Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Fashionably Late

Summary: The married couples of Squire’s Isle – the Crawfords, the Powells,

and the Hood-Colbys – prepare for the mayor’s Halloween party.

“It’s not in the spirit of the night.”

“I’d fit right in.”

“That’s not the point.” Alex’s voice echoed off the fixtures in the bathroom, coming through the crack she’d left in the door when she took her costume in to get ready. “You going to the mayor’s party as a nurse doesn’t count because you’re a doctor.”

“Right. I’m a doctor, not a nurse.” Rachel was adjusting her cat-ear headband in the mirror. She was already wearing a black blouse and black jeans, and all that remained was putting on her whiskers and a cat’s muzzle with makeup. “It counts as being something I’m not.”

Alex said, “But you’ll be wearing the same scrubs. It’s like if I wore my fire department T-shirt and said I was an EMT. It doesn’t count.”

“Okay. Fine. Hey! What if I go as a firefighter and you go as a doctor? That’s a cute couple costume, right?”

Alex laughed. “Don’t drag me down with you. I actually found a costume.”

“Yeah, and when exactly are you going to show me? You’ve been in there for ages. I need to put on my cat face.”

“I’m almost finished.”

Rachel put her fists on her hips and looked down at her sneakers. She was wondering if she had a pair of black ones that would fit the ensemble better when the bathroom door finally swung open.

“Finally. I’ve… oh, whoa-whoa.”

Alex smiled and held her arms out to either side. “Well?”

“Oh, whoa-whoa,” Rachel said again.

Her wife wore jeans so tight they looked painted-on tucked into a pair of genuine cowboy boots. Her shirt was only buttoned at the bottom to show off her tank top. Her eyes were shaded by a cowboy hat pushed low, her dark hair feathered over her ears and collar as she reached up and nudged the brim with her knuckle. She canted her hip to one side and inclined her head in a nod.

“Well, ma’am?”

Rachel took off her cat ears and tossed them in the general direction of the bed. “What time does the party start?”

Alex said, “Uh, seven.”

Rachel ran her fingers over the open lapels of Alex’s shirt. “What time is it now?”


“Shut up, I don’t really care.”

She tightened her grip on her shirt and pulled Alex forward. Their lips met hard, Alex’s twisting into a smile as Rachel’s hands moved into her shirt. Alex took a step back and pressed herself against the wall, then put her hands in Rachel’s hair as the kiss became more passionate. Their tongues touched and Alex pulled back, pecking the corners of Rachel’s mouth before pushing her just far enough away that she could speak.

“So I reckon we’re gonna be late to the party, ma’am.”

“Damn straight, pilgrim.”

Alex grinned and kissed her wife again.


While prepping for the mayor’s Halloween party, Miranda had scoured the internet for costume ideas they could duplicate using items from one of the boutiques in town. There was no point ordering something over the internet just to have it arrive in the wrong size. She found a few ideas for herself before she started seeking out something for Nadine. She showed her a few elf ideas, all of which were received with what Miranda could only describe as profound indifference. When she finally asked what was wrong, Nadine had shrugged.

“They’re all cute. Which is fine! I’m big on cute. But I was thinking maybe being something a little scarier this year.”

“I’m all for scary,” Miranda said.

She didn’t know what Nadine had settled on, but she was currently in the bedroom getting ready. Miranda was in the living room putting the final touches on her costume while she waited. She decided on sexy librarian, which meant they already owned a lot of the pieces for her ensemble. She wore a pair of Nadine’s old glasses, put her hair up in a bun, and went to a thrift shop to find a skirt that was appropriately short and tight, but also appropriate for her to wear at a gathering that would include friends and Nadine’s parents. She reached up and touched her bun – she anticipated taking it down later so Nadine could gasp, “Why, Mrs. Powell! You’re beautiful!” – when she heard the bedroom door open.


“Turn out the light.”

Miranda frowned and looked toward the bedroom. Nadine was lingering in the hall. “What’s wrong? Did something not work out right with the costume?”

“Just turn out the light.”

Miranda went to the wall and flipped the switch. “Should I get the kitchen light, too?”

