Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Saint Nick

Summary: At Christmastime, Nick comes up with a unique way to show Amy and Kate how much their support means to her.

The island was at its most magical during the Christmas season. It always had an air of enchantment, something out of time and untouched by the rest of the world’s decay. Their grocery stores were still family-owned and closest franchises from any chain restaurant was a ninety-minute ferry ride away on the mainland. They had taken the best of modern conveniences – computers, cell phones, the internet – and let the rest of the world deal with the bad parts of urban sprawl, overpopulation, and crime.

Since moving back to the island, Nick could hear sirens again. She wasn’t sure when they stopped registering, whether it was due to her time in Chicago or in one of the various port cities around the world where she’d stayed while working on her books, but on Squire’s Isle the sound was rare enough to register. And even when the police did rush to a call, it was due to something mundane like a car accident or that nutty local artist who liked to paint in the nude.

Then Thanksgiving rolled around and, as soon as the turkey was wrapped in foil and put in the fridge, Squire’s Isle became Christmas Central. They seemed to work from a plan laid out and unchanged since it was set out by Norman Rockwell and Frank Capra back in the 1950s. Every business on Spring Street got together and coordinated their light displays, creating a tunnel of twinkling lights flanked on either side by tall plastic candy canes and gaily-decorated miniature Christmas trees.

Nicole Bronwyn’s boots plowed through a thin layer of fresh snow on the sidewalk, causing more of it to gather on the toe of her boot than on the ground. She had spent the day wandering the island, getting used to the changes that had occurred since she last lived there and trying to find a place to live. There was more to consider than what a real estate agent could list on a flyer. She was drawn to the aesthetics of a neighborhood. She had to know what it felt like to sit on a bench and watch everyone go about their lives. Once she narrowed down her search area, she could start looking for available homes.

After the sun set, she went shopping for Christmas presents. Being home revitalized her, brought her peace that she hadn’t known was missing until she came back. Of course there was a chance her hostesses had something to do with her renewed zest. The thought of Amy and Kate warmed her despite the chill in the air.

She looked down at the bag dangling off her left wrist, the one with their presents safely tucked away inside. She knew they would be well-received, but she felt they didn’t fully convey just how grateful she was to have the ladies in her life. When she’d thought coming home to Squire’s Isle was a retreat, they made her feel like she was being pulled back in. All she had to do was stop fighting that pull and fall into their arms.

The lights were off in the cozy apartment tacked onto the back of Amy’s Coffee Table Books, the home she currently shared with them. She fished her key out of a coat pocket and pushed back the slight discomfort she still felt entering the apartment when no one else was home. Amy and Kate both insisted she should think of it as home, but she was still getting used to the prolonged polyamorous situation. It was fine when she could just drop by once or twice a year, have fun, and then leave. A constant relationship was hard enough to balance between two people. Sometimes she wondered if adding a third made it more stable or threatened to push it to the breaking point.

Amy’s living room was too small for a full-out display, so her couch had been moved out of the way so the coffee table could be under the window. A two-foot plastic tree stood center stage with various light-up items flanking it. A handful of presents were strategically stacked on the floor next to the table, gifts for various friends and acquaintances on the island. Rudolph, elves, little cottages with light bulbs inside that made the windows glow, and a Santa with luminescent skin cast a kaleidoscope of light all over the otherwise dark room.

Kate checked the clock to see how much time she had on her own. Kate usually stayed at the newspaper office until six or so, then spent an hour in Coffee Table Books until the end of Amy’s shift. Plenty of time to prepare. She turned on the light and placed the presents on the dining room table. Colorfully decorated paper, scissors, name tags and scotch tape were all set out for their frenetic bursts of gift wrapping activity.

Nick took out Kate’s present first. She adored Kate, and not simply because she owed her current lifestyle to her. When she first came back to the island, Kate could have been a territorial, jealous girlfriend who refused to let Amy and Nick spend time together. Instead, by some grace, she had genuinely welcomed Nick into their home. Nick wasn’t entirely sure whose idea it was for them to first go to bed together – the specifics of that evening were made hazy by a little too many pharmaceuticals – but Kate had ensured that there was no awkwardness the morning after.

