Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

Family Name, Kate Price/Amy Wellis/Nicole Bronwyn


Kate, Amy, and Nicole have an exciting Valentine’s morning, but Kate has an even bigger surprise waiting for them at breakfast.

Kate’s phone buzzed for thirty seconds before she was awake enough to attack it. She squinted at the image on the screen until it coalesced into words, then she muttered a curse and kicked away the covers. Amy reached out and gripped the waistband of her pajama pants. “Don’t go,” she murmured. “Is cold.”

Kate bent down and kissed her lover’s cheek, then her lips. “Work beckons, sweetheart. I’ll try to be quick.”

“Abandon me in my time of need,” Amy groused as she pressed her face back into the pillow. Kate bundled the blankets tighter around her, kissed her forehead, and quickly got dressed in long johns, jeans, and a thick flannel shirt. By the time her boots were on and tied, Amy was already asleep again. Kate slipped out of the room and saw the bathroom light was on, so she lingered in the hall until Nicole came out. Nicole’s hair was tangled in her face, and she was hugging herself against the chill of the house. She stopped when she saw Kate.

“Where are you going?”

Kate held up her phone. “Fire department call-out. I should be there. Could you fill in for me?” She nodded her head toward the main bedroom. “Amy’s cold.”

Nicole smiled. “I’d be glad to.” She stepped forward and kissed Kate’s lips. “Be safe.”

“I will. Go, go. Warm yourself up.”

Nicole went into Amy’s bedroom and Kate continued downstairs. Outside the wind cut through her coat, and she hugged herself tighter as she walked to her car. The heater issued forth a relieving gust of hot air and she basked in it for a moment before she backed out of the driveway. The address from the text was only about five minutes away. By the time she could see the fire truck lights reflecting off the nearby trees she was fully awake but grumpy about being pulled out of her warm bed. She parked at the edge of the perimeter, got out of the car, and waited for an opportunity to interview someone about what was happening.

Chief Alex Crawford was standing in front of the target house, which was lit up with spotlights sitting on the front lawn. A group of five or six neighbors were huddled on the other side of the truck, and Kate made her way over. She hated this part of her job, the necessity to be a vulture who swooped down to question people when they were shell-shocked by whatever trauma had just happened. It helped that most people on the island knew her, knew why she was there, and were willing to share their stories. She tried to never press anyone to talk if they didn’t feel up to it.

In all honesty she could have skipped this call-out. She wasn’t likely to get any better information by being on-scene in person than if she got everyone’s statements after breakfast. But if she did that, she would most likely be speaking to Chief Crawford on the phone, and she had a question that needed to be asked in person. So she waited and asked questions, recording the neighbors on her phone as the firefighters did their business on the house. It was a simple tragedy that wouldn’t make for a very exciting story – space heater left unattended accidentally caused a fire, the same story every paper covered at least once during the winter months.

The sky had turned from velvet to a pale indigo by the time the house was under control. Chief Crawford spoke to one of her men and then walked to the back of the engine. Kate approached as she was shucking her bunker jacket.

“Chief Crawford?”

She looked up from under the rim of her helmet. “Sorry, Kate. I don’t have anything to share right now.”

“This isn’t about the story. I wanted to ask you a personal question.”

“Off the record?”

“Right. This is just for me.”

Alex put her helmet on the back of the truck. “Go ahead.”

“You recently got married, right? And your wife took your name?”


“How did you decide that?”

Alex sat on the back of the truck and pushed a hand through her hair. It stood up in wet spikes as she looked up at the sky. “We just kind of… decided, I guess. Rachel always liked my last name. Besides, if I had taken her name, I would have become Alex Tom.”

“Kind of has a ring to it.”

She smiled. “I guess. But Rachel Crawford?” She whistled.

“Sounds kind of like an old-time movie star.”

“Yeah.” She looked at Kate. “No offense meant here, but… why is this an issue for you? I thought you had a unique little thing going with Amy Wellis and Nicole, uh… Nicole…?”

“Bronwyn. Yeah. And no, you’re right, no one is getting married to anyone. It’s just something I was wondering about. There’s no traditional method when it comes to same-sex couples.”

Alex shrugged. “That just means same-sex couples are free to do whatever works for them rather than just following the leader because it’s the way it’s always been done. You’re free to find the thing that works for you. I think the three of you have that pretty much figured out.”

She smiled. “Thanks. And thanks for the advice.”