“No. That’s perfect.” Nadine strolled forward and the ambient glow caught her features. Miranda’s eyes widened and she found herself instinctively taking a breath at the sight of her wife’s costume.

Nadine’s hair was slicked back, her face subtly painted white by makeup. Her eyeliner was thicker than usual and made her eyes seem much larger, more dominate in her face, and she’d used bright red lipstick to draw attention to her mouth. She wore a red dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar, an untied bowtie hanging loose around the collar. When she came forward into the room she swayed her hips, lifting her chin and parting her lips just enough to show her teeth as she approached Miranda.

“Well? What do you think, Mrs. Powell?” she asked in a smoky voice that was nothing like her normal speaking voice nor the one she used on the radio. This timbre was closer to how she sounded when she whispered in Miranda’s ear during sex, and like Pavlov’s dog the sound sent shivers to all the right places.

“Vampire,” Miranda whispered. “Like the ones in those books…”

Nadine smiled and lowered her eyebrows. Miranda rested one hand against the wall.

“There are no books about me, sweetness,” Nadine said. “Well… maybe one. I did enjoy Carmilla.” She grinned to reveal that she had false vampire fangs. “I was thinking about getting something to drink before we went to the party…”

“Hm.” Miranda swallowed, unable to say anything more coherent.

Nadine tilted her head to the side and offered an exaggerated pout. “Is that all you have to say?”

“I, uh… I think cute is very, very overrated.”

Nadine grinned and pounced. Miranda shrieked and held up her fingers to form a cross, but it was much too late. She was pushed against the wall and Nadine gently blew her hair to gain access to her neck. Miranda whimpered helplessly and hooked one leg on Nadine’s hip as Nadine fastened her lips to her wife’s neck and began to nibble.


“It’s not weird?”

Patricia laughed, then saw Jill actually seemed concerned. “Honey. No. It’s not weird… everyone has this fantasy. Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean anything.”

“But I’m a real teacher with actual students.”

Patricia held her hands out and looked at her costume. Red and black plaid skirt, knee-high white socks, Mary Janes, and a white blouse. She was wearing thick-framed eyeglasses (non-prescription) and her hair was in pigtails. The mayor of their town was dressed like a schoolgirl, and Jill was having issues with how horny the sight made her. She was already wearing her Cleopatra costume – bob wig that was cut straight across her brow, a blue-and-gold mantle on her shoulders, and a white toga that was both modest and also revealed the curves she’d acquired after giving birth. The final piece was the kohl eyeliner that had changed the shape of her eyes so drastically she almost hadn’t recognized her reflection in the mirror.

Patricia plucked the hem of her skirt and lowered her chin, swaying her hips from side to side. “Do any of your students wear uniforms?”

“Well, no…”

“Do any of them dress remotely like this?”


“Do you want to sleep with any of them?”

Jill glared at her.

Patricia laughed. “Honey, the question is so ridiculous I don’t mind asking it. I know the answer.” She stepped forward and sat next to her wife on the bed. “This isn’t some pedophilia kink. You don’t want me to be a little girl. That’s not what this fantasy is about. This fantasy is about being in charge, being in a position of authority. It’s about me being cute and adorable and calling you ‘ma’am’ and ‘Miss Colby.’”

Jill took a deep breath and put her hand on Patricia’s thigh. She squeezed and Patricia moved her legs slightly apart.

“I do like the idea of you calling me ‘ma’am.’”


They kissed, and Patricia reached down to guide Jill’s hand under her skirt. Jill moaned and curled her fingers against the soft skin of Patricia’s thigh.

“We can’t be late to our own party,” Jill said as she pressed her knuckle against Patricia’s underwear. “City Hall went to all the trouble of throwing it… your mother took Isabel so we could have the night to ourselves… it would be irresponsible to show up late.”

“It wouldn’t be irresponsible.” Patricia kissed Jill’s cheek. “It would be quite naughty of me to make you late, wouldn’t it, ma’am?”

Jill chuckled and shook her head. “You’re awful.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Jill rested her forehead against Patricia’s. “You don’t mind if we’re a little late?”

Patricia stroked the inside of Jill’s wrist with two fingers. “Depends on what you have in mind.”

“Well…” Jill pulled her hand away and leaned back.


