Squire’s Isle Created by Geonn Cannon

12 Days of Squire’s Isle Christmas: 2 Out of Three

Summary: The night before “6 Golden Rings,” Kate and Nicole enjoy a rare night as a twosome.

After dinner Amy went upstairs to shower, coming back down in her pajamas to wish her girls a goodnight. Nicole came out of the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate in each hand, homemade Spyhoppers made from Amy’s recipe. She had changed clothes after dinner and wore a black-and-green plaid shirt long enough to serve as a dress over a pair of shorts. She gave Amy a kiss and sat on the couch as Kate received her kiss as well.

“Sure you don’t want to stay up a while?”

“No, I want to catch the early ferry so I have enough time to shop.”

Kate said, “Okay. Well, if you’re not going to be up, we’re going to catch up on Orange is the New Black.”

“Oof. Enjoy it. Goodnight, baby.” She kissed Kate and reached out to let her hand slid over Nicole’s shoulder as she left the living room. Kate was still wearing her work clothes, although she’d loosened the collar and she was barefoot. She sat on the couch and cuddled up close as Nicole prepared their show on the laptop. They were four episodes into the show, but their progress was stymied by the fact Amy couldn’t bear to watch it with them. Kate understood that the show’s universal appeal probably didn’t extend to someone who had actually spent time in prison, so she tried not to be too chatty about it. Fortunately Nicole was as hooked as she was.

As the episode loaded – Nicole always insisted on letting the show get a good buffer before she started watching – Kate looked around their living room. It wasn’t really much bigger than what they’d had in the apartment behind Coffee Table Books, but the space around it created a visual trick that created the sensation of openness. Still, she cozied up against Nicole’s side and they started the episode.

“I’d totally sleep with Morello,” Nicole said when the character appeared on-screen.

Kate smiled. “You don’t think she’s a little too squeaky?”

“I like squeaky.” She slipped her hand under Kate’s shirt and tickled her stomach, making her squirm until the computer was in danger of being knocked to the floor. They settled down to watch the show, and Nicole quickly settled down. Kate glanced over her shoulder at the stairs and then kissed the top of Nicole’s head.

“Hey. What did you get Ames for Christmas?”

“Nothing yet. I was thinking about getting her one of those ridiculously expensive organizers that she’s been talking about for months but will never buy for herself. Why?”

“I already bought her one of those,” Kate said. “Glad we touched base.”

“Me too. But now I have to go to my second-best idea.” She rubbed her eye. “God, I’m tired.”

“Want to stop the episode?”

Nicole shook her head. “No, I want to see what happens with the chicken.”

Kate put her arm across Nicole’s chest and curled her arm up around her head, guiding it down onto her shoulder. Nicole settled in and sighed contentedly as she curled her legs underneath the lap desk. Kate stroked Nicole’s hair, losing her own fight with consciousness as she watched the show. It wasn’t the episode’s fault; they had just been up too long. She checked to see how much time was left and Nicole muttered a soft, “Ugh.”

“We can always make it a two-parter. Let me know if you want a to-be-continued.”

“Okay.” She shifted and turned her head to kiss Kate’s neck. “Hey, there’s a draft in my room and it’s supposed to get really cold tonight. Can I sleep in your room even if I don’t plan on… you know, making it worth your while?”

Kate laughed. “Sure.” She moved her hand to Nicole’s bare thigh and massaged it. “Although if you were worried about being cold you could always put on some damn pants.”

“The laptop is keeping me warm. And you.”

“Glad to be of service. I’ll even help you find something for our girl.”

“I appreciate it. I feel like it should be a no-brainer, since I love her and everything…”

Kate said, “That just makes it tougher. But we’ll figure something out.”

They managed to finish the episode and Nicole shut down the computer, freeing Kate so she could go upstairs and get changed for bed. She brushed her teeth, took off her makeup, and lotioned her hands before she went into her room and found Nicole was already under the blankets waiting for her. She smiled and crawled under the blankets.

“How domestic,” she said. “Hi, sweetie.”

“Hello, darling.” Nicole put her arms around Kate and kissed her, twisting so Kate was underneath her. Nicole had shed her plaid shirt and was sleeping in just her shorts and a T-shirt. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of Kate’s pajama pants and cupped her ass. Kate rearranged herself so Nicole could rest between her legs, breaking the kiss with a sweep of her tongue across Nicole’s lips.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to try any funny business.”

“I wanted to know if the offer was contingent on funny business. You said no, so this makes it my decision.” She sank down and began a slow assault on Kate’s neck. Kate closed her eyes and stroked Nicole’s back, moaning appreciatively as she lifted herself under the blankets. Their legs were tangled, her foot resting heel-to-toe on top of Nicole’s.

Before moving, they had all shared Amy’s tiny bedroom so there was hardly any opportunities for the three of them to pair off. She was still getting over how odd it felt to have someone in her bed while Amy was down the hall sleeping. Their relationship was like plates spinning on poles. They had everything going fine for the moment, but they had to stop and take inventory now and again just to make sure they were still on the right path. One plate might need to be altered, another one might need a little extra spin, while another could be on the verge of teetering off all-together.

“Hey,” Nicole whispered. “I know we’re both tired, but want to give me something?”


Nicole kissed her closed eyes. “It’s okay. Rain check?”

“No. Just a pause. Do you think we would have ever gotten together without Amy? I mean, let’s just assume Amy never came back to the island, but you did. Do you think we would have found each other?”

