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Latest News from Geonn

Hey, folks! Several news items to deal with.

  • I’ve been inducted into the Academy of Bards Hall of Fame! Since that was where I launched my career as a published author, I’m incredibly honored to have been included there. Thanks to everyone who voted!
  • My seventh novel (the fifth with PD Publishing) is now available for purchase at Amazon.com! The Following Sea is the story of Sara Tamirova and her rocky relationship with Vanessa Kavik. The story spans years, and carries the two from a small town in Alaska to a certain familiar tourist island in Washington state. Check it out!
  • Also, both seasons of Riley Parra are available on Amazon.com as both kindle ebooks AND paperbacks!
  • Season Three of Riley Parra is going to start on September 9. You can buy subscriptions the same way you did with Season Two.
  •  Tilting at Windmills won a Rainbow Award! It was also a finalist for the GCLS Award, which is such a huge honor.



3 Responses to “Latest News from Geonn”

  • Love your books and I’m so thrilled that Riley is now available for the kindle … can you tell me, though, why the cover picture doesn’t “work” on the kindle? I purchased both seasons and neither of them shows the cover art.


  • If you mean the full season versions you can buy on Amazon, Geonn doesn’t have any control over that – it’s the publisher who creates the Kindle versions.

    The individual downloads of Riley Parra season two sold through this site were supplied in .mobi format for the kindle (as well as other formats) and as far as I’m aware the cover art did display on the most recent version of Kindle. Season three – premiering on this site tomorrow – will also include .mobi format for Kindle.

Morgan (Webmistress) on September 8th, 2011 at 11:04 am
  • Oh, thanks. Yes, I was referring to the full versions I purchased via Amazon. Neither of the cover-art pictures appear on the Kindle ( just a kind of x’d out small photo block ). Thanks for the clarification.