“Across my lap, Miss Hood. This instant.”

Patricia’s eyes widened. “Ooh. We haven’t done this in a while.”

Jill grinned and Patricia stretched herself across her wife’s lap. Jill flipped up the skirt, pushed down the panties, and wiggled her fingers before she grazed Patricia’s buttocks with a quick slap.

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, Miss Hood.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Patricia said.

Jill squeezed Patricia’s ass, then pulled her hand back to bring it down hard against the right cheek.


As it turned out, Alex’s jeans came down without much effort. They were now around her knees, which were bent and spread as much as she could manage from her awkward position against the wall. She didn’t mind the uncomfortable position as long as Rachel didn’t stop what she was doing between her legs. She thrust her hips to give Rachel’s tongue a better angle, then looked down and smiled when she saw Rachel staring up at her.

“Should I say yee-haw?”

Rachel lifted her head and smiled. “If the spirit moves you.”

Alex grunted and pushed Rachel back down, closing her eyes as Rachel’s tongue found her again. “God, you’re good at that…”

A few months earlier on a rare occasion when their off-nights coincided, they had watched a particularly awful western-scifi mashup that had rugged cowboys fighting interstellar aliens. After half an hour Alex wanted to turn it off, but Rachel convinced her to stick through it to the end. Alex elected to watch Rachel after that, noticing how she seemed to be particularly interested whenever the heroine was onscreen.

“Ah. You just like cowgirls.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Rachel said with a grin.

After that she knew the costume would be a hit. She hadn’t expected instant and aggressive sex to result from a simple reveal. She pushed Rachel’s bangs out of her face so they could see each other, and she winked rolling her hips forward.

“C’mon,” she said. “Giddy-up.”

Rachel pressed her face against Alex, her tongue extended and curling as it pushed inside her. Alex grunted and curled her fingers in Rachel’s hair.

“Yee-haw,” she moaned.


Making out had been interrupted so Miranda could run back into the bedroom to retrieve her strap-on. They only used it rarely, and she found something incredibly arousing about wearing it when the rest of her outfit was so appealing that she was glad Nadine agreed. While she was donning the toy, Nadine had moved one of the chairs from the dinner table and put it in the shadowy part of the living room. Miranda returned and kissed her, then guided her over to the chair. She sat down and pulled up her skirt to expose the toy, and Nadine knelt between her legs to take it into her mouth.

“You took out your fangs…”

Nadine popped her lips over the tip. “They were getting in the way.”

“How will you suck my blood?”

“It’s not your blood I’m after,” she said, slipping a finger under the harness. Miranda gripped the seat of the chair and grinned as Nadine stood up and shimmied out of her pants.

“Keep the shirt and jacket on.”

“As you vish,” Nadine said in a terrible Slavic accent. She kicked her shoes out of the way, flipped her pants onto the couch, then straddled Miranda’s lap. Miranda reached between them and they had a quickly whispered exchange to get the toy into position. Nadine’s toes were pointed on the carpet, her hands on the back of Miranda’s head, and they locked eyes as she sank down onto the toy with a sigh. She squeezed Miranda’s hips with her thighs and smiled down at her.

Miranda said, “Hi.”


They kissed and Nadine pushed herself up, sinking back down and allowing the toy to fill her. She smiled and chuckled, flipping a strand of hair out of her eye.

“I don’t know if my thighs can handle this…”

“Here.” Miranda cupped Nadine’s ass and pulled her close. “Kick…”


“Like you’re pedaling your bike with one leg…”

Nadine lifted one foot and pushed against the air. When she pulled it back she rose, and she fell on the forward extension. “Oh…” She tried it again, then began moving her leg in faster orbits. “Oh, yeah… yeah.” She closed her eyes and let Miranda guide her. Miranda leaned forward and kissed the front of Nadine’s blood-red blouse, sliding her lips across the material before moving up to her neck.

“Oh, Miss Librarian,” Nadine murmured. “I have so many late fees…”

“I thought this was a vampire role play.”

“Carmilla likes to read.”

“Ohh,” Miranda said.

Their faces lined up, Nadine’s lips parted as she lifted and fell in Miranda’s lap. Miranda brushed her lips against Nadine’s.

