Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Life on Mars || Kate, Amy, and Nicole Warren



The Warrens take Amy to Seattle to celebrate her birthday (March 12). Amy deals with getting older, while Nicole has ulterior motives.

The Killers were playing – The Killers was playing? It was a band, but their name was plural – in the back of the bar, while someone was doing an admirable job of karaoke-ing – wait was that even a word? – Sia in the main room. Amy Warren tried not to think too hard about the grammar of her internal monologue. She only had to worry about the things she said out loud, and even then only if Kate was there to correct her. She hated when Kate corrected her speech. She focused instead on weaving through the crowd of people waiting to go to the bathroom.

How could there be so many people in one building? There were thousands of buildings in Seattle, and she assumed a few people stayed home. She missed her comfort zone of Squire’s Isle with its solid borders and familiar streets. She didn’t know when she became so small-town. She’d lived in the city before. She’d been practically homeless and sold drugs to get by. Ask anyone in the bar and she doubted many of them would have a story as rough as hers. She was a badass. She went to the school of hard knocks, did her time in prison. These young punks should be nervous about seeming cool to her.

That was it, of course. Amy was older than everyone in the bar except for the bouncer and maybe the woman serving drinks. Not by decades – well, in most cases it wasn’t decades – but enough to be noticeable. It was her birthday. She was thirty-six and spent her days surrounded by the high school kids she hired to work at Coffee Table Books. She was a grown-up and she’d felt like a grown-up since her mid-twenties. Kids hadn’t been to jail. Kids didn’t own their own business. Her years of hanging out in places like Sea/TT/Les with a watered-down drink and hoping someone would show interest in her were long past. She was happily partnered with two beautiful woman who were equally well-aged. She owned her home, she had a successful business, and she was blissfully happy with all the above.

But Nicole liked to socialize. She liked going out to drink and see the “young gays at play.” Amy admitted it was nice to get off the island every now and again, to see what life was like in a city where more happened in an hour on one block than on all of Squire’s Isle in a day. Plus her birthday gave them an excuse to go all-out. Get dressed up, splurge on a hotel room, have truly expensive meals at overrated restaurants, the works.

In her bedroom she’d thought she looked chic in a purple blouse with a too-tight black skirt. Now she felt like some teenager’s mother who was there to drag her home for breaking curfew.

Nicole and Kate were at the far end of the bar where she’d left them. They were turned to face each other, Nicole’s hand on Kate’s thigh as they watched the karaoke performance. Amy stopped at the opposite end of the bar to refresh her drink and so she could watch them from afar. She didn’t know what the more amazing fact was: that she’d found two beautiful, sexy, fun women to share her life with or that they were both crazy about her as well. Everyone said life was unfair, but it seemed like it was being unfair in her favor the past few years. She was so lucky. She was so extraordinarily, stupidly, unfairly–

“Don’t bother.”

Amy looked at the woman next to her, a college girl who was also staring at Nicole and Kate with a kind of grumpy jealousy. She was using a straw to chase the ice in her drink.

“Excuse me?” Amy said.

The girl gestured with her chin. “Whichever one of those two you’re drooling over. I was eyeing the one in red–” (Kate, which surprised Amy… it was generally agreed among their household that Nicole was the most beautiful of them) “–but she’s with the other one. Really committed, too. I floated the possibility of a threesome and they just laughed.”

Amy did her best not to laugh as well. “Oh.” She moved her right hand to cover the left. Even if the girl saw the silver-and-gold rings around Amy’s two middle fingers, there was no reason she would assume they were symbols of a commitment.

“Like, why even come to a singles bar if you’re just going to bring your girlfriend?”

“Well… maybe they’re open to a threesome and you’re just not their type.”

The girl twisted her head to stare fully at Amy, appraising her and finding her wanting. “Oh, and you are? No offense, ma’am, but if they were shopping, they totally would have bought what I had for sale, okay?”

I was going to be nice, Amy thought, but so much for that plan. “I can get one of them to leave with me.”

“How, by pulling the fire alarm?”

Amy pushed away from the bar and walked down to where her partners were waiting. She moved quickly so they wouldn’t see her coming and ruin the game by greeting her.

“Excuse me. Ladies…?”

Nicole turned to face her. Kate looked confused by didn’t say anything as Amy smiled nervously.