For that, Kate’s present was a bit extravagant: a black collarless leather jacket with a slender belt cinching the waist. It was second-hand from a consignment shop because she knew Kate would protest her paying full price, but also because there was something about a lightly-weathered leather jacket that gave it character. New leather jackets seemed cold and impersonal. This one had a story. She knew Kate would appreciate that.

For Amy, she’d bought a writing journal with an oak tree embossed on the cover. Nick and Kate were two of the few people on the island who knew about Amy’s writing aspirations. Both had read her only novel, published under a pseudonym, and encouraged her to write more. Amy wasn’t sure she had any more stories, but she would occasionally scribble down an idea or two. Nick wanted to be sure she had a place to keep her ideas in case one grew into a full story.

She wrapped both presents, addressed them, and added them to the pile under the tree. The other gifts she had gotten – the ones that had come from a specialty shop on the mainland – were placed in two separate bags and covered with only a thin layer of green and red tissue paper. She had a feeling the items would be put to use well before Christmas morning.

Nick had just put the packages on the couch for Amy to discover when the front door opened. Kate seemed to be blown in on the breeze, a thin package tucked under her arm. She pushed the brim of her cap up and shut the door behind her, pausing when she saw Nick.


“Surprised to see me?”

“A little. It works out, though. Is Amy here?”

Nick gestured at the door that led to Coffee Table Books’ bakery. “She’s still at work. What do you need?”

“I need your help with Amy’s present. It’s more the presentation of the present.” She went into the kitchen, unwinding her scarf as she went. Nick followed her as she placed the box on the table and sliced the tape with the blade of the scissors Nick had just used. “I got something for you and her both, but it would only work if you opened them at the same time. This way I can give it to you now and on Christmas Day you and I can team up to surprise her.”

Nick chuckled. “Sounds sneaky. I love sneaky Christmas gifts.”

Kate grinned as she unpacked the box. She blocked the interior with her hand, using a scrap of paper Nick had discarded to haphazardly wrap something before she handed it over.

“Merry Christmas, Nicole.”

The paper had been folded in half around something small and lightweight, the edges held together by two strips of tape. “Can I open it now?”

“You probably should.” Kate beamed, her expression eager as Nick tore the paper and removed a coiled necklace. The pendant fell into her palm and she held it up to the light so she could see it better. Three forest-green pearls were stacked on top of each other and enclosed inside a sterling silver ribbon. An ornate leaf at the top and two curled vines on either side brought up the illusion of three peas in a pod.

“Katie,” Nick whispered. “This is gorgeous.”

“I got one for each of us.” Kate showed her two identical necklaces that had also been in the box. “I figure we wrap up Amy’s and, when she opens it on Christmas morning, we can reveal that we have our own.”

Nick put her hand on Kate’s neck and stepped close to kiss her. “I love it. I love you. This is amazing, Katie. Thank you so much.”

“I’m glad you like it. I kept debating on whether the pearls should be green or natural-colored, or if one should have one green and two white, or–”

“It’s perfect. I’m only sad I have to wait until Christmas to wear it.”

Kate smiled and put her arm around Nick’s waist. “I love you, too. Just in case you think you slipped it past me.”

Nick chuckled and kissed her again. “I actually have another surprise planned for Amy. You wanna help me set it up?”

“Yes, very much. What can I do?”

Nick stepped out of Kate’s embrace and headed toward the bedroom. She gestured for Kate to pick up the bags on the couch as she passed. Kate complied and peeked past the tissue paper to see what was inside. She made a quiet sound of approval and chuckled as she hurried after Nick, eager to see what she had in store.


