recording segments that weren’t time sensitive. She liked being ahead of her schedule so she always had something to post and her listeners were never left hanging. And while she had the podcasts as Nadine Powell, she was still Nadine “the Pixie” Butler from eleven in the morning to five in the afternoon.

She tried to force her eyes open. She wanted to see Morello and Poussey and Suzanne… but when her eyelids began drifting down, she discovered it was far too much work to keep them open. Just before she drifted off she felt Miranda gently removing her glasses. She tried to thank her but it just came out a slowly murmured bit of gibberish as she finally gave in and began to dream.




“Rise and shine, ladies,” the guard said as she strolled past the cell’s door. “I’m sure you’ve all got lots of stuff to do today.”

Nadine rubbed her eyes and sat up, twisting to put her feet on the floor as she rubbed her eyes. She pushed her hair off her forehead only for it to fall right back in place, so she left it where it lay. She stood up and turned to face the bunk. Miranda was curled on her side facing the wall. Nadine slipped her hands under the blanket and lifted her shirt. Miranda tensed at the first touch of fingers on her skin, but she relaxed when she felt Nadine’s lips on her neck.

“Morning, Randy Panda.”

“Mm,” Miranda said. “It can’t be morning yet.”

Nadine ran her hands over Miranda’s hip and back. “Believe it. C’mon, we should get to the showers before all the hot water runs out.”

Miranda grumpily rolled over. Nadine took her hands from under the blanket and smoothed down the wild blond tangles of her hair. They’d been cell mates for almost ten years and lovers for almost as long. She bent down and kissed Miranda’s lips until she woke enough to return it. She brought one hand up and stroked the back of Nadine’s neck.

“Okay,” she grunted, “okay, I’m up.”

They gathered their toiletries and left the cell. Across the open space between their cell and the one directly across from them, Kate and Amy were also beginning their day. Nadine slowed as Officer Bronwyn stepped into the open cell door. Kate was sitting on the bed and looked up with a smile. Amy was at the sink and saw their guest in the mirror. Bronwyn said something and then turned to draw the privacy curtain that was technically against the rules but, as the one who enforced the rules, was allowed to completely obscure everything within the cell.

“Don’t be a pervert.” Miranda put a hand on Nadine’s shoulder and urged her forward.

“You’re not the least bit curious how that works?” Nadine asked.

Miranda shook her head. “Not even a little.”

Nadine twisted her lips. “I’d like to have a threesome.” It was nothing she would have admitted in real life, but she was safe in dreams.

“Really?” Miranda sounded surprised, but not offended. “With who?”

Nadine lifted a shoulder. “No one in particular. I mean, it would have to be you and a woman to be named later, but sure. It might be kind of fun.”

Miranda said, “Huh.”

Nadine knew she would have much more to say on the subject if she’d brought it up while they were awake, but she didn’t bother filling in the blanks. They passed a barred window and she could see what seemed like an endless field of crystal blue water. It was as if the prison was standing in the middle of an endless ocean. She knew the prison was called Squire’s Correctional Facility and their cell was in December Wing. She was fuzzy on what exactly she was supposed to have done to get such a long sentence (in a relationship with her cellmate for ten years? What kind of monster was she?) but that didn’t really matter.

The warden was standing at the intersection between the cell block and the showers, dressed in her standard charcoal black suit. Her hair was pinned up and her hands were clasped behind her back. Nadine had met Patricia Hood-Colby in real life on several occasions and knew she was nowhere near this austere, but the look definitely worked for her. Warden Patricia nodded to Nadine as she passed and, when she looked back, she saw Jill Hood-Colby approaching. She was wearing the uniform of a guard, her hair cut extremely short and a badge shining on her chest. Patricia reached out and touched Jill’s arm, and Jill changed course to stand next to her.

“This is so strange,” Nadine whispered.

“What is?” Miranda asked.

They passed Alexandra Crawford, the top of her jumpsuit down around her waist to show off her sleeveless undershirt and toned arms. Alex, arsonist, in jail for setting fires. Cheryl Paxton was also at the end of the hallway: librarian, of course. Molly Page, who worked in the kitchen, emerged from the showers with a towel wrapped around her. Vanessa Kavik was in one of the stalls, naked as usual if the rumors about her methods were true.

“The whole island is here.”

Miranda looked at her over the half-wall separating them. “What island?”

Nadine shook her head. “Forget it.”

She and Miranda showered and dressed in their bright jumpsuits – the same kind some of the ladies on Orange is the New Black wore, Nadine realized, and for a moment she heard a hint of the real world bleeding through. Sleep pulled her back under before the dream could be shattered, and she knew that she and Miranda had eaten breakfast before heading back to their cell. The curtain was still drawn over Kate and Amy’s cell door, so she assumed Nicole was still in there with them. She sat on her bunk and retrieved her book from under her pillow. She had just noticed that, in the dream world, she wasn’t wearing glasses. She didn’t seem to need them.

Miranda sat down next to her. “What time is your shift in the library?”

