Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Squire’s Isle Birthdays – April 30, Nicole Bronwyn: Make Me a Cake

Summary: Amy and Kate take a simple birthday request and take it to the extremes.

They decided to celebrate on Saturday night, since Amy and Kate both had to work on Nicole’s actual birthday. Amy technically had to be up at five in the morning to open the bakery for the Sunday rush, but they planned to start the party early so they could get to bed at a reasonable hour. They searched through Kate’s stash of “Wasted Movies” and chose MirrorMask, waiting until the real-world scenes were almost over before they lit up. They indulged in pot only rarely; Amy was nervous about getting high when their living room was attached to a bakery. But it served not only to relax them after a long week, it reminded all three of them of the first time they’d been together as a trio.

Nicole and Kate were on the couch, with Amy in the armchair that had been angled to face the television. She had her feet up in the seat, her knees in prime position to hug when she got sleepy. Kate was twisted and half-recumbent, her feet on Nicole’s lap, idly bringing her joint up to her lips to take a hit as she watched the movie through half-lidded eyes.

“Why is that guy’s face all boxy?”

“It’s a mask.”

Kate squinted as if suspicious of the answer. She knew it was a mask; it was a movie, not real life, so of course his box-shaped head was a mask. But why was his face a box? She didn’t realize she’d spoken her thoughts out loud until Amy giggled from her seat. She blushed and tucked her arm under her head, cheek flattened against her elbow. They watched as the heroine, the lead girl, explored a dreamscape by riding on a flying book (which flew because she yelled at it, naturally).

When a combination origami cat-slash-CGI face creature appeared on-screen and began speaking, Kate shot straight up, feet on the floor, and stared at the screen with wide eyes. Amy turned and looked at her.

“Baby, you freaking out?”

“No.” She blinked slowly. “Uh. That’s just a little too much.” She pushed her hair out of her face and stood up, brushing her hand across Nicole’s face and Amy’s cheek as she went into the kitchen. She downed a glass of water, refilled it, drank half, and then came back to reclaim her seat on the sofa. She watched for a minute before folding her body back into its former position. “I like her bunny slippers.”

Nicole smiled and stroked Kate’s hip. “Me too.”

Kate managed to keep her cool through the rest of the movie, though Amy noticed she stopped taking hits. The odd-faced Librarian and the floating stone monoliths didn’t affect her as deeply as the Sphinx Cat. Amy put her joint aside and stretched when she sensed the movie was coming to an end. She hunched her shoulders and looked at Nicole.

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

Nicole shrugged. “Nothing special. I have everything I want.” She patted Kate’s ass, and Kate smiled sleepily. “You could make me a cake, though.”

Amy chuckled. “I could do that. I’m a bakery… person.”

Kate laughed.

“Shut up, you. I’ll rewind the movie back to the cat.”

Kate grabbed a pillow off the sofa and covered her face with it. Amy felt bad and rose from her chair, moving to kneel in front of the couch. She lifted the pillow, ducked under it, and kissed Kate to apologize. Kate slipped her lips away from Amy’s and kissed along her cheek. When she reached her ear, she began to whisper. Amy listened, then laughed and muttered something in response. Kate said, “Yeah…”

“You’re missing the end of the movie,” Nicole said, feeling only slightly left out. “You’ll never know if her mother survives or not.”

“Just a sec, sweet pea,” Amy said. She whispered to Kate again before she ducked out from under the pillow. She stood up and squeezed onto the couch on Nicole’s other side, looping an arm around her and kissing her cheek. “Can’t have you feeling left ou– hey, how’d she get back to the real world? The bitchy girl destroyed all the windows.”

Nicole sighed and picked up the remote control to rewind the movie back to a point Amy recognized. “What were you two whispering about under there?”

Amy pressed her index finger to Nicole’s lips. “Sh. I don’t want you to have to rewind again.”

Nicole narrowed her eyes suspiciously, but kissed Amy’s fingertip and focused on the movie.


On Tuesday morning, her actual birthday, Nicole woke with both arms over her head. She was accustomed to waking up in vaguely unusual ways since she’d started sleeping with two women. Kate would spoon her from behind while they were both crowding Amy to the edge of the bed, or she would wake with Amy and Kate spooned against either side of her like she was in a rap video. The difference this morning was that she seemed to be alone in bed, and she couldn’t lower her arms.