The Spyhopper was officially a hit, and well on the way to becoming the signature drink of Coffee Table Books. Amy spent a few minutes in her office crunching the numbers and saw that it had been their best-seller since the week after it was introduced. She had introduced it as a Christmas-season special, but with this kind of demand she was considering keeping it on the menu. She pushed her hands through her hair, twisting it into a loose braid before she dropped her hands to the edge of the desk. She mimed playing the piano, pushed her chair back, and went to find the manager.

Stephanie assured her she could handle the last few hours until closing, so Amy made one last circuit of the shop. A few empty paper cups went into the trash, she wiped down one table, and she paused to say hello to Nadine and Miranda before she took off her apron and headed back into the bakery.

The lights were on in the apartment and she could see that someone had been using the wrapping materials. There were at least two new packages under the tree, and she smiled as she shut and locked the door behind her.

“Hello? I’m home.”

Kate came out of the bathroom but stayed in the doorway, one hand resting on the doorframe. The lines of her robe were misshapen, as if she had put it on over her clothes, and her hair was down. “Nick isn’t here yet. But we have a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Mm-hmm. In the bedroom. Better not keep him waiting.” She stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Amy murmured, “Him?” She went down the short hall and nudged the bedroom door open. The bed was directly in front of her, and a very slender Santa Claus was crouching on the left-hand side of the bed with both hands in the bottom drawer. That side of the bed was usually Nick’s, while Kate slept on the right, with Amy snuggled between them. Amy cocked a hip, her hand resting on the doorknob, and she tried to keep the smile from reaching her face as she admired the way “Santa” filled out the uniform.


Santa turned. Nick’s hair was hidden underneath the hat, and she wore a white hipster goatee with a handlebar mustache rather than the traditional fluffy beard. The velvet suit had dark red fleur-de-lis designs on a sea of candy-apple red. She tossed her head, moving the bobble of her hat from her temple to the back of her head.

“Well, it would appear you’ve caught me.”

“Sorry, Santa. I tried to be a good girl the rest of the year. Honest, I did.”

Nick stroked the curl of her mustache. “Have you, now? I’ll have to check the list. Elf?”

Amy glanced over her shoulder as Kate appeared behind her. She’d pulled her hair back to reveal that she was wearing fake elf ears, and now Amy saw the robe had been disguising a green elf dress. The skirt flared out to reveal striped stockings that made Kate’s legs look like candy canes, and thin straps led up to a garter belt that Amy was certain she would get to see soon. The dress had white faux-fur trim that was pushed down to leave Kate’s shoulders bare, and Amy brushed her finger over the smooth skin as Kate pretended to check something on her smartphone.

“Oh, yes, Santa. This one has been a very good girl all year. Doting and caring, sweet to strangers, loving to her partners… I think she deserves a special treat.”

Nick came around the foot of the bed. “Even more special than what I was leaving in her stocking?”

Kate stroked Amy’s arm. “Much more special.” She bent down and kissed Amy’s neck. Amy’s eyes drifted shut and she leaned back against Kate, her ears burning as she felt Nick’s approach. She put one hand out, blindly reaching, and her palm slid across Nick’s belt. She parted her lips just before Nick kissed her, moaning as Kate pressed against her from behind. She slid one hand down to Nick’s rear end, furrowing her brow and then smiling when she realized what was pressing against her hip.

“Oh, Santa,” she said when the kiss broke. The whiskers felt tremendously odd against her lips, but the fact it was Nick made their presence okay. “I think you have something in your stocking, too.”

“An elf can’t live on milk and cookies alone,” Nick said, her voice still in a low rumble to mimic a man’s. Amy was a sucker for that sexy growl, and she used the belt to pull Nick closer to her to resume their kiss. Kate stroked Amy from breast to hip, fingers gliding along her curves before joining over her stomach and heading directly for her pants. Amy toed off her shoes without bothering to untie them. Whatever her partners had in mind, she was going to be a more-than-willing participant.

Kate got Amy’s pants unbuttoned and pushed them down, moving her hands back up underneath Amy’s blouse. Nick broke the kiss and looked down, fanning her fingers over the front of the boyshorts. They were red with a multitude of little cartoon candy canes cavorting around her hips. “Oh, my. Where did you get these lovely panties?”