“God, I love you,” Miranda whispered.

“Mm,” Nadine kissed her and then whispered a reciprocal against Miranda’s mouth. “I don’t want to go to the mayor’s party…”

Miranda said, “No?”

Nadine shook her head. “I want to fuck you all night.”

“All night?”


Miranda smiled and squeezed Nadine’s ass, rising to meet her. “I don’t know. We’re not as young as we used to be. But we can definitely give it a shot.”


“We’re not going to make it to the party, are we?”

“Not unless you want to explain why you can’t sit down.”

Patricia chuckled. She was lying on her stomach in bed, head resting on her folded hands. Her skirt and panties had been discarded but she was still wearing her socks and blouse. Jill had to admit the sight was incredibly arousing, even though Patricia’s fingers had coaxed her to two orgasms in almost record time after the spanking. She was still tingling and she knew Patricia’s buttocks had to be stinging. She bent down and kissed the pink flesh.


“It’s a good thing teachers don’t really spank anymore. I’d be conflicted about that, too.” She climbed on top of her wife and Patricia spread her legs. Jill settled between them and kissed Patricia’s neck and shoulders. Patricia arched her back, pressing her ass against Jill’s hips as Jill put her arms around Patricia’s waist.

“Oh,” Patricia said.

“Mm-hmm.” Jill nipped Patricia’s earlobe. Her hands met in the middle and then covered Patricia’s mound. “You like that?”

Patricia nodded. “Yes, baby… I love it when you’re in charge.”

Jill smiled and began to move, pushing Patricia against her hand with rhythmic moves of her hips. “Tell me…”

“I want you to fuck me,” Patricia growled.

“Say please, madam mayor.”

Patricia whimpered, “Please, baby.”

Jill slipped her middle finger inside and Patricia moaned and arched her back. Jill was still wearing her wig and, for some reason, knowing she was in the garb of an ancient queen made her feel even more powerful. She’d felt the same rush when she was spanking Patricia. The woman she loved in a submissive position while Jill was all-powerful? That was addictive, especially knowing how much true power Patricia had. Not as mayor, but just by being herself. Lying across Jill’s lap or allowing herself to be fucked in this position meant that Patricia recognized and appreciated the power in her wife.

“Can I come, Jilly Bean?”

The request made her think that Patricia could read her thoughts, and it was also enough to send shockwaves through her. “Fuck,” Jill grunted. “Yes, Trishy. Come for me.”


Jill closed her eyes and focused, then looked up and watched as Patricia’s fingers twisted in the pillowcase. She went limp and pushed her hands out, her body elongating as she stretched like a cat waking up from a nap. Jill sank down on top of her and moved one hand back to stroke Patricia’s bottom with the back of her fingers.

“How’s your butt?”

“Fine… just fine…” She shivered. “That was amazing, Jilly.”

Jill said, “I’m only as good as my partner.” She smooched Patricia’s cheek and breathed deep the scent of her perfume and makeup, the scent of Patricia herself lingering underneath it. She nuzzled Patricia and settled on top of her. “I’m just going to lie here a second… then we’ll get dressed and go to the party…”

“Mm. Yeah.” She reached back and patted Jill’s hip.

“Am I crushing you?”

“No, no. You’re light…”

Jill chuckled and sighed. She blew air through her nose to get Patricia’s hair away from it, and that was her last conscious thought until they woke an hour later to discover they had missed the party. Neither was very broken up about it.


Alex’s jeans were gone, the boots standing by the bathroom where Rachel had quickly pulled them off before tugging her cowgirl to the bed. Alex was still wearing the tank top and, by request, the cowboy hat. Rachel ran her hands over the muscles of her wife’s bare arms as they kissed, moaning as her fingertips traced the lines of her. Alex flexed her biceps by lifting Rachel and moving her further toward the center of the bed before climbing on after her. Rachel had also lost her jeans, her blouse unbuttoned and pushed out of the way. Alex bowed her head and kissed Rachel’s breasts through her bra, then kissed her way up to her neck.

“We’re going to be so late for the party…”

“I thought this was the party,” Alex whispered before nibbling on Rachel’s ear.