“Eleven.” Miranda put an arm around Nadine’s waist and sagged against her, nibbling her neck. Nadine chuckled and squirmed. “Babe, I was going to read…”

“You can keep reading,” Miranda said as she moved her lips up to Nadine’s earlobe.

Nadine closed the book without even removing the bookmark. She twisted and lay down, stretching out with her feet on the pillow and her head near the bottom of the mattress. Miranda climbed on top of her. Nadine smiled as they kissed. The part of her brain keeping up with the reality of the dream told her the cell door was wide open and anyone could walk by and see them. The logical part of her brain told her that it wouldn’t matter unless she wanted to get caught, unless she wanted to turn the fantasy into something that included voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Miranda kissed down her neck while working the zipper of her jumpsuit. Underneath Nadine was wearing a white T-shirt. She lifted her arms but Miranda caught them and redirected her hands to the bars. “Hold here,” Miranda whispered, “don’t let go or I’ll have to tie you up.”

Nadine said, “Promise?”

Miranda kissed her cheek and chin before lifting up to kiss her lips. Nadine spread her legs, one foot dangling off the mattress. She felt Miranda’s weight against her, the curve of her waist pressing against the crotch of Nadine’s pants. Nadine lifted her hips and pushed her tongue into Miranda’s mouth. Her fingers curled around the iron bar of the railing. Miranda’s hands found their way into her jumpsuit, tugging up the hem of her T-shirt to find the warm and bare flesh underneath. Miranda rocked her hips forward, digging her knees into the mattress as she pulled Nadine down against her.

“Don’t you think this is a little wasteful?” Miranda grunted against Nadine’s lips. “This is a dream. I can be anyone you want.”

“I know,” Nadine said, lifting her head up to continue the kiss. “Anyone I want, out of the whole world.”

“Sweet talker.”

Miranda moaned and let her hand drift lower inside Nadine’s jumpsuit, down to her mound. Nadine bit her bottom lip as Miranda’s mouth moved down to her neck. Nadine let go of the bars and threaded one arm under Miranda’s as she grabbed a handful of Miranda’s hair with her other hand. Miranda rubbed her with two fingers and rubbed the heel of her hand in slow arcs, back and forth, brushing Nadine’s clit with each pass.

“Yes, Randy,” Nadine whispered, pulling Miranda’s head closer to hers. “I’m close. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She bit down on Miranda’s earlobe and squeezed her eyes shut. She shuddered through her climax, pulling Miranda down on top of her so that Miranda’s arm was pinned and immobile between them.

Afterward she stretched and blinked her eyes open. She moved her hand from between her legs and looked up to see Miranda watching her with an amused expression.

“Hi,” Miranda whispered.


“Nice dream?”

Nadine blushed. “Uh…”

Miranda said, “I hope I’m Randy.”

“My randy panda,” Nadine said.

Miranda laughed. “Is that my new nickname? I could live with that.”

“How, uh… involved…”

“Well, you started rubbing up against me for a minute, but then you took care of yourself.” She kissed the top of Nadine’s head. “Were you really dreaming about me?”

Nadine nodded and burrowed her head against Miranda’s shoulder. “Sometimes my subconscious still can’t believe I get to be with you in real life.”

“Aw, sweetie.” Miranda lifted Nadine’s head and kissed her. “Were we doing anything special?”

“We were in prison,” Nadine said. “Cell mates.”

Miranda said, “Ooh. Were we bad girls?”

“I think so. I remembered we’d been in jail together for ten years.”

“Bad, bad girls,” Miranda said. At some point the laptop had been moved out of the way, so she was able to pull Nadine on top of her.

Nadine said, “So while I was busy getting myself off in the dream, did you take care of yourself?”



She kissed Miranda’s lips before sliding down to kiss parts south, moving the collar of her T-shirt out of the way before sliding down to her breasts. Miranda settled back against the pillows and ran her fingers through Nadine’s hair as her pajama pants were pushed down past her knees. Nadine kissed her thighs and then looked up at her.

“I think I could handle prison if you were in there with me.”

Miranda stroked Nadine’s cheek. “So when you get arrested for one of your many crimes, be sure to implicate me as an accomplice.”


“What crime are you going to commit?”

Nadine wet her lips. “Well… in about ten minutes, I think the police are going to show up about a noise complaint.”

Miranda grinned and moved her hand to the back of Nadine’s head. “You better get to it, then…” She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and as promised, was soon acting as Nadine’s partner in crime.


Author’s Note: I thought about expanding this with the POV of other “prisoners,” but I couldn’t think of a way that wasn’t 1) Nadine dreaming about her friends and neighbors having sex or 2) some kind of shared dream. I did toy with the idea of Nadine telling people about the dream and inspiring them to have a dream that matched hers… if there’s interest, I might do that. Prison stories are always fun to write. 😉

Oh, and for those who may not be as familiar with Neko Case, the song in question is “Prison Girls” from Middle Cyclone.

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