“I wish I could have been more help.” Kate started to walk away. “Miss Price? I’ve heard that some same-sex couples choose a completely unique name once they get married. They don’t want to tie themselves to one name over the other, so they just come up with something that’s appropriate for both of them. Or all three of them, as the case may be.”

Kate nodded. “That’s a good idea. Thank you.”

“Sure thing.”

Kate walked back to her car and checked the time. Amy was likely already up and getting ready for work, but she still texted to see if she had time for breakfast. She could swing by Yolk’s and pick something up on her way back home even if Amy had to take it with her when she left.




Nicole knocked on Kate’s door in the wee hours of Valentine’s morning. It was a gentle tap, followed by a soft, “Are you awake?” Kate was technically conscious, but she debated whether she wanted to go the extra step to open eyes and forming speech. After a moment she heard soft footfalls and the equally muffled sound of Amy’s bedroom door closing. Well done, she scolded herself. You just missed out on some sex.

Then again… there was no reason she couldn’t change her mind. She kicked the blankets away and put her feet on the floor as she opened her nightstand. She placed her strap-on harness next to her on the mattress, slipped out of her pajamas, and went to the closet to get the shirt and tie Amy liked. She buttoned it sloppily, left the tie loose around the open collar, and then stepped into the harness. She carefully secured it, then dabbed Nicole’s favorite scent behind her ears.

She took a moment to examine herself in the mirror, arranging the shirt so that the two halves parted around her toy, and she tried to imagine what was happening in Amy’s room. First Nicole would have to wake her up and figure out if she was in the mood. Since she had yet to reemerge, Kate assumed Amy was definitely in the mood. So then some kissing, some touching, pajamas being removed as the blankets were rearranged. Amy liked a fair amount of foreplay… Kate looked at the clock again and wished she had made a note of when Nicole knocked.

It had to be at least seven minutes. So a few minutes for Amy to wake up enough to get things started, another few minutes for the clothes to get off… Nicole could be patient, but if she had gone to the trouble to get out of bed and tiptoe down the hall, she must have been pretty horny to begin with. She would give Amy the romance she required but then she would get right to it as soon as possible. Just the idea was enough to make Kate squirm, so slipped out of her room and went to join her partners.

She opened the door as quietly as she could and peeked her head inside to see what was happening before she intruded. Nicole was sprawled out in the center of Amy’s massive bed, the one they’d chosen specifically so it would have enough room for “slumber parties.” Amy was curled up with her head between Nicole’s legs, one hand up near her face with the other gently kneading Nicole’s ass. Nicole was propped up with two pillows, her pajama shirt unbuttoned and pushed open to expose her breasts. She was the first to notice the new arrival.

“Hey,” she moaned. “I thought you were asleep.”

Kate tilted her head to the side for a better angle. “Well, I’m certainly having a very nice dream.”

Amy reached back blindly, and Kate took her hand as she joined them on the bed. She ran her hand over Amy’s hip as she bent down and kissed her shoulder. Amy lifted her head and found Kate’s lips, kissing her briefly before going back to what she’d been doing. Kate brushed her lips over Nicole’s thigh before she crawled around them to kneel next to Nicole’s head. Nicole sat up and caught the blunt tip of Kate’s dildo with her lips. She moaned as Kate put a hand on the back of her neck and lifted her hips forward to slip the shaft further into her mouth.

Amy was looking up to enjoy the view. Kate winked at her and cupped Nicole’s breast in her free hand, brushing her thumb over the nipple as Nicole circled her cock with the tip of her tongue. She reached down as Amy reached up, and they clasped hands with their wrists resting on Nicole’s stomach. Amy lifted her head and kissed Nicole’s pubic hair, lifting herself up from between her legs.

“Hey,” Nicole said, letting the cock fall from her mouth. “Get back down there… you didn’t quite finish.”

“Nope. You woke me up, so you don’t get to come yet.”

Kate laughed evilly. “Never mess with Ames’ sleep.”

“Kitty,” Amy said as she crawled toward Nicole’s head, “assume the position.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kate moved between Nicole’s legs and wet her hand to add a bit more lubrication to her toy. Amy straddled Nicole’s head facing Kate, and she leaned forward to kiss Kate again as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the dildo. Nicole lifted her chin and grazed her tongue across Amy’s sensitive flesh, and as Amy sucked Kate’s tongue, she guided the cock into Nicole. Kate kept one hand on Nicole’s hip and the other on Amy’s.