Rachel moaned and gripped Alex’s biceps. “My mistake.”

Alex settled against Rachel and reached for the nightstand. In the top drawer she found a variety of accessories, and she wrapped her fingers around one that was known to be a crowd-pleaser. It was small and purple, contoured to fit her hand, and she rested it against her palm as she brought it back and slipped it between them. Her thumb found the switch and brought it to life as she pressed two fingers against Rachel’s entrance. The vibration of the toy made her entire hand tremble. She closed her fingers around Rachel’s clit, and Rachel arched her back at the touch. Her fingers moved up to Alex’s shoulders and dug in, her right leg shooting out and becoming rigid as she lifted her hips to meet Alex’s hand.

“Humma,” Rachel whimpered, and Alex grinned as she moved her hand in slow circles. “Al-ex,” Rachel grunted.

“You like that kitty cat?”

Rachel bit her lip and managed a quaking “mm-hmm.”

“Then come for me, little kitty.”

Rachel let her head drop back, her shoulders hunched so that her blouse fell open around her breasts. Alex kissed her exposed chest and curled her fingers inside, predicting Rachel’s orgasm by the tightening around her fingers. She moved her lips higher and murmured encouragement against Rachel’s though. She used her trembling thumb against Rachel’s clit moments before the orgasm would have hit, and Rachel’s entire lower half jerked.

“Al,” Rachel moaned. The second syllable of Alex’s name was reduced to a tremulous exhale. Alex twisted her wrist and let the toy fall to the mattress still vibrating as she eased Rachel down. Unfortunately she guided Rachel down so that the humming toy pressed between the cheeks of her ass. Rachel bucked with a yelp, and Alex caught her.

“Whoops. Sorry.”

“No, it was… unexpected. Not exactly bad.” She patted Alex’s shoulder and chuckled. “I’m not saying next time, but, you know, keep it at the back of your mind.”

Alex kissed Rachel’s eyebrow. “Naughty, Dr. Crawford.”

Rachel purred and wrapped her legs around Alex’s waist. They kissed each other’s faces, stroking one another in the afterglow. They settled down as their lips met, casually and lazily kissing as the adrenaline of their lovemaking faded.

“We should put our clothes back on if we want to make it to the party at all…”

Alex looked for her phone, a watch, or a clock, but she came up empty on all three. “Well. I wouldn’t mind sitting this one out.”

“You sure?” Rachel asked, already half asleep from the sound of her voice.

“Yeah. I’d rather be your private cowboy.”

Rachel kissed Alex’s cheek. “I like that plan.”

They held each other, their costumes discarded and almost forgotten. Alex was almost asleep before she remembered she was still wearing her cowboy hat. She plucked it off her head and tossed it toward the chair without aiming, ruffling her hair with one hand before she rested her head on Rachel’s shoulder and let sleep take her.


“We missed the party.”

Nadine looked for a clock, but there wasn’t one nearby. She shrugged. “That’s okay.”

They were sitting on the floor, strategic items from their costumes discarded around them. Miranda’s back was to the couch, one leg out in front of her with the other wrapped around Nadine’s waist. Nadine was sitting in the triangle formed by Miranda’s legs, stroking Miranda’s ankle and watching her toes bend and flex inside her sock. She leaned heavily on Miranda’s chest, her head on Miranda’s shoulder as she struggled to keep her eyes open. She moved up to drag her fingernails against the cotton sole of Miranda’s sock.

“Stop it, you bitch.”

Nadine pressed harder and Miranda squirmed. “You’re not mad you missed the party after doing all this work on your costume?”

“I only care what you think. And you gave me a pretty good critique.”

Miranda smiled and pecked the side of Nadine’s head.

“Oh, and your costume was great, too. Naughty librarian. Mm. Check for late fees, Mrs. Powell.”

Miranda laughed. She moved her hands up to Nadine’s stomach. “Do you think anyone noticed we never showed up?”

Nadine said, “Oh, of course not. It was just a courtesy invite because I’m sorta kinda famous. Mama and Daddy might have noticed, but I don’t think they’d care too much. If Kate and her girls showed up, they might call later to see where we were. But I don’t think anyone would care very much.”