The masculine growl was gone, but Amy was too lost in the moment to care. “My girlfriend Kate bought them for me.”

Kate’s hand slid over Amy’s rear end. “Well, she has very nice taste.” She hooked her thumb in the elastic and pushed then down as she kissed a sensitive spot behind Amy’s ear. Amy shuddered and moved one hand up over Nick’s outfit, reaching back with the other to touch Kate. She brushed her fingers through the soft fur covering the zipper in the middle of Nick’s Santa jacket, moving her hand to cup one breast while Nick worked the buttons of her blouse.

When the last button was undone, Nick stepped back and spun her around so that she was facing Kate. Amy barely had time to register the spin before Kate’s lips were on hers and Nick was pulling the blouse off her shoulders. Amy stepped out of her underwear as Nick freed her from her bra. Once she was naked they pressed against her, pinning her between them. Nick cupped Amy’s breasts from behind and kissed a line down her neck as Kate dueled with her tongue. Nick flicked her tongue along the shell of Amy’s ear and stroked her hair before stepping back, trailing her hand over Amy’s shoulders and down her back.

“You know Santa only comes for the good girls if they’re nestled all snug in their beds. So, elf… take her to bed, please.”

“Yes, Santa.” Kate bent her knees and picked Amy up, letting her socks skim across the bedroom carpet so she wasn’t bearing all the weight herself. Amy held tightly to her, brushing her lips over Kate’s cheeks until she was deposited gently on the bed. She lay back and watched as Nick took off the goatee and shrugged out of her Santa jacket. The thick red suspenders holding up the Santa pants fit snugly over Nick’s bare breasts. When she took off the hat her dark hair tumbled down onto her shoulders and Amy sighed happily.

“There’s our pretty lady.”

Nick slipped an arm around Kate’s waist and kissed her. Amy brought her foot up, lifting the hem of Kate’s skirt to peek underneath. Nick swatted at her ankle and broke the kiss.

“Are you trying to get on the naughty list?”

“Depends. Is there spanking?”

“Play your cards right.” Nick winked and kissed Kate again.

Kate’s hand drifted down to the front of the Santa suit. She opened the fly and reached inside, her slender fingers wrapping around a realistic dildo to pull it out where Amy could see it. She squeezed it, smiled down at Amy, and then stepped back and climbed up onto the bed. She pressed against Amy’s side, stroking her stomach as she leaned in for a kiss.

“I love you,” Kate whispered.

Amy’s response was smothered against Kate’s mouth, but the meaning was clear. Nick knelt at the foot of the bed and stretched forward, brushing her cheek against Amy’s inner thigh. Amy reached down and touched the top of Nick’s head, sucking Kate’s bottom lip as she anticipated Nick’s lips reaching her sex.

Nick teased, kissing her upper thigh and hip and pubic hair without dipping lower. Every time she got close Amy inhaled sharply, her breasts rising sharply before sinking slowly. Kate flicked her tongue against Amy’s upper lip, eyes open as she watched Amy being teased.

Finally Nick relented and gently pushed the tip of her tongue against Amy’s folds. Amy reached out blindly and Kate found her hand, squeezing it and shushing her as Amy started gasping. She arched her back as Nick’s tongue pushed inside of her. She lifted her hips off the bed and pressed down, whimpering against Kate’s mouth. She was eager for the toy she had been promised, but Nick’s tongue was a more than worthy substitute.

Kate circled Amy’s nipple with her middle finger, watching Nick intently without breaking her kiss with Amy. Finally she pulled back with a quiet gasp, stroking Amy’s hip.

“Santa, may I get her toy?”

Nick lifted her head just long enough to say, “You may, elf.” She winked at Amy and lowered her head again.

Kate rolled onto her back and stretched. Amy pressed her shoulders and feet into the mattress, bearing her weight down against Nick’s mouth. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, hands flat on the mattress by her hips. Nick found her right hand and they linked fingers. Amy finally looked to see what Nick was up to in time to see a thin black harness disappear under the ruffled hem of the elf dress. She shivered and closed her eyes again, squeezing Nick’s hand.

