Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon


Summary: The ladies of Radiation Canary take the ice bucket challenge.


The wind whistles over the microphone for a second at the beginning of the video until the person holding the phone manages to block it. Karen is standing in front of Codie’s plane dressed in a red T-shirt and running shorts. Codie is standing next to her in a button-down shirt and jeans. The wind catches their hair, and Codie brushes it back when it gets caught in the frames of her aviator sunglasses. Karen looks at the person holding the phone and gets the thumbs up.

“Okay, hey, everybody! I’m Karen Everett, and I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Regan Duffy. I decided I would do it on National Aviation Day to help support Codie’s charity, Flygirls. As a thank-you, Codie is going to dump ice cold water on my head.”

Codie smiles and salutes the camera. Karen chuckles and rubs her hands together, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as Codie kneels down and pours a bag of ice into the red bucket at Karen’s feet.

“Okay. Oh, boy. Uh, I nominate Codie Renton, Lana Kent, and Nessa Grace to take the challenge next. You have twenty-four hours. And please, if you’re donating, consider a second donation to Flygirls, which helps get girls inspired to fly. Okay. Wait until I’m ready.”

Codie lifts the bucket and Karen retreats a step.


Codie dumps the water over Karen’s head, prompting a shriek. Karen’s hair is plastered to her head, and she holds her arms out to either side as she laughs from the shock of the cold.

“You… you are going to PAY for that, Codie!”

Codie flees, and the video ends with Karen giving chase off-camera.

(end of video)



Codie has removed her sunglasses and smiles into the camera. Next to her, looking like a drowned rat, is Karen Everett.

“Hi, I’m Codie Renton, and you’re watching revenge playing out right before your very eyes. Uh, this is the ice bucket challenge? You all know that. Benefiting ALS, and also to support my Flygirls charity to get girls interested in flying for National Aviation Day.”

Behind Codie, Karen’s wife Laura sneaks into frame carrying a bucket.

“So my nominations are… Lana Kent. Karen already got her, but I wanted to be sure she couldn’t weasel out of it. Um. Ella Cowan, and Laura–”

As soon as Codie says Laura’s name, Laura lifts the bucket and dumps the ice water over her head. Codie shrieks, drops into a crouch, and covers her head before she spins around and grabs for Laura. Karen claps and jumps up and down, then screams after her wife.

“Run, baby, run!”

(end of video)



Lana stands on a small patio, the balcony overrun with potted plants and flowers. A tall red bucket is sitting on the table by Lana’s right hand. Some patio furniture had been moved out of the way, and Lana is dressed in a v-neck shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Her hair is pulled back and she smiles into the camera until someone softly says, “go…”

“Hi. Lana Kent here, and it’s raining, and it’s cold, but Karen and Codie nominated me for this so… uh… yeah. Ice bucket challenge, in honor of ALS, which is a very worthy cause, and I’m willing to suffer. It’s for charity. It’s for charity.”

She takes a few steadying breaths, grabs the bucket with both hands, and cringes as she lifts it up and over her head. The water cascades out and splatters over her head and shoulders. She shrieks and backpedals, shivering violently as she shakes the droplets from her head like a wet dog, then joins the camerawoman in laughing.

“Okay. Okay. Wow. That is cold. That is… really, really cold. Uh, Catherine Diehl, I’m calling you out.”

“Bollocks,” comes from behind the camera.

“As well as, um, Nessa Grace and Sarah Wiley. Brace yourselves, all of you. I’m serious. This is cold. Cat, where’s my towel…?”

(end of video)



Nessa sits in a chair, in front of her husband who is holding a bucket on his shoulder. She’s wearing a baggy T-shirt over a pair of shorts, and she smiles nervously as she looks up to make sure he’s not dumping it early.

“I’m Nessa Grace, and the other girls nominated me, so… I guess there’s no way to weasel out of this. I nominate…”

She cringes, twisting to look back at her husband, then laughs at herself.

“Sorry! I’m so nervous! Don’t do it until I’m ready. Okay. Phew. I have to nominate three people. And um, I know Sarah Wiley hasn’t done it yet. Derrick Lao. And Ella Cowan, who might try to get away with just posting her twin sister’s video, but we’re too clever for that. Okay. Take a deep breath and… okay, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”


But he has already tilted the bucket. Nessa shrieks as she gets doused, stamping her feet on the grass and knocking ice cubes off her lap as her husband climbs down off his stepladder. Nessa pushes her hair out of her face, splutters, and leans closer to the camera. “Donate to ALS, or we’ll find you and dump cold water on YOUR head. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Trust me!”

She giggles and reaches to shut off the camera.

(end of video)

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