Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

12 Days of Squire’s Isle Christmas: 8 Weeks In

On the eighth day of Christmas…

Summary:  Alex and Rachel have been married for eight weeks now, and Rachel gives her wife a very special welcome home.

Alex left the fire station at a quarter to five and made her way home after stopping to pick up a newspaper for Rachel. She’d spent the last twenty-four hours on duty, a ritual she’d brought to the volunteer department when she became the chief. Currently the new mayor was planning to change it to a full-time organization. She looked forward to instituting the change as it would mean fewer nights spent in a cot rather than snuggling with her new wife. She let the words roll through her mind a few times as she pulled up in front of the house. New wife.

She had been with Rachel Tom for seven years now, a large portion of her life, but she’d only been married to Rachel Crawford for two months. The wedding had refreshed their feelings for each other as she’d known it would, but she had to admit they also owed a debt to the “Almost.” Almost was what they had taken to calling the incident at the previous New Years’ party. The night Rachel kissed someone else. Alex had taken the heartache and dug in her heels, part of her believing that the kiss was a sign Rachel wanted to go. Instead she had used it to confirm what they’d both known all along.

She proposed on Alex’s birthday, and they were finally married in October. Rachel took her name, and Alex felt a thrill every time she saw or heard mention of Dr. Rachel Crawford. She parked next to the house and took off her boots before she went onto the back deck. She carried her boots inside, set them next to the back door, and left Rachel’s paper on the dining room table before sneaking into the bedroom.

Rachel was curled up under the blankets, and Alex couldn’t resist bending over to kiss her temple. She stirred, but Alex put a hand on her shoulder to keep her from sitting up. Rachel’s hair, chin-length and curly, had turned into a mass of black vines that covered the upper part of her face like a mask. She murmured an acknowledgement and then smacked her dry lips together.

“No, no… hey. Stay there. I’ll be here in a minute.”

“Mm. Morning.”

“Morning.” She stroked Rachel’s arm and then went to the hamper. She left her uniform T-shirt and slacks in the hamper before walking to the kitchen in her briefs and tank top. She left the overhead lights off and navigated by the light above the sink as she fixed herself a snack. She was in the middle of peeling an orange when the bedroom light came on and Rachel shuffled her feet across the carpet to join her. Alex smiled but kept her eyes on her task. She slipped her thumbnail under the rind and peeled back the skin.

“I thought I told you to stay in bed.”

“I’ve missed you,” Rachel said. “Look at my big butch wife.” She slipped her hands around Alex’s waist and kissed the back of her neck.

When Alex sagged back, she felt something poke her in the rear. “Whoa!” She looked back and saw a black strap running along Rachel’s hip. It was cushioned by the frilly satin shorts she wore, and the hem of her spaghetti-strap top draped over the base of the dildo she wore. She put her hand on Alex’s shoulder and faced her forward, and Alex grinned as she braced her hands on the edge of the counter.

“Told you I missed you…”

“I see that.”

Rachel kissed along Alex’s shoulder as she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her shorts. Alex put her feet together to ease their removal and stepped out of them before kicking them away. A few months earlier they had been shopping for wedding stuff in Seattle when Rachel convinced her to go into an adult toy store for “honeymoon supplies.” Alex had felt like her face was going to burst into flames as she followed Rachel down the aisles, giggling like a fifteen-year-old at every item on each shelf. The girl working behind the counter looked far too young to even be in the store, let alone work there, and she seemed unfazed by their presence.

“Well, sure,” Rachel had whispered when Alex pointed that out. “You think we’re the first customers this store has ever had? She’s seen it all, sweetie.”

They picked out lingerie, two vibrators, a dice game with naughty prompts, and then Rachel started looking at the strap-ons and dildos.

“You really want a cock in the bedroom?” Alex teased.

Rachel held up a long, slender shaft with a slightly oblong tip. It was purple and the entire length bulged with odd protuberances. “Does that look like a cock to you?”

“Well, I’m not exactly an expert…”

Rachel grinned. “It’s not about having a cock. It’s about making love to you in another way. Or you making love to me. Actually being inside of you…”

Alex’s smile faded and she examined the selection with a new eye. “When you put it that way…”

Now she pressed back against the attachment hanging off Rachel’s hips. Rachel flattened one hand on Alex’s stomach under her shirt, nipping at her shoulder as she rocked their hips back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm. Rachel kissed her way up Alex’s neck to her ear and whispered commands. Alex followed each one without hesitation: she spread her legs, slid down to rest on her elbows with both hands flat on the counter, nudging the half-peeled orange out of her way as Rachel teased her with the tip.

The strap-on they’d eventually chosen was still vaguely shaped like the male anatomy, albeit purple and thicker than one would expect in real life. It rose from underneath Rachel’s pajamas like a long beckoning finger, and Rachel nipped at Alex’s earlobe as she slipped it between her legs. Alex closed her eyes and moaned as she was teased, her toes curling on the tile as she arched her back. Rachel put her free hand on Alex’s hip, and Alex reached between her legs to hold the dildo in place as Rachel began thrusting against her.