Nicole thought for a second. “Sure. I would have gone back to the paper, and I would have seen the star reporter who rose to fame after I left. I would have thought she was beautiful and funny and I’d have stolen her away from whatever girl was keeping you warm.” Kate smiled as Nicole brushed the hair out of her face. “But since that girl was Amy, I didn’t have to do any stealing. I think if this wasn’t meant to be, it wouldn’t be. We’ve fought for this, but nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.”

“Are… are you quoting Barenaked Ladies while your hand is down my pants?”

“Bruce Cockburn, actually.” She narrowed her eyes. “Which isn’t that much better, when you think about it. The important bit is that yes. I think you and I would have gotten together. But I don’t think we would have stayed together without Amy’s influence.”

“I concur.”

Nicole pushed Kate’s pajamas down, then descended under the blankets. Kate pushed the pillow up with her shoulders, closing her eyes as she rearranged the blankets over the hills of her bent knees. Nicole pushed the pants over Kate’s knees, and Kate pulled her foot up to free it.


“Oh, God. What was that?”

“Kind of kicked me in the jaw, babe.”

Kate stifled a laugh. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I think I can play through the pain.”

Kate settled back again and slipped her hands under the pillow. She always had the urge to reach down and play with her lover’s hair while receiving oral sex. Amy liked it, Nicole didn’t, so she restrained herself so she wouldn’t slip. She crossed her ankles and rested her feet on Kate’s back, biting her bottom lip as Nicole’s tongue went to work. She was deft with it, teasing and tracing with the tip before she wet her fingertip and pushed it inside. Kate bared her teeth and curled her fists in the pillowcase, curling her toes as Nicole brushed her nose against Kate’s mound and pressed the flat of her tongue against Kate’s clit. She added a second finger, and Kate grunted. Everyone was focused on hand-eye coordination, but Nicole could teach a class in hand-tongue coordination.

Due to their mutual exhaustion, Nicole didn’t mess around. As soon as Kate began showing signs of climax Nicole took her right to the edge and eased her over. Kate slipped one hand out from under her pillow and covered her mouth so she wouldn’t disturb Amy’s sleep, arching up off the mattress and pressing down against Nicole as she came. Nicole moved up and kissed the bump of skin between Kate’s mound and her navel, sliding her lips up and moving the shirt out of her way until she could kiss the bare skin of her breasts.

Kate recovered and slipped her arms around Nicole to move her around. Nicole allowed herself to be arranged on her side with Kate behind her, and Kate kissed her neck as she spooned her from behind. Kate licked two fingers and moved her hand between Nicole’s legs. Nicole turned her head and Kate kissed her lips as she pushed her hand into her shorts and began stroking. Nicole went stiff, running her tongue along Kate’s bottom lip, rolling her hips to help get Kate’s questing fingers where they needed to go. When she found the spot, she curled her middle finger and pushed it inside, rubbing the fingers on either side of it against Nicole’s sensitive outer lips.

“I’d have been at my desk,” Kate whispered. “Probably wearing my glasses. I wouldn’t even have noticed you coming into the room until you said my name and I looked up. And I saw you there. Tan from the desert, wearing a tank top. Hair up.” She licked the shell of Nicole’s ear and then nipped the lobe. “I wouldn’t have taken the time to fall in love with you. I’d have closed the door and taken you right then and there on my desk.”

Nicole whimpered and pressed hard against Kate. “More.”

“I’d have tugged your pants down and spread your legs. I’d have made you scream so loud it would stop the presses.”


“Come for me.”

Nicole reached out and took Kate’s free hand. They linked their fingers together and squeezed as Kate let her forefinger push inside. Nicole sighed happily as she came, her shoulders hitching as a wave of involuntary tremors passed through her body. Finally she relaxed, and rolled onto her back so they could kiss properly. Nicole bent one knee and stretched the leg out on Kate’s other side, and Kate allowed herself to be enveloped by her girlfriend’s limbs.

Nicole started drifting off almost immediately, but Kate forestalled her slumber by whispering her name. “Is there really a draft in your room?”

“Sleep in there with me tomorrow night and find out for yourself.”

Kate smiled. “I just may… Goodnight, Nick.”

“Mm,” Nicole murmured in response. She brushed her lips over Kate’s cheek and settled. Kate watched her sleep, her face lit by the moonlight cast off the snow on the roof. A strand of black hair fell across Nicole’s cheek and Kate gently brushed it away. Office sex with a near-stranger was definitely high on her fantasy list, but she would never exchange it for the real relationship she had with Nicole and Amy. Some things were too precious to trade.

She must have slept at some point, because her dream evaporated when someone kissed her hair. She was aware of an arm stretching over her to touch Nicole, and then it was gone. There wasn’t even a brief frisson of fear because she instinctively knew it was Amy saying goodbye on her way out of the house. She would be on the mainland most of the day, so Kate struggled to wake up enough to say goodbye. Unfortunately by the time she managed to get out of bed, Amy was already out the door.

Kate walked down the hall to Nicole’s decidedly un-drafty bedroom and pushed back the curtains to watch as her car backed carefully out of the driveway. “Have fun, baby.” She waved even though she knew Amy wouldn’t see her, and watched until the car was out of sight. She let the curtain fall and padded back to the bedroom, aware that she was only wearing her shirt. She tugged the hem down to mid-thigh even though there was no one to see her nakedness, and she dove back under the blankets where Nicole had kept things warm. Nicole shifted to hug her.

“I woke up and I was all by myself.”


“You’re cold.”

“Sorry.” Kate rolled on her side and wrapped herself around Nicole. “Warm me up again.”

Nicole smiled against Kate’s neck as they both fell back to sleep until the alarm woke them again.

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