She opened her eyes and looked over the top of her head to where her hands seemed to be stuck. Her wrists were crossed with the purple ropes they’d gotten from a specialty shop in Seattle, the far end fastened tightly to the headboard so she couldn’t get free. She looked down, her face framed by her forearms. The blankets had been pulled down to her knees, but she was still wearing her pajama pants and the thin-strapped top she’d worn to bed. She could see through the bedroom door that the apartment was dark save for a light in the kitchen.

“Little help?” she said.

“Birthday girl is awake.” Amy’s voice echoed down the hallway, sounding a shocking distance away. Kate responded with an evil laugh.

She knew Kate didn’t like bondage, so knowing she was taking part meant that she cared enough to go outside her comfort zone. Nicole let that warm feeling spread through her for a moment and then let her confusion come back to the fore. She twisted to look at the nightstand for hints as to what they had planned. She didn’t see any feather ticklers or vibrators, no plugs or strap-on harnesses. No massage oil, no paddles, nothing but Kate’s Kindle and Amy’s glass of water. She heard someone approaching and saw Kate backlit by the kitchen light.

“Are you going to be good, or do we have to tie your feet?”

“Tie my feet,” Nicole said. “But what are you doing?”

Kate knelt at the foot of the bed and lifted a soft Velcro shackle that she fastened around Nicole’s ankle. She moved to the other side and repeated the procedure, leaving Nicole’s legs spread in a wide V. The shackles were attached to either bedpost with a thin nylon line. Kate tested their strength and Nicole softly said, “Hey…” Kate looked up at her, and she mouthed, ‘thank you.’ Kate smiled, shrugged, and blew her a kiss. Then she stood up and wiped her palms together as she examined the scene. She nodded in approval and looked back toward the kitchen.

“She’s ready.”

Nicole said, “What are you up to? What’s this all about?”

Kate held her hands out. “It’s your birthday!”

“And this is my present?”


Nicole frowned. “Then what is it?”

Amy had come down the hall while they were speaking. “It’s your cake.” She was carrying a tray loaded with ingredients. From her supine position Kate could see a can of frosting, sprinkles, whipped cream, a small bottle of cherries, honey, chocolate syrup, at least two spoons, and a package of something that Kate couldn’t see. Her breath caught in her throat and she raised an eyebrow.

“You said you wanted Amy to make you a cake.” Kate squeezed Nicole’s big toe and raised an eyebrow. “Today, she’s going to make you a cake.”

“I’d rather have a Kate-cake,” Nicole said.

“That’ll be for her birthday,” Amy said.

She put the tray down on the floor on the side of the bed across from where Kate stood. They both climbed onto the bed and Amy bent down to retrieve the can of frosting. “First we have to have a good base. Kathryn, would you mind…?”

“Not at all, Ames.” She gently lifted Nicole’s top, baring her stomach. Amy twisted off the top of the frosting and dipped her pinkie into it. She held it out to Nicole and brushed it over her bottom lip. Nicole licked it off and nodded her approval.

“Excellent.” Amy took one of the spoons off the tray, handed it to Kate, and then took one of her own. They shared the tub of frosting, and Nicole gasped as the cool topping was spread over her flat belly. She sucked in a breath and closed her eyes, strangely aroused by the feel of their flat spoons traveling over her skin. She curled her toes, knowing that having her ankles bound was the definite right choice.

“Sweetheart, lift her shirt higher, please.”

This time Kate exposed Nicole’s breasts. She closed her eyes and gasped as the cold frosting was applied to them, the tendons in her neck stretching as she fought the urge to yelp, twist, or pull away. Her nipples were hard when Amy concealed them under a layer of vanilla, and Kate’s spoon smoothed it out while adding another thin coat.

“I think that’s enough,” Amy said.

“You’re the professional,” Kate said.

“Wait,” Nicole said. She couldn’t help but notice they hadn’t even pulled down her pajama pants. “I think you forgot to frost part of the cake.”

“Cakes don’t backtalk to the bakers,” Amy said. “Bad cake.”

Nicole bared her teeth in a growl. Amy did the same, snarling low in her throat. They sneered at each other until Amy poked her tongue out and went back to work. Nicole’s sneer turned into a smile, and she poked her tongue out at Kate. Kate held Nicole’s stare and sensuously ran her tongue over her lips. Nicole squirmed and focused on Amy again.