“Hi. My name’s Amy. The young lady over there already told me not to waste my time, but I think the bigger regret would be missing my shot and always wandering what if. You’re both so beautiful. And I know you’re together but that’s not exactly a dealbreaker for me, if it’s not for you.”

Kate laughed. “What in the world are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about taking you back to my hotel room and doing all kinds of unspeakable things to you. And your girlfriend. Or letting the two of you do whatever you want to me.”

Nicole leaned back against the bar and gave Amy a once-over. “Hm. What do you think, Kate? I mean, she’s pretty hot.”

“She’s really hot.” Kate pushed her hair out of the way and stroked the back of her neck, stretching so that her T-shirt pulled against her breasts. “I don’t want to sound too eager and make you jealous, but… yeah. I’m totally game.”

“I need a little more convincing.” Nicole rose off her stool, put her hand on the back of Amy’s head, and pulled her forward into a bone-melting kiss. If Amy had never experienced one of Nicole’s nuclear kisses before, she would have been putty on the floor. As it was, she still had to grab hold of Nicole’s hips to keep from swaying. Her fingers curled in the loops of Nicole’s pants and she whimpered into her mouth.

Nicole pulled away and twisted at the waist. She pulled Kate in and said, “Babe, you’ve gotta kiss this woman.”

“Gladly,” Kate said as their lips met. Amy moaned again, clinging to Nicole as she allowed Kate’s tongue to press against hers.

When the kiss ended, Amy was dazed. Kate turned and pecked Nicole’s lips. “I want to take her home, baby. I really want to take her home.”

“Good. Me too.”

Nicole turned and pulled the wallet from her back pocket. As she settled their tab, Amy glanced toward the college girl. The straw was dangling from the side of her mouth, her fingers limp around her glass as she tried to comprehend what she’d just witnessed. Amy’s cheeks were burning but she managed to smile and shrug. The straw dropped from the girl’s mouth and bounced off the bar to the floor.

Kate was still writhing against Amy. “What’s your name, beautiful?”


“Ooh, I like it. Just one syllable. Easy to scream.”

It was all Amy could do not to laugh out loud; she’d never heard that one. Nicole finished paying and turned back to them.

“Shall we go? You said you had a hotel room, right?”

Amy nodded. “Yeah. Uh-huh.”

“Great.” She slipped her hand down to Amy’s ass and squeezed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but…” She looked at Kate. “It’s okay, right?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Kate took Amy’s hand to lead her out of the bar. Nicole followed close behind, her hand still cupping Amy’s ass until they were out the door. Amy managed to keep a straight face until they were outside. She fell against Kate’s back and put an arm around her waist, dancing her along the sidewalk with Nicole’s hands on her shoulders.

“You two were incredible. I almost felt like I was really trying to pick up a pair of strangers.”

Kate turned around in Amy’s arms. “I guess that chick really pissed you off, huh?”

Amy twisted her face into a grimace. “She called me ma’am.”

“The bitch!” Nicole said. “And on your birthday!”

“I was more annoyed that she implied I wouldn’t have a chance with either of you. Although I guess I can sort of understand that. I still don’t know what either of you see in me.”

Nicole kissed Amy’s neck. “The mind-blowing sex, mainly.”

“Mm-hmm,” Kate agreed. “It was enough to keep us around to notice the smaller things that make you oh, so irresistible.”

“The only downside is we have to leave the bar.” Nicole stepped to walk beside Amy. She linked their fingers and reached out to hook her other arm around Kate’s. “I was kind of enjoying that guy’s version of ‘Chandelier’.”

Amy bumped against Nicole’s shoulder. “Sorry.”

“No, hey. No bar is worth more than your honor. We’ll find somewhere else to party.”

Kate said, “Wait, we’re not really going to the hotel to bang each other’s brains out? I know we were just playing around, but… I mean… if you were teasing…”

Nicole laughed. “We’ll get to the hotel eventually. But right now we’re in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Part of its allure is that it doesn’t get the same press as New York or Chicago. It’s quiet and reserved but just as special, and we’re here! Right now! The three of us in the big city. And you want to spend the time in a dark room rolling around under the covers.”

“You show me one museum that would be equally as fun as rolling around with me and Amy under the covers.”