When they parted, Amy dropped her hand to Kate’s tie. “I like the outfit… sexy businesswoman… hot.” She bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes back as Nicole’s tongue touched somewhere particularly pleasant. Kate bent forward and licked Amy’s neck, rocking her hips forward as Nicole pushed down to meet her. She and Amy moved their heads until they were each whispering distance from an ear.

“Do I get to make her come?” Kate asked.

“Up to you, baby.”

Kate grunted. “I want you to suck my cock after it makes her come.”

“Will that make you wet?”


“Good.” She licked the shell of Kate’s ear and held tighter to her. “You hear that, Nikki? You don’t get to come until Kate’s ready.” She inhaled sharply and dropped her hand to Kate’s shoulder. “Tha-that’s not going to influence Kate’s decision. But feel free to keep trying…”

Kate smiled and stroked them both, thrusting as she moved her thumb in wide circles on Nicole’s hip. They knew each other’s rhythms by now, could read each other’s mood and level of arousal just from a look or by the way a hand moved to grip the sheet. Kate watched Nicole for her tell-tale signs – a deep breath that lifted her breasts and a tightening of her legs around whoever was between them. When they appeared, Kate took mercy and moved her hands to Nicole’s clit.

“There you go, baby… come for me, Nicole…”

Nicole turned her head to muffle her cry against Amy’s thigh, and Amy lifted her head to kiss Kate. Nicole brought up her hand to stroke Amy to orgasm. She succeeded a few seconds after her own climax, and Amy nipped Kate’s bottom lip as she dismounted and rolled to one side. Kate withdrew the dildo and Amy took it into her mouth as promised. Nicole got onto her knees and pulled Kate to her for a kiss, stroking Amy’s hair as Kate reached down and brushed her fingers over the curve of Nicole’s ass.

Nicole and Amy both reached between Kate’s legs to stroke her through the opening in her harness. Amy had withdrawn far enough to purse her lips on Kate’s cock as her fingers teased and then parted Kate’s folds. Kate grunted and rolled her head back on her shoulders and Nicole covered Amy’s hand with hers to put two fingers inside. Kate came with a grunt, a hand on each of her lovers until she couldn’t sit up any longer.

She fell forward, lying on her stomach as Nicole cozied up beside her. Amy lay on top of Kate, one arm out to stroke Nicole’s back.

“I like your shirt,” Nicole said after a moment.

“Well, I thought one of us should be dressed up.”

Amy giggled and pulled up the tail of the shirt. She kissed Kate’s ass and swatted it playfully. Kate lifted her head and looked back at her.

“Do you have to leave soon?”

“Nope. I asked Jenny to open for me. If I have to spend Valentine’s Day in a kitchen, I’m going to use the opportunity to make a nice breakfast for you two.”

“Aw, sweet.”

“I do what I can.”

After another moment, Kate lifted her hips. “Okay, I have to get this cock off… it’s jabbing me in the stomach.”

Nicole helped Kate get the harness off, and Amy sat up to put it aside so they wouldn’t brush against it while they were cuddling. Kate ended up on the bottom with Nicole and Amy somewhat draped over her, smiling against the wrinkled sheets as her satisfied partners fell asleep using her as a pillow. She knew that she eventually slept as well because the room was suddenly brighter, and Amy was easing off the edge of the bed to go start breakfast. Kate looked at Nicole, who was still completely out, and got up as well. She bent to pick up the strap-on.

“No, leave it,” Amy whispered from the closet door. “I’ll wash it for you.”

“Aw, you’re gonna wash my dick?”

Amy smiled. “It is Valentine’s Day, after all.”

Kate kissed her and quietly went down the hall to get dressed. She was downstairs first and sat at the dining room table to check her email and read the news. “Nadine and Miranda arrived safely in Seattle. Can you believe they’ve been married for five years?”

“Seems more like a hundred,” Amy said. “In a good way. I can’t imagine one without the other.”

Kate said, “I can. Nadine without Miranda is wrong. She’s a different person. She was a lot less happy when she was with me.”

Amy said, “That’s very mature of you.”

“Hey.” Kate shrugged. “She was destined for Miranda. I was destined for you and Nicole. Life works out.”

“Yes, it does.”

Nicole came downstairs in a sweater and shorts, her hair still mussed. “You guys could’ve woken me up, you know.”

“You looked so cute,” Kate said. She tilted her head back and Nicole bent down to kiss her lips. “Have a seat. Amy will swat you with a spoon if you try to help her in the kitchen.”

“Is that a warning or incentive?”