She had twisted to retrieve something else off the tray. Her nipples were hard, standing out against Amy’s thin nightshirt, and Nicole was glad to see she wasn’t the only one turned on. Amy came back up with a can of sprinkles and passed it to Kate over Nicole’s body. “Would you care to do the honors?”

“I would.”

“You’re such a great assistant.”

“Thank you, baby.”

They leaned over Nicole’s body and pecked their lips together, but then Amy turned it into a passionate and hungry kiss. Nicole stared with hungry, envious eyes and bit her bottom lip as she watched their tongues flicker, watched as Kate took the initiative and cupped Amy’s neck.

“If you guys aren’t careful, I’m going to get so hot I bake this cake…”

Amy broke the kiss with a smile, staring at Kate for a moment before turning her attention back to Nicole. “Well, we can’t have that. We’re not even done decorating it. Kate, sprinkles.”

Kate flipped up the top of the can, tilting it to sprinkle a rainbow of sprinkles down onto Nicole’s stomach and chest. Amy opened the jar of cherries and began dropping them into the frosting to create a line that ran from Nicole’s navel, up between her breasts, with the final one resting just below her collarbone.

Amy took the next ingredient off the tray and handed it to Kate, then shifted position so she could pull down Nicole’s pants. She took one more cherry out of the jar and placed it on Nicole’s mound, letting her panties hold it in place. Nicole chuckled and shook her head, eyes closed as she endured their (literally) sweet torture. Kate opened the bag Amy had given her and Nicole watched with wide eyes as she seated a pair of small, thin candles in the frosting over her breasts.

They were white wax with a blue spiral, the kind Amy used for kids birthday cupcakes in Coffee Table Books. They were safe, and they didn’t melt much or very quickly. But still, Nicole felt a thrill of danger when Amy revealed she had a small red lighter. She held it up to make sure Nicole saw it, not moving toward the candles until Nicole gave her a nod. Amy stretched her arm out, and Nicole held her breath as she flicked the flame to life with her thumb. She touched it to the wick and then lit the other one, and both candles were soon flickering bright.

“Make a wish,” Kate said.

Nicole closed her eyes. She pictured three hands, three rings. She knew marriage wasn’t in Amy or Kate’s plans, and she cringed at the logistics of a triple marriage in any case. But the rings were symbolic, and she held the image of them in her mind as she took a careful breath, pressed her chin against her chest – careful of the cherry – and gave two sharp blows. Twisted tails of smoke lifted from the wicks, spinning around themselves as Amy plucked the waxy cylinders from the frosting and put them aside.

“Now we enjoy the cake.”

Nicole bit her bottom lip in anticipation, bending her knees in an attempt to press her thighs together. She belatedly remembered the cherry in her underwear and grunted in frustration. Amy kissed her stomach while Kate carefully bent between the frost-capped breasts to begin plucking up the row of cherries. She curled her tongue around each one, drawing it into her mouth with a dollop of frosting, then chewing carefully before she moved to the next one.

Amy’s tongue brushed over Nicole’s stomach, just as thorough with clean-up as she had been with decorating. When she and Amy reached the same cherry, Kate took it into her mouth and then they kissed. The juices of the cherry made Amy’s lips shine when they parted, and she wiped her ring finger across them before she went back to the frosting.

“Birthday girl doesn’t get a cherry…?” Nicole asked.

“How rude of us. Of course she does.” Kate took one of the last cherries between her teeth and twisted, placing her lips over Nicole’s. She bit down, and the juices seemed to flood into Nicole’s mouth. Amy reached down and covered Nicole’s panties, circling her finger over the trapped cherry and then, to Nicole’s surprise, flattening it. The juices spilled into her pubic hair, and she clenched her jaw as Amy drew the underwear down and began to suck it clean.

“I hate this,” Nicole whimpered. “Don’t stop.”

Kate chuckled and stroked Nicole’s cheek, then ducked down to finish cleaning off her breasts. Amy sat up and reached for the tray, returning with the jar of honey. She clicked the top, arranged herself so that her head was between Nicole’s legs, and Nicole cried out as the cold, sticky substance was dripped over her labia. She lifted her hips off the bed and Amy’s mouth met it halfway. Amy cupped her hand over Nicole’s butt and held her aloft, and Nicole tugged at the restraints holding her hands.