“You… have a point. But let’s at least go see the Space Needle. We won’t be here tomorrow night and I want to see it all lit up.”

Kate sighed wearily.

Amy reached around Nicole and patted Kate’s ass. “It’s okay, honey. Waiting will make it so much sweeter.”

Kate put her head down on Nicole’s shoulder and let herself be dragged along toward the Space Needle. Amy laughed and put her head on Nicole’s other shoulder. She didn’t care if all they saw was the inside of the hotel room; as long as they were together it would go down as a spectacular weekend.




“–passed three movie theaters on our way back here,” Nicole was saying as they filed back into their hotel room. “Any movie you want, it’s bound to be playing nearby.”

Kate flipped the switch for the lights across the room, leaving the bed area dark. She sat on the edge of the bed. “Sure, it’s convenient. But then you have to pay fifteen or twenty bucks for the movie, if you get popcorn and a drink, that’s another ten bucks. Then you have to sit through thirty minutes of previews, someone is bound to be talking on their cell phone or hacking up a lung. I’m patient enough to wait for it on DVD.”

Amy knelt in front of Kate and began undoing the laces of her boots. “And by then, the internet will have let you know if it’s worth the trouble to watch.”

Nicole dropped onto the bed next to Kate and threw herself flat on the mattress in defeat. “Fine! Fine. Be provincial island ladies content in you quaint little segment of the world.”

Kate fell back and turned her head to look at Nicole. “You can be the worldly woman in the relationship. You can wow us plebes with stories of living in New York and Cairo and Istanbul.”

“I never lived in New York,” Nicole countered, leaning closer to kiss Kate. “Chicago.”

“Same difference,” Kate said against Nicole’s mouth.

Amy took off Kate’s boots and peeled off her socks. She’d complained about her feet hurting while they were on the way back to the hotel, so Amy massaged the arch. Kate brought her other foot up into Amy’s lap as she rolled onto her side. Amy watched as the two women on the bed kissed and explored each other. Kate’s hands went for the hem of Nicole’s shirt and began to peel it up, entrapping her hands underneath the tight cotton. Nicole hooked one leg over Kate’s hip and moved closer. Her skirt rode up slightly to reveal her thigh.

“You two know it’s my birthday, right?” Amy asked as she moved her hands up to the back of Kate’s ankle.

“That’s why we’re letting you watch,” Kate said without sacrificing the kiss.

“I do love to watch,” Amy said. “Maybe I can also unwrap my presents.”

She stood up and put one knee on the bed, leaning over her partners. Nicole’s shirt was the easiest to remove, and she lifted both arms to help with the process. Kate immediately put her head against Nicole’s chest and nuzzled her cleavage, flicking her tongue against the lace of Nicole’s bra. Nicole weaved her hands though Kate’s thick, dark hair and watched as Amy moved to unbutton Kate’s blouse. She took her time with it and tried to ignore what they were doing to each other as she removed each article of clothing. She pushed Kate’s slacks down and smoothed her hand over the gentle curve of her hip. Kate had a small ass, just enough to get a grip. She’d lost some weight recently and the difference was mostly noticeable below the waist. She still wore the same clothes as before so she and Nicole were the only ones who could truly appreciate the change.

She moved off the bed and unzipped Nicole’s dress. Nicole helped her by rolling over and lying on top of Kate. Kate responded by wrapping her legs around Nicole and hooking her feet together at the ankles. Amy ran her hands over the plain of Nicole’s back, popped the catch on her bra and raked her fingers down the right side of her spine. Nicole moaned into a kiss and shivered at the scratch. She took off Nicole’s underwear as well so she could be the first of them completely naked.

Kate’s hands roamed Nicole’s upper body, so Amy focused on her legs. She squeezed Nicole’s thigh, then moved higher to cup her mound. Nicole moaned again, writhing now, and Amy bent down to kiss her back as she began to massage with two fingers. She watched as Kate cupped Nicole’s breasts and squeezed. Amy sank down and pushed Nicole lower onto Kate, sandwiching her between them. Nicole twisted her head and began kissing Kate’s neck. Kate lifted her chin and Amy stretched to meet her lips.

