Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

New short stories posted!

It’s been a while since Geonn had new stories to share, but now we have six brand new short stories for you all to enjoy. There are two more interludes in the life of On The Air‘s Nadine Butler, a brand new series, Underdogs, about a private detective with a unique talent, and a brief encounter in a bar.

Celebrity – A member of the Squire’s Isle public has a crush on Nadine. (Nadine/Miranda, but focusing on a different, new character)

Out with the Bathwater – Nadine spends a quiet evening at home. (Nadine/Miranda)

Greek Mythology – A woman unlucky in love finds herself intrigued by an enigmatic bartender. (non-Squire’s Isle)

Underdogs series: (non-Squire’s Isle)

Strays – Private investigator Ariadne Willow uses her unique ability to follow a woman’s daughter.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Ari is hired to prove a man’s infidelity, but the truth is far stranger than she would have guessed.

Dog With Two Bones – Ari tries to split business with pleasure while trying to decide if she should tell her new girlfriend about her “other half.”

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