Alex lowered her head and closed her eyes, tightening around the extension of Rachel’s body. They preferred thinking of it that way, no matter which of them was wearing it. When it was in the drawer, or in the process of being donned, it was the toy. But once it was inside, once it was being used to join them together, it was “your cock,” or just “you.”

Rachel leaned forward so that her lips grazed Alex’s cheek. “Do you feel me inside you?”

“You feel great,” Alex sighed. She looked to the side and caught a reflection of them in the sliding glass doors that led out to the deck. Rachel, so slender and petite compared to Alex, had the definite upper hand. Alex moved her hand from the shaft of Rachel’s cock and pressed it against her own clit, eyes closing as she rubbed herself closer to climax. She was nearly there when Rachel moved her hand and covered Alex’s fingers with her own. They both moaned, although Alex’s was more of a keening cry, and her legs went stiff as she pressed back into the hollow Rachel’s hips.

Alex came, her shoulders hunched and her hand pressing down against the counter as if she was trying to drive it into the floor. The muscles of her arm were tight and Rachel moaned as she dragged her free hand up over the bicep. “Your arms, baby, your arms…” She reached Alex’s hand, linked their fingers, and slowly withdrew the dildo.

When Alex was capable, she stood up and turned around.

“Pick me up,” Rachel whispered.

Alex bent her knees and put her arms around Rachel’s legs, gripping her own forearm to create a seat under her butt. She lifted, the wet dildo resting against her belly and Rachel put her hands in Alex’s hair as she was carried out of the kitchen to the bedroom. Alex looked up into Rachel’s face, then took advantage of her position to kiss Rachel’s small, perfect breasts through her pajama top. The nipples were standing against the thin material like tiny mountain peaks, and she circled them with her tongue until they reached the bed.

“Now… stay put!” Alex said as she dropped Rachel to the mattress. She knelt on the bed and undid the straps of the harness, pulling off the cock that had become nothing more than a rubber toy, tossing it toward the foot of the bed as she slipped back to the floor. “What time do you have to be at work this morning?”

Rachel looked over the top of her head at the alarm clock. “Seven.”

“Good. So I have time to go slow.” She grabbed Rachel’s shorts and began to tug them down.

Rachel shrieked quietly, squirming in a false attempt to escape that only helped Alex get the shorts off. She spread her legs once they were gone, and Alex sank to her knees and dragged the flat of her tongue down the inside of Rachel’s thigh. The humor faded from Rachel’s expression as she laced her fingers together on the back of Alex’s head. She lifted up off the mattress and parted her lips as Alex’s tongue worked on her, teasing and pushing inside of her without the benefit of toys. She kept her lips parted as she explored, pulling back to gently brush Rachel’s clit with the slightly-bulbous tip of her nose, something she’d always disliked until she’d found this use for it.


She responded with the flat of her tongue. Rachel tensed and lifted herself off the mattress, bearing her weight against Alex, driving down onto her tongue as she came. Alex kept her eyes open and watched as Rachel twitched through the orgasm, gently lowering her back to the mattress as her limbs once again became pliable.

Alex rubbed her lips against Rachel’s pubic hair, licked around her navel, and then kissed a trail between Rachel’s breasts. Rachel stroked her hair and they kissed, Rachel wrapping her legs around Alex’s waist as she turned them so they were lying side-by-side.

“Mm. That was an excellent wake-up call,” Rachel whispered. “Happy anniversary.”

Alex was momentarily thrown. “Oh. The tenth? It’s our two-month anniversary.” She dragged her thumb around Rachel’s navel. “Are we going to celebrate by the month?”

“For the first year. I figure it’ll be like birthdays… the first year, you count the months. Like a little kid saying they’re six years old and three quarters. Then after that you count years. Then by the decade. So right now, we’re counting the months.”

“Sounds reasonable to me.” She thought for a second. “I didn’t get you anything, though.”

“Oh, the hell you didn’t. I’m still twitching down there.”

Alex laughed. “Well, my Christmas gift should make up for it.” She kissed Rachel’s nose, her eyebrows, and then finally her lips. “You should probably get up soon if you’re going to shower…”

“Mm-hmm. I hope my legs work.”

“If they don’t, I can carry you in there.”

“Be still my heart. Mm.” She let her lips linger against Alex’s. “Okay. If I don’t get up now I never will. Thank you for waking me up.”

Alex said, “It was not my intended purpose, but I’m very glad things worked out the way they did.” She relaxed her body and let Rachel extricate herself. She wobbled a little when she stood up, which made Alex chuckle, and she watched the sway in Rachel’s walk as she went into the bathroom. Alex pushed herself up and ran her fingers through her hair. Unending shifts at the firehouse combined with Rachel’s erratic schedule at the hospital meant that they rarely spent much time at home alone together. Their quiet moments required plotting and planning, sometimes weeks in advance. They had both resigned themselves to the fact, making up for it by making the most of the time they happened to have together.

With that in mind, thoughts of sleep faded from her mind. Alex smiled as she climbed out of bed and went to join Rachel in the shower.


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