The mechanics of having three women in a bed were complex, but they’d long ago figured out a rhythm that worked. No one was ignored, no one received special focus, and no one ended up sitting off to the side touching herself unless that was what she wanted. At the moment Amy wanted to be right in the middle of the action, her hand caught between Nicole’s thighs while Kate’s foot kicked gently at her hip. They were a jumble of limbs with three torsos tied together in the middle, hands tracing ribcages and muscles and flat stomachs.

They could communicate to each other through gasps and moans, whimpering into one partner’s mouth to plead with the other. Kate licked Amy’s lips and grunted as Nicole put a hand between them. Amy turned away from Kate and buried her face in Nicole’s hair. She pushed around until she found Nicole’s ear and whispered, “With me.”

Nicole nodded.

“Two fingers,” Amy said. “Now… now… now…”

They moved their fingers together, stroking every time Amy said ‘now.’ Kate and Nicole both began breathing harder at the same time, turning to each other so they could kiss. Amy kissed a line from Nicole’s neck to her shoulder. She was sweating now; the twin lights over the desk were making her glow. The perfume she’d put on before going out had faded enough for Amy to smell her and she wondered why anyone bothered masking their natural scent.

Kate came first, whimpering through and after her orgasm. She gently pushed Nicole away from her, and Nicole rolled over onto her back. Amy repositioned herself, sinking off the edge of the bed and pulling Nicole to her. Kate spooned Nicole’s side and stroked her belly while Nicole lifted both hands to grip the headboard. Amy watched them as she began to tease with her tongue, alternating between lateral and circular attacks.

Nicole twisted her upper body and kissed Kate, whose face and upper chest were flush from her orgasm. The arm she was resting on, pinned to the bed, was twisted so she could reach between her own legs as she watched Nicole’s reaction to Amy’s work. All three of them were breathing heavily. Amy lifted her head.

“Talk to her, Katherine.”

Kate obediently buried her face in Nicole’s hair and began to talk in a low, sultry murmur. Nicole’s moaning intensified.

“Yes,” Nicole said in response to something unheard. “Uh-huh… yes…”

“Say it,” Kate said.

“Amy,” Nicole said. “Amy, yes, please. Don’t stop.”

Kate moved her hand down between Nicole’s legs. “Good girl,” Kate said. “Good, good girl…”

Amy lifted her head and sucked two of Kate’s fingers into her mouth. She made them wet and then guided them to Nicole’s sex. She bit her bottom lip as she watched Kate slip inside, parting the folds and extending one finger as she kept the other curled. Amy extended her tongue to take care of Nicole’s clit, making her rock from one side to the other under the dual assault.

“Isn’t fair,” Nicole cried. “Your birthday…”

“And thank you for the lovely gift,” Amy said, kissing Kate’s wrist before going back to her mission. Kate rearranged herself with her head on Nicole’s stomach and Amy paused to kiss her. Kate eagerly sucked on Amy’s bottom lip and tongue to savor the taste Nicole had left on them.

Nicole said, “Amy, mouth. Please.”

Kate said, “You’re forgetting full sentences, babe.”

“Ka-ate,” Nicole moaned, letting go of the headboard with one hand so she could cover her eyes. “Don’t.”

Kate grinned evilly and kissed Nicole’s stomach. Amy put her mouth back to work as Kate continued her massage.

“I need you to come for us, Nick,” Kate said. “I know you’re close, beautiful, I just need you to come. It’s okay.”

Nicole lifted up off the bed, still holding onto the headboard as if she was afraid of being swept away by a current. Her whole body went limp when she relaxed, her legs falling apart to free Amy and her hands lying limp and lifeless to either side of her. Amy slid up Nicole’s body while Kate put her head on Nicole’s chest. She kissed the nipple and brought her hand up to tease the other, circling the areola as she took the other into her mouth. Nicole twitched and spasmed in response to the attack, then turned her head to kiss Amy.

“You didn’t come,” Nicole noted.

“Not yet. But once you ladies get your strength back…”

Nicole smiled, her eyelids heavy. “That’s a promise, sweetheart.”

Kate reached across Nicole’s stomach to stroke Amy’s hip. Amy wrapped her arms around them both and put her head on the pillow next to Nicole’s. Having sex with two partners was a dance, a complex tightwire act to make sure everyone was satisfied and no one got let out, and Amy fell asleep certain that she and her partners had the steps down pat. She knew that at some point during the night she would wake up with one of them touching her. A mouth on her neck and a hand on her thigh. They never left each other waiting long for satisfaction. Sometimes the waiting was the best part.