“Mm. Besides, I doubt anything that happened at the party was anywhere near as entertaining as what happened here.”

“Agreed,” Nadine said. She turned and craned her neck so Miranda could give her a kiss. “Want to go to bed?”

“In a bit. I’m very comfy here.”

“Me too.”

Miranda smiled and rocked Nadine.


The trio linked arms when they left, Kate and Amy on the outside with Nicole in the middle. Nicole, voted as the coolest member of their trio, was dressed in a sheepskin leather jacket over a plain white T-shirt, her hair done up so that it looked like a short teenage boy’s hair. Amy was in gray shorts and had a blue tank top on underneath a white jacket with fringe. Kate had her hair pulled back and wore a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

Kate had tears in her eyes and, although she had been crying earlier, Nicole’s eyes were now dry. Red, but dry. They had walked to the party so they could see and appreciate the costumes of the trick-or-treaters they passed. Now they all silently wished they had brought a car so they could safely get back to the safety of their homes. Amy had been breathless and weak-kneed since the explosion, but now she walked with confidence.

“You okay?” Nicole said.

Amy wasn’t sure who it had been directed to, so she said, “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m completely fine. You?”


At the party, several people had commented on the fact their group costume was a little odd. Deputy Randall White said, “But I thought in the movie Ferris and Sloan were a couple. So why not have Kate be Sloane, and Nick could’ve been Cameron?”

“We just went with our favorite characters,” Amy said.

Nicole had shrugged. “I look a lot better in the jacket than they did.”

Kate said, “I’m the only hockey fan in the house. Plus I always felt bad for Cameron.”

They explained their costume choice over and over again, getting more and more exasperated as the night wore on. Amy grew more and more frustrated each time the issue came up. She searched desperately for Nadine and Miranda knowing that they could have formed a safe haven in one corner of the Odd Fellows Hall. As it was, the question kept coming from all corners. “Dear, if you spend all your time with Nicole your girlfriend might get jealous!”

Finally Amy couldn’t take it anymore. “No. She won’t. Because I’m with her, too. And so is Kate. We’re together. We’re…” She took Nicole’s hand, brought it to her lips, and kissed the knuckles. She held her hand out to Kate, who cautiously took it in hers. “We’re together. We live together, we’re in love with each other. We’re a…”


Amy winced. “I hate that word…”

Nicole shrugged.

“We’re together. I love Kate, and I love Nicole, and we… we’re in love.” She was very aware of how the crowd was staring at her now. She swallowed hard and squeezed her girlfriend’s hands. “Now… I think if we stuck around, the party would be a bit uncomfortable for everyone, so we’re just going to head home now. Thank you for a lovely party.”

Now they were almost halfway home, their emotions had run their course, and Nicole threw her head back to smile at the clouds and the stars overhead.

Amy looked at her and smiled. “What is it?”

Nicole shook her head. “I thought after I came out as gay, that was it. I was out. But I guess I was wrong.” She bent her elbows and pulled her ladies in tighter. She kissed Amy, then Nicole. “It’s a really great feeling to be out. Completely and totally out.”

“Yes, it is,” Kate agreed.

Amy sighed. “Nadine and Miranda are going to kick themselves for missing this. I hope whatever they were doing it was at least enjoyable.”

Nicole snorted. “Oh, I’m sure it was something lame. Car problems. Got too late and fell asleep. You know how those old married couples are. Boring, dry, same-old same-old in the bedroom, and a peck on the lips before they go to bed at eight-thirty.”

Kate laughed. “Well, when you put it like that, I sort of feel sorry for them.”

“Oh, I’m sure there are some benefits to being married.” Amy smiled. “If we ever figure out what they are, I’ll think about proposing to the two of you.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kate said.

They walked on down the middle of the road, too late for trick-or-treaters but still early enough that the houses they passed had lights on in the windows. It was a quiet, peaceful Halloween night, or Samhain, or whatever one might celebrate on this autumn night. All she cared about were the women in her life, the women she loved, and she hoped that whatever had kept her friends away from the party had been worthwhile and fun. She moved her hand down to Nicole’s, linked their fingers, and squeezed as they continued their trek.

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