Kate winked and put her phone down. “Now that you’re both here, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Amy, can you let that sit for a minute?”

“Sure. House meeting, huh? Must be big.” She sat across from Kate. “What’s going on?”

Kate folded her hands in front of her. “I’ve been thinking for a while, and I wanted to get your opinions before I went forward with anything. At first, Nicole was just someone we invited into our bedroom from time to time. I think we can all agree she’s infinitely more than that now. Ever since we established this relationship we’ve made a point of saying Nicole is our girlfriend, Amy and I are partners. I don’t like having that hierarchy. I don’t like giving each other titles which are equal on the surface but by their very existence reveal that there is a difference in how we feel about each other. I’m madly in love with Nicole. I’m madly in love with Amy.”

“Same,” Nicole said.

Amy reached out and put her hand on top of Nicole’s. “So you want us all to be partners?”

“Basically. The island knows about us now, so there’s really no reason to define it. They’ll either understand or they’ll put their own spin on it. Either way it won’t affect the way we feel. So to mark this shift in our relationship, I was thinking about our names. I was thinking, for Valentine’s Day, we could all change our last names.”

Amy raised her eyebrows. “Wow. That’s a big deal.”

“It is. That’s why I wanted to make sure we talked about it before anything was done. If we agree, I’ll take care of the fees and the paperwork as my gift to you both.”

Nicole said, “What would our new name be? Wellis, Price, or Bronwyn?”

Kate said, “Any name we chose would just reestablish the ranking system. If the three of us became Wellis, then it would intimate that Amy was our leader.”

Amy sat up straighter. “Wait, I’m not the leader?”

“Ames. Serious.”

“I know.” She reached out her other hand. Kate took it. “I think it’s a great idea. What’s your solution for the name?”

Kate said, “A lot of couples come up with completely unique names. I thought that solution would be especially fitting for our relationship. So I took the W from Wellis, the R from Price, and the N from Bronwyn, and I came up with… Warren.”

Amy angled her head to one side. “Kate Warren…”

“Well… Kate Price Warren. Amy Wellis Warren and Nicole Bronwyn Warren. I don’t see any reason to give up our last name entirely. We’ll just shift it to the middle. But collectively, we would be the Warrens.”

Amy mouthed her potential new name and then sat up straighter. “What if… your Valentine’s gift was paying the fees, since you planned to do that anyway, but my gift was doing the paperwork? And Nicole could do the change-of-address stuff. That way we would all have a hand in making the switch from three names to just one.”

Nicole said, “I like that. We could also get one of those driftwood etchings that say The Warrens on it. Hang it by the front door.” She chuckled and nodded. “I love this idea. I love the name. Did you come up with that immediately or were there other options?”

Kate smirked. “Well… the P from Price, the L from Wellis, and the N from your name. We could have been the Palins.”

Amy and Nicole both gagged, and Amy waved both hands to clear the air. “No. God, no. I’d much rather have the connection to Dash Warren, thank you very much.”

“Oh, I didn’t even think of her…” Kate said.

“It’s fine.” Amy got up and rounded the table, bending down to kiss Kate. “This is the best present I’ve ever gotten. Wellis was my father. My homophobic father who threw me out of the house when he found out I was gay. The man who gave me a bookstore when he died because he knew how much I hated it. I can’t believe I’m finally going to share a name with people I love so much.”

Nicole got up and hugged them both. “I’m already kind of used to it. Nicole Warren. It sounds enough like Bronwyn that it shouldn’t take too much getting used to.”

“And it starts enough like Wellis for me.” She looked at Kate. “You’re the one making the biggest change.”

Kate shrugged. “Some changes are worth the trouble. It’s going to be a lot of paperwork for you both. The whole reason I offered to do it myself was because I didn’t want to force you into that kind of stress. I’m happy to do it.”

Nicole shook her head. “You gave us the name. Amy will make it official. And I’ll let the world know. All of us working together will make us the Warrens. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?”

Kate smiled and kissed them both in turn. She had never seen herself changing her name for any relationship, even after she knew she was a lesbian, and after she met Amy and they had their “We’re never getting married” talk. She had known for a long time there’d never be a traditional wedding ceremony in her future, so she didn’t think it would ever be an issue. But now, with these women, she wanted to do something extraordinary and special to acknowledge the bond they had.

She loved the name Price, and it had gotten her through life just fine. It had gotten her to this kitchen and these women. But now she was very excited to see what the future held for Kate Warren and her partners.


Copyright © 2015 Geonn Cannon