She smiled as she drifted off, making bets with herself which one of her partners would get to her first.




Nicole woke a few hours later, lying still and watching the two women curled up beside her. They each had their own bedroom at home, their own personal bed, and it was rare for them to actually spend an entire night together. In addition to privacy, it added something special to the nights they did share a bed. She listened to their breathing for a while before she eased away from them. It took some doing to get her arm out from under the pillow without disturbing Amy, but she thought she managed it well. She sat on the edge of the bed and searched their discarded clothes for her phone.

“Nicky?” Amy murmured.

“Bathroom.” She twisted at the waist and brushed the hair away to kiss Amy’s forehead. “Go back to sleep, birthday girl.”

Amy smiled and moved closer to Kate. Nicole went naked into the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind her. She perched on the toilet, holding her phone with both hands, and opened her email. The text was blurry at first but, as her brain woke up from sleep, it sharpened into focus. She scrolled down to the email she hadn’t told either of her partners about and opened it. She chewed her lip as she read the offer again.

Conrad, a soldier she’d met while working as a war photographer, was starting a news website in San Francisco. He needed a Content Coordinator, someone who could wrangle whatever freelancers they hired to take pictures for the site and make sure it looked good once they went live. “And you’d still get out in the field if you wanted,” he’d added parenthetically. “I know better than to try taking the camera from Nick Bronwyn’s hand.”

Because when he’d known her, she was Nick. Now she was Nicole Warren, she was the manager of a photography store on an island she once swore she’d never return to. She was living in polyamorous bliss with two amazing women. Settled and roots planted. But the job in California was what she’d always dreamed of doing. It was the career she’d hoped for when she finally got back stateside. It was sixty grand a year.

But it would mean leaving Squire’s Isle. It would mean uprooting Kate and Amy from the lives they’d built. And there was absolutely no way she would consider going alone. She lost Amy once by walking away and she wasn’t going to risk losing her again no matter how good the offer was. She’d spent the night testing the waters to see how they’d respond to the idea, gauging their interest in moving to a “real” city. But it was clear they both hated it.

“I love visiting the city,” Kate had said before they got to Sea/TT/Les. There was no emphasis on ‘visiting,’ but the implication was there. She wasn’t honestly entertaining the idea of permanently moving there. If they balked at Seattle, which at least had a similar climate to Squire’s Isle, they would never agree to San Francisco.

She’d waited to respond to the email until she was absolutely sure about her answer. The truth was, her lifelong dream hadn’t been realistic for a long time. While she was waiting for it to happen, she accidentally stumbled into something even better. Her life was her dream. And she would never make sixty grand a year, but she didn’t really need that much on Squire’s Isle anyway. So the only real reason to say yes or even entertain the offer would be if she wanted to admit she was unsatisfied with her life.

Out in the bedroom, she heard Amy made a quiet sound of pleasure. It was immediately followed by a hushed admonition from Kate, then the sound of weight shifting on the mattress. Amy cried out again, a little louder this time, and Nicole smiled and looked at the phone again. She opened a response.

“Conman! Thank you so much for thinking of me. This sounds like an absolutely amazing job, and one I would have begged for–”

Amy said Kate’s name.

“–back when we knew each other. But a lot of things have changed, and sadly I have to decline. It’s not you or the job or the salary. All of that sounds absolutely amazing. But saying yes would mean losing the life I have now–”

Amy said Nicole’s name, followed by, “Don’t let me have all the fun, baby. Get in here.”

Nicole bit her bottom lip. “–and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.”

She wrapped up the email with the standard ‘let’s get together, talk, etc’ and turned off her phone. She flushed the toilet and left the bathroom to find Kate lying on top of Amy in the bed, her feet pressed against the headboard with her head lost between Amy’s thighs. Nicole took a moment to appreciate the sight before she approached the bed.

“Okay, birthday girl,” Nicole said as she admired the smooth line of Kate’s naked back. “Where do you want me?”

Amy reached out blindly with one hand. Nicole smiled, caught Amy’s hand, and let herself be pulled down into the mix.

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