“Okay. Hey,” Amy whispered. “Hey. C’mere. Nicole, c’mere.”

Nick pushed up Amy’s body, stopping only to kiss her stomach and breasts before she settled between her legs. Amy rocked her hips first one way, then the other, and felt the smooth length of Nick’s dildo pressing against her.

“Oh, Santa.”

Nick rolled to one side, pulling Amy with her. Kate pressed against her from behind and Amy stiffened. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Not, uh… y-you’re not going to, um…?”

“No, I know,” Kate whispered, stroking Amy’s hair back before she kissed her cheek. They had experimented with anal when they first started dating, but they both decided it wasn’t for them. Amy relaxed and focused on Nick, kissing her while Kate used the lube she had taken out of the drawer to moisten the tip of her toy. Amy felt Kate’s breasts against her back, her own breasts brushing against Nick’s as they kissed, and she hooked her leg on Nick’s hip to open herself for them.

The tip of Kate’s toy teased her, and Amy hunched her shoulders in anticipation. But then Kate pulled back, and Nick pushed inside.

“Fuck, Santa,” Amy growled, and Nick chuckled.

When Nick pulled out, Kate slipped easily inside. Amy slipped one arm between Nick and the mattress, spreading her fingers in the small of Nick’s back, then reached for Kate’s hip. She held on tight as Kate started to move against her, moaning when Kate pulled out and didn’t immediately push back in. Nick’s toy took her place, thicker and longer and making Amy hiss. She put her head on Nick’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Ow good or ow bad?”

She wasn’t aware she had said it out loud, but she clarified, “Good. Good, don’t stop, Nikki. Kitty, don’t stop. I’m going to come, Santa.”

Nick kissed her, and Kate’s fingers dug into her hips. They switched again, then again, and Amy’s mind swam. She wasn’t entirely aware which of them was inside of her when she finally did come, but Nick was kissing her lips while Kate was sucking on her earlobe. She bucked against them both, trembling and trying to breathe without her breath hitching. Her lovers kissed her face, neck and shoulders, and she pressed her head into the pillow so they could kiss each other.

“Better than frickin’ sugarplums,” Amy murmured against her upper arm.

Nick chuckled. “Glad you approve, sweetheart.”

Kate lightly pinched Amy’s hip. “Hey. Did you call me Kitty there at the end?”

Amy’s cheeks burned. “Uh. I m-may have. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Just do it more often. I loved it.” She kissed Amy’s temple. “Nick and I took care of each other before you got home, so you don’t even have to reciprocate.”

“Have to?”

Nick stroked Amy’s jaw down to the tip of her chin. “Well… If you wanted to, that’s a different story. But we ambushed you after a long day at work, so if you want to just bask in your pleasure and nap… that would be fine, too.” She kissed the tip of Amy’s nose. “We love you, baby.”

Amy burrowed against Nick’s shoulder. “I love you two… too.”

Kate kissed Amy’s ear. “Go to sleep.”

Amy sighed and pressed back against Kate, stroking Nick’s bare back, knowing that she should let them get out of their get-ups but reluctant to leave the warmth of the cocoon they made. In a minute or two, she would be rested enough to let them go. They would disentangle, they would undress, and they would all hop back under the covers to curl up naked like they usually did.

She felt Kate’s head against her back and let herself be hypnotized by the slow circling of Nick’s fingers. She felt the smooth velvet of Nick’s Santa pants on her thighs, the fake fur that lined Kate’s skirt warm and soft against her ass. She scolded herself, knowing that the costumes couldn’t be comfortable. At the very least she should let them take off the strap-ons.

And she would. She snuggled closer to Nick, reaching back to pull Kate toward her. They both pressed against her, pinning her between their bodies, making her feel warm in more ways than one. She would let them get up. She would let them go.

In a few minutes.

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