Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon


“We should discuss what happens if we get a divorce.”

“Okay,” Miranda said. She didn’t look up from her novel; her tone of voice implied the subject was as likely as discussing what would happen if one of them grew wings. “What do you want to discuss?”

Nadine thought for a moment and said, “I’d let you keep the house.”

“Thank you.” Miranda closed her book at looked at her wife. They were in bed, the only light coming from the nightstand on Miranda’s side of the bed and the room was dim and yellow. Nadine wasn’t wearing her glasses and it made her look innocent and childlike. Her hair was in her eyes. Miranda reached up and brushed it away. “Would you go back to your apartment?”

“No, I’d stay here with you.”

“Oh,” Miranda said. “I only have the one bedroom.”

Nadine nodded. “Yeah, we’d still sleep together.”

“Oh,” Miranda said again. She opened her novel again. “Might put a crimp on my dating life, having my ex in bed with me.”

“Might,” Nadine admitted.

“Would we still make love?”

“Oh, sure,” Nadine said.

Miranda finally cracked a smile. “Then what would be the point of getting a divorce in the first place?”

Nadine put her head on Miranda’s shoulder. “I’d kind of like to marry you again.”

Miranda turned her head and kissed Nadine’s forehead. “Okay, then. Just say the word, and I’ll call the divorce lawyer.”

“Okay,” Nadine said. “But not anytime soon.”

Miranda chuckled and twisted so she could get her arm around Nadine’s shoulders. She pulled Nadine close to her, letting her book close and fall onto the blankets as they leaned back against the pillows.


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