“I get why you hate bondage, Katie…”

Kate only chuckled and dragged her tongue over the curve of Nicole’s breast. Nicole could see that Kate had one hand between her legs, rubbing herself through her pajama pants, and her fingernails dug into her palms as she struggled. She looked to the other side, Amy’s rear end so close that she could have just grabbed it and pulled her up onto her face. She mouth watered at the thought, but it was hopeless. It might as well have been a picture for all the good she could do. She stretched her head forward, craning her neck and extending her tongue in a mockery of what she truly wanted to do.

“This is torture.”

Kate looked up, her lips smeared with cherry juices and frosting. “Do you really want us to let you go?”

“Don’t you dare.”

Kate smiled and kissed her, and Nicole moaned. They pulled apart and Nicole said, “If I say possum. Then.”

“Okay.” She kissed Nicole once more and then went back to her snack. Nicole squirmed, lifting her hips higher as Amy thrust her tongue deeper. She held off her orgasm as long as she could, trying to prolong her self-torture, but she finally had to surrender with a cry of release. Once she let the walls down, she thought she was going to black out from the strength of it, bucking against Amy’s mouth as Kate sucked hard on her breast.

The bed protested with a loud squeak when she dropped back onto it, panting as Kate moved her lips to her neck and Amy kissed along the center line of her torso. She and Kate nibbled briefly on her neck, then they kissed her lips in turn. Nicole gasped and dropped her head to the pillow as she tried to catch her breath. Amy nuzzled Nicole’s breasts, then reached across her to cup Kate’s mound.

“Mm. You got almost as wet as I did…”

“Really? Let me see.” She crossed her arm with Amy’s and cupped her.

Nicole realized what they were doing and jerked her arms against the ropes. “Oh, I hate you fucking guys. I hate you so much,” she laughed helplessly as her lovers began stroking each other, their arms pinning her to the mattress. They kissed her instead of each other, so she supposed it wasn’t a total loss. She wrinkled her nose and bucked her hips since she couldn’t manage to do anything else, hypnotized by their heavy breathing as they both neared orgasm.

Kate came first, and pressed tightly against Nicole as she thrust a finger into Amy. Nicole turned her head and watched Amy’s face, pinpointing the moment she was about to come with uncanny accuracy. Her cheeks flushed, her eyelids fluttered, and she pursed her lips into a tiny circle… and then the tension drained from her. She widened her mouth as if saying the word “Wo-ow,” and her eyelids fluttered up like a broken window shade. She looked at the two women who had watched her climax and smiled.

“Beautiful,” Amy said.

“My thoughts exactly,” Kate said.

Amy kissed Nicole. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Kate kissed Nicole’s neck. “Happy birthday.”

“Best cake ever.”

Amy grinned. “I’m glad you approve. I just have to figure out how much to charge for it in the shop.” She winked and pushed herself up, one hand fisted between her legs to keep her pajamas from brushing against her overly-sensitive flesh. She was almost out of the room before she pointed back at the bed. “Don’t let her go yet, Kate.”

“Argh,” Nicole said, twisting and writhing. “You’re so mean!”

“Sh,” Kate said. She kissed Nicole, calming her.

When they parted, Nicole said, “You tied me up. You said you never wanted to play bondage games.”

“Well, you know.” Kate drew a circle on Nicole’s stomach, the saliva and frosting remnants making a mess on her skin. “We all do things we don’t exactly love when we’re in a relationship. And it was a lot of fun torturing you. I guess I just don’t like being on the vulnerable side. And I don’t like being the one to put people in that vulnerable space. But I can get used to it, if you don’t mind that I don’t reciprocate.”

“Not at all. I’d be happy to let you tie me up any time. And in return, I’ll let you do that thing Amy doesn’t like.”

Kate’s eyes widened. “Happy birthday to me.”

Amy came back from the bathroom with a bowl of water and a towel draped over either shoulder. She handed one to Kate and tucked up one leg so she could rest the bowl against her lap and the bend of her knee. “Now we get to bathe you.”

Nicole beamed. “Best birthday yet.”

Kate wrapped the towel around two fingers, dipped it into the water, and began to clean off the mess from Nicole’s body. “And just think, it’s not even dawn yet.”

Nicole smiled and tried not to think about what else they might have planned. If the cake had taught her anything, it was that with these two as her girlfriends, she was